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LHS forensics team places 2nd at Free State tournament

Congratulations also to the LHS Geography Team that represented LHS at the UMCK 8th Annual World Quest Competition recently and won FIRST PLACE!!

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Lawrence High soccer loses, 3-1

LHS played it close in the first half. There was a little let down in intensity after the first goal was scored off a deflection of a LHS defender.
The offense was able to string together more passes, but not convert them into shots on goal. Especially in the first half, they controlled the ball a little more than usual, but it all only resulted in about 4 shots on goal for the game.
The central defense was strong as always. Manhattan had about 25 shots on goal and 15 corner kicks. 2 of the 3 strong players that hold them together back there will return next season.

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Kick starter: Senior reserve sparks FSHS, 4-1

And they do it EVERY game. Lauren, Alex and I would add Ella Magerl, go out there every day and every game and play, play, play. They set an example not just with their skill, but how they have handled this season. When you just win a couple games, you don't make all state, but I hope they feel rewarded playing at LHS.

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LHS soccer falls to Olathe South

Olathe South was a very physical team and it was a windy afternoon. Olathe South contolled possession most game, especially the first half when they had the wind.
OS had 35+ shots on goal, LHS 2

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Vinland Fair keeps old-fashioned feel

I am not a photo journalist...but you dont see three people holding a rabbit in the sunlight to judge its sex everday or 30 people waiting in line for pie like you do at Vinland. It is charming. Mmmmmm.....pie.

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Funding channels for Farm Aid in Kansas lack adequate cultivation

Uhhhh...It appears that they spoke extensively to Farm Aid to figure out why Kansas didn't get much money. Did you read the same article?

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The Boy in the Attic: De Soto mother Rachel Perez discusses horrific child abuse case

So many unanswered questions. Thank you for such a well written story and thank you for attempting to answer out questions with facts. I also wondered about the boyfriend.

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