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LMH lands on another top 100 list for community hospitals

Tremendous hospital from top to bottom. No matter how you want to spin it or which data to look at, since we moved here in 1999, system wide there has been a huge upgrade. We are all lucky to have LMH in our community.

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Car driven into LGA building

Umm, thanks?

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Car driven into LGA building

Lucky no one was injuried. I doubt you would have thought it was so funny had there been some little girls working out at the time and cut by glass or worse. Not funny.

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Physician at KU's Watkins Memorial Health Center identified as pedestrian struck by train

Horrible, shocking, and a tragic loss. She was a wonderful physician and person. We have lost a Lawrence gem.

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450 vehicles stopped in weekend saturation patrol by Douglas County Sheriff's Office

I wish they would do this near my home. I pick up a trash bag of empty beer and liq bottles every Sunday morning on north Kasold. Makes me sick to think these idiots are out on the streets and could loose control and hurt someone.

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Lawrence city commission's rejection of Lowe’s plan spurs debate on location

I am all for either store coming into Lawrence but not at that location. Too close to Freestate HS and would just make that area look big, boxy, and would remove the neighborhood feel away from the area. I would rather see that area developed with smaller unique stores or even an out door mall feel to it, like a smaller version of Legends.

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