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Lawrence schools planning expanded career and technical education

"85 to 105 million could rebuild every school building. Save_Our_Neighborhood_Schools is wasteful!"

Remember, the original plan was to build new schools, not remodel old crap schools. Yet, that wasn't allowed to happen.

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Service restored after Internet product upgrade caused difficulty accessing LJWorld.com, KUSports.com and other sites

I'm not happy with Knology thus far, but the thought of AT&T support scares the bejeezus out of me.

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Lawrence City Commission approves gender identity ordinance

Yes, the opinions of those in the rest of the state really matter to me. If only we could be more like the rest of Kansas.

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Lawrence school district offers to boost some teachers' salaries

In reading the articles about teacher contract negotiations, apparently USD497.

Again though, why does it matter that they're public employees? Are public employees not worth as much as their private counterparts?

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Lawrence school district offers to boost some teachers' salaries

"free health insurance for city employees"

By that logic, do city employees get free money on payday?

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Town Talk: Zarco looking to expand on Iowa Street; scenarios floated at City Hall to increase mill levy by more than 4 mills; funding cuts to social service agencies, streets and police also mentioned

I don't believe it is uncommon for employers that are the size of the city to pay full healthcare coverage for employees (sans family). I also don't understand why everyone believes that pay and benefits for public employees should run at the lowest common denominator.

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City gives Lawrence Freenet the go-ahead on fiber network project

Competitive bid for what? They're not buying something, they're leasing out. Has the city turned away someone else who expressed interest in leasing? It's no secret this stuff is going in the ground.

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City gives Lawrence Freenet the go-ahead on fiber network project

As long the city doesn't make it an exclusive deal then what's the harm? If Knology or someone else wants to lease a few strands of that fiber then it should be made available first come first served.

Also, I wouldn't get too worked about them offering gigabit like KC. They're not Google in that they don't have thousands of miles of fiber crisscrossing the country to hook that gigabit connection to. They're going to have to pay their upstream providers like everyone else at market rates. Good luck.

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Now or later? Lawrence school board to debate consolidation on Monday night

The current board's term didn't end on election day. It's still their term to use however they wish.

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Schools, libraries and hospitals urge Kansas Legislature to maintain broadband access, distance learning

How exactly does it compete with private companies when its mostly run over lines that are leased from private companies? Kan-Ed isn't burying the cable up to the schools, hospitals, etc., they're buying telco services off of whoever is already there (read AT&T). Oh wait, look who complained, every company that wasn't AT&T. I think what they were saying is "It should be provided by us! Err...I mean the private sector."

If Kan-Ed is no longer provided then it's just one more item that schools will have to pay for using the money that the state is providing less and less of.

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