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I-70 work east of Lawrence will narrow traffic to one lane in each direction beginning in mid-March

Ask yourself:

Do you merge early and fiercely obstruct the merging of drivers who realize it's efficient to utilize both available lanes up until the actual point of merger before changing lanes?

If yes, why artificially convert three miles of one-lane highway into four miles of one-lane highway?

Is it not better to merge at 200 feet from the merge point in a respectful, alternating, zipper-like fashion?

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Self: Thomas Robinson will not make trip to Colorado with team

The fact that his 9-year-old sister is going through all this makes it all the worse. It's so incredibly sad.

Where the heck does she go from here?


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Report: Three-star QB Brock Berglund decommits from Colorado, commits to KU football

AHHHHHH!!!! AWESOME!!!!11!!!!!

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Jayhawks move to No. 4 in latest AP basketball poll, highest in Big 12 and above K-State at No. 5

The hawks are rolling.

Simply add Selby and improve our post defense and we're a serious contender.

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Kansas Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control scrutinizes alcoholic energy drink Four Loko, but no ban yet



THEY'RE STOOPID AND LOONEY!!!!!!11!!!11111!!!!!!


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Naadir Tharpe commits to KU men's basketball team

Keith Langford was the #91 rated player according to the 2001 RSCI rankings.

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North Lawrence interchange along Kansas Turnpike to reopen Wednesday morning

meanwhile, the Motel 6 awaits its return to glory.

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Flavor, profiled: Lawrence chefs Robert and Molly Krause debut their first cookbook

[insert hateful comment here]

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Congratulations to our KU football haiku winner!

Kansas fans, be proud
wear blue, stand up, scream aloud
You're the difference!

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Congratulations to our KU football haiku winner!

Jayhawks scream "hooray!"
KU with the awesome play!
Fonzie's all like, "Aaaaaaay."

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