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KU Chancellor urges Nebraska, Missouri to stick with Big 12 Conference

Way too much time and money are being wasted on this topic. I say let them go if they want to leave.

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Farmer's Market taking weekday market out of downtown

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Should dog owners be allowed to bring their pet to the Lawrence Farmers Market?

I agree with bella - only service dogs, please

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Farmer's Market taking weekday market out of downtown

One more thing that has been moved west towards "the haves".

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"Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" — Who's your pick?

They aren't in Lawrence but some of the best grease around is the original Fritz's on 18th. or Town Topic on Broadway in KC.

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Call of duty: Volunteer call line Headquarters could use a few more good listeners

HQ provides a wonderful service to the community, but they are hit by the economy too. People don't have the time to volunteer due to second and third jobs and family commitments. Okay watching TV might be the case for some people but I sincerely believe it's economic reasons they don't have volunteers. I also bet that Marsha also stated something like that in the interview & it wasn't used in the article. She's pretty "with it." I used to volunteer a lot for a Douglas Co. United Way agency in the 1980's and 1990's. I cannot do that these days as I have 1 full-time job and multiple part-time jobs.

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Pizza: Anyway You Slice It!

great pizza can be found at Pagliai's Pizza (it's a chain) in Maryville, MO - sauerkraut & bacon strip is my favorite

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Downtown Christmas parade looking for sponsor, volunteers

What about our own Douglas County Bank & the Downtown Association working together? Or is that too much to ask? The parade benefits the downtown merchants over & over.

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School district cuts bus routes that served more than 1,000 students

Prairie Park kids going to South Junior High can do what my kids did - walk through Haskell's campus to get to school.
Now don't get me started on the early out business on Wednesdays....who in their right mind turns junior high aged student out on their own in the middle of the afternoon?!?!? Yes, I went to those meetings set up by the school district & voiced my concerns....I see that it didn't make a bit of difference then....all of you voicing your concerns over busing issues won't get you anywhere either. It's a done deal - there's no money - figure it out parents.

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