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Legislative budget impasse will cause court closings, furloughs, Chief Justice Nuss says

It's too bad these guys can't just sit down over some margarita's at Carlos O'Kelly's to work things out.

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Heard on the Hill: NCAA success means success for Self's pocketbook, too; KU debaters support basketball while experiencing their own tournament success; two politicos to be in Lawrence on same day

What kind of bonus do the kids get?

Oh, that's right. The National Communists Against Athletes don't allow the people who actually win the games to enjoy the benefits.

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Lawmakers won’t review concealed carry for blind

Silly Teabaggers.

The Kansas Legislature doesn't get to decide the scope of federal firearms laws.

This homemade gun issue has already been decided by the courts.


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Judge Paula Martin to join Kansas Supreme Court to hear four appeals

Maybe she can help get Miller v. Johnson out the door while she's there.

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Stipends for student-athletes? KU has mixed feelings

And the AD's that are hired to bring in the coaches.

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Stipends for student-athletes? KU has mixed feelings

Here's one way to look at it.

Rick Carlisle, the coach of the Mavericks, makes about $4,000,000 per year. The average player salary is about $5,800,000 per year. Thus, the not-so-free market NBA, tells us that the average player is worth 145% of what the coach is worth.

In contrast, Bill Self gets paid $3,000,000 per year. But under the National Communists Against Athletes' cartel, player salaries are capped at a $40,000 scholarship. So, the NCAA is screwing the players out of approximately $4,000,000 per year.

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Lawrence man ticketed after clipping elbow of bicyclist

By and large, cyclists are a public nuisance. A bunch of grown men wearing jester outfits who think they're Lance Armstrong and own the road.

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Firing range litigation enters new round

"§ 29.05 Defenses to Liability for Private Nuisance [477-478]

At one time, many courts recognized a defense called coming to the nuisance; plaintiff who moved into the area after the offending conduct began was not entitled to recover. Today almost all courts reject this defense. However, a number of other defenses (e.g., laches, statute of limitations) may apply."


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Firing range litigation enters new round

"c) Did you buy the house before the range was there? No? Then you really should have considered what you were buying more carefully"

As far as the law is concerned, "c" is irrelevant. "Coming to the nuisance" is not a valid defense.

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