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Burcham Park, Riverfront Park, lower Constant Park all closed as Kansas River prepares to crest at flood stage

At 8:30 am the water was up to the concrete "apron" but there was reportedly still about 1-1.5 feet before it would enter the building itself - therefore it should be safe at the current projected water levels. The structure is designed with small "flood doors" that can be opened if necessary to let water flow through.

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Burcham Park, Riverfront Park, lower Constant Park all closed as Kansas River prepares to crest at flood stage

Um - get it right. They closed Burcham Park last (Thursday) night and the parks were already flooded at 8am this morning - ie update the part where it says "At that height, Burcham Park on the south side of the river and lowlands on the north side of the river outside the levee would likely see flooding." Would - already did! Updated photos would be good too - it's pretty awe-inspiring what nature can do!

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OMG! What did you do with my

All the little icons on the list of articles make a bit of visual overload.

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KU business professor who started meetings with Warren Buffett dies of cancer at 59

I knew Mr. Hirschey and send nothing but the best thoughts and prayers to his family, as this is a horrible thing for them. However, I cannot help but now seeing the irony in his commentary earlier this year:

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Public voices support for Douglas County tax increase

What?????? How about another meeting when severe storms are not imminent? And what about all the online input? I'm on a VERY fixed income and a 5 mill increase for community development and employee raises is the equivalent to two months groceries for me. Guess I'll just have to starve so I can stay in my house. Great options you've left me county commission.

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Lawrence keeps options open for increasing water, sewer and trash rates

Property taxes, water rate increases, sales taxes - sure it's only $10 or $150 or so here and there, but folks - but to folks on fixed incomes that adds up and makes other things in our budgets a lot less - ie food.

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Douglas County makes case for tax hike

They are truly insane to think that this is going to fly. Everyone in this county is feeling broke right now.

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Douglas County to consider ‘jaw-dropper’ property tax increase of 16.6 percent

Good God. Are they insane? Jaw-dropping is an understatement.

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School board to consider raising taxes

This is getting ridiculous. Lots of people are on fixed incomes and a 5.3% mill increase is devastating.

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