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Two child care facilities to close in Lawrence

Something doesn't make sense here. There's no way enrollment was down very much at SSA. And they just raised rates recently.

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David Booth on improving education: ‘If that means raising taxes ... that’s fine’

Unemployment is always highest among young people, it doesn't mean that they are dumb it's actually pretty easy to figure out. Since there are so many people looking for work most companies that do hire are able to hire workers with a lot of experience. Most young people fresh out of high school or college don't have any experience and thus lose out to those with 10+ years in a career.

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GOP seeks first clean sweep of Kansas state, congressional races since 1964

I agree they both suck. But the fact that 70% of this state votes a straight Republican ticket is beyond baffling.

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GOP seeks first clean sweep of Kansas state, congressional races since 1964

People in this state are really ignorant. You've handed your votes over to the Republicans as often as possible and they've never done a thing for you. This state has little to no green energy and almost no job growth, ever! It must be nice to be this naive about politics.

Good work everyone, good work.

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Democrats work hard to push Obama health care plan

Good editorial here LJworld. You just insured, with your lies, that I will never spend another dollar paying for your product.

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My First Caucus

Thanks for your behind the scenes account of the Caucus. My wife attended and she described it pretty much the way you did. She was also very impressed with the Kucinich speaker.

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Long lines expected today for iPhone

Uhmm, not sure where you got the $400 per month for service but that's not what I've been seeing.

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Self sees need for more rec facilities

The Lawrence Athletic Club is a dump and has no place for youth. I didn't think this was about organized sports as much as it is about giving kids a place to excercise in group environments. I can't believe some even want kids to go back to playing baseball in the streets like "the good ol days". The way people drive in this town I would have to vote against that idea. I guess the video game culture has crept into the way adults think. Just give them an Xbox and stick them in their rooms. Never mind the fact that the kids who would benefit most from this are the ones who are from low income, single-parent homes.

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Self sees need for more rec facilities

No Raider they won't. They probably think that physical fitness is for dummies.

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Self sees need for more rec facilities

I don't understand how people can be so against something that is good for the community. It's not like people are asking you to build crack houses.

People who think the facilities are adequate have probably never bothered to check one out. Try going to a Rec Center in this town on a Saturday and look at all the kids who have to just stand around because there aren't enough basketball courts for them to play on. Eventually these kids will get tired of just standing around in the Rec Centers and will look for new ways to occupy their time. Maybe they will hang out in the streets and start picking up smoking, drinking, and drugs. Or maybe they will just take up graffiti art, or property destruction, perhaps even a little shoplifting. Guess what? When they take up these hobbies you WILL be using your tax dollars to clean up after them.

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