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Global Warming Greenhouse Theory Disproved a Century Ago

Climatologists would actually talk about "radiative forcing" -- the greenhouse analogy is just a way for lay people to think about it. As you point out, CO2 reflects infrared in all directions, but because that wavelength is where Earth dissipates energy from absorbed visible light, additional CO2 increases the forcing. It's a very small amount, a watt or so per square meter, but it just adds up over time as land and oceans warm up.

People who are serious about the science may want to check the work of Richard Muller, a former skeptic. He analyzed the data very carefully and concluded that (1) there is a warming trend, (2) the trend matches CO2 levels, (3) the CO2 is from fossil fuels, and (4) solar radiation does not match the warming trend. He didn't use an computer models or theories either.

But no, bondsmen, this is not about government control. This is about a slowly unfolding disaster. Once we put the CO2 into the air, we have no way to get it out. If those who deny there is a problem get in the way of solving it and turn out to be wrong, there is no way to fix it.. People who love their children should not experiment with the atmosphere. If nothing else, the drought in the U.S. and the heat wave in Australia should show us how powerless we are if the climate changes.

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