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What is the last gift someone surprised you with?

So Ethan's girlfriend surprises him with a Radiohead vinyl album and a few weeks later she's his ex? Interesting. And is it me, or does it look like he's in disguise? As for the question, nothing comes to mind. Guess I don't get a lot of surprise gifts, except the crafty ones made by my kids at school. Those are always nice.

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Search for missing 7-year-old set to resume Sunday morning

It's really hard for me to read this story. Harder yet to read the comments. I almost drowned in the Missouri River when I was a child. Lucky someone saw me go in or I might not be here typing this now. I have 3 boys. Two of them can swim. My 6-yr-old is getting better but not quite there yet. He has a life-vest when he's in a lake, floaties in the pool. If we're boating, they all wear life vests. This is my worst nightmare and I'm fighting back tears right now. Not sitting in judgement on anymone, but I hope at the very least this story will remind us all how fast things like this can happen. Please be safe everyone! And God Bless This Poor Family!

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How often do you drive on Kansas toll roads?

Once or twice a month. Oh....First!!!

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What is your biggest pet peeve?

Loud cell phone talkers. People who stand too close to you in lines. Fake laughter.... I could go on, but I have a big pet peeve about people who don't know when to shut up.

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Crews extinguish fire under street and in storm sewers along 27th Terrace

Not criminals, but at 2:30 on a school day? Possible truancy.

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What is your favorite activity to do at the lake?

Used to spend every summer at the Ozarks as a kid (Osage Beach). My family and usually about 3 or 4 other families would all head down there and rent cabins. Usually had two boats for about 20 people. We would boat and ski all day. My fondest memory is the sound of sitting out on the dock at night when it's quiet and the left-over boat wakes are slapping at the side of the dock with the smell of dead fish in the air. Loved it! Now Osage Beach is an over-crowded mess of fake pretentious psuedo rich a**holes so we go to Perry Lake instead (much closer).

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Service returns after truck snaps power pole

"The outage happened just minutes after crews restored service to nearly every Douglas County customer who lost power during Wednesday evening's storm."

I wouldn't be laughing if I was the one without power, but....ha ha ha ha ha!

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Third child dies after car accident in Jefferson County

I so agree. I can't imagine losing one of my children, to lose all three (and I have three boys) in one instant, I don't think I could go on. They are what I live for. If I had just one to live for, I would try to get through somehow, but I don't know how you lose all of your children in one instant and not be completely destroyed. God, this just breaks my heart, and I'm hugging mine even tighter tonight.

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Third child dies after car accident in Jefferson County

Well said, and from someone with a fitting username.

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