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Theatre Lawrence asks city for $100K

I have attended performances with my girlfriend, and they are always professionally produced. Many people(especially the residents of Brandon Woods), enjoy these performances. I laud Mary Doveton for the endless hours she devotes to the Community Theatre. Her dedication and sincerity is to be applauded.

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At Kansas senators' request, committee will not consider Steve Six's nomination to the U.S. Court of Appeals

There is no one more eithical or with higher moral standards than Steve Six. I know he will get another position some place else, and it will again, be Kansas's loss. Our state is being destroyed, and it's not slowly either. "What's the matter with Kansas?" The Republican Governor and legislature.

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Lawrence city commissioners approve Retirees Attraction Task Force

Lawrence is already one of the most expensive towns to live in. Look at our gas prices!

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Lefty Kukuk picked by Red Sox

Good news for a wonderful young man!! He deserves good things.

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Wakarusa Valley building may stay in use as new location for Lawrence Virtual School

Scott Morgan won't be satisfied until he closes every single elementary school-and then builds new ones. I agree-the new BOE should decide. Lawrence citizens should NOT vote for any future bond issue. They spend money wastefully on two stadiums, etc. Lawrence used to be known for it's fine education. Now, it is just the opposite.

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Part of Massachusetts Street to close for marathon April 17

It's gone downhill since they've changed race directors. It's not the same race as it was three years ago.

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Wakarusa Valley School closure, consolidation options to be taken up at meeting Monday

I will not support a bond issue in any way. This should be voted on my the community, the same as the two over-priced stadiums and fields should have been. Lawrence needs to stand up to these decisions which should be made by the c ommunity!

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Sweet-talking: KU's Marcus Morris has words of wisdom for Richmond Spiders

Self needs get control over them. KU is coming of like MU used to be-a bunch of thugs!

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Recent slump not worst thing KU's Josh Selby has experienced

For goodness sakes, leave the poor kid alone!

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Midge Grinstead resigns after 14 years leading Lawrence Humane Society; Mike Wildgen named interim leader

Midge is an incredible human being who has given her heart and soul to the unwanted and abused animals in our community. I wish her the very best in her retirement I highly respect Mike Wildgen, who is also a very good person and a caring individual. I think the shelter will be left in good hands to carry on the good work which was started there.

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