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Condemn sin

As soon as they outlaw divorce, I'll agree with this author.

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Proposed abortion ban blocked by abortion foe

Kinzer is right. Move on to something you can actually change, legislators.

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Lawsuit: George Brett falsely advertises necklaces

Now THIS is what gives attorneys a bad name: trying to turn a stupid $30 purchase - for what most reasonable people believe to be a bunch of bullpucky anyways - into a class action suit in which the attorneys will likely get 40-50% of any settlement, with the remainder divvied up between the "thousands" of class members.

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Divorce ban?

This is hilarious. It's like watching people argue about the color of air. One thing I do know, the Bible says "judge not lest ye be judged," and it seems the religious folk often forget that lil' gem when it comes to homosexuality. Of course, they also like to pick and choose which of God's rules he actually meant (sorry, gays), and which ones were just kind of... guidelines to be discarded as one sees fit (sweet, I can get a divorce and declare other people's sins to be worse than my own!!).

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Regents want KU to raise admission standards

That's funny, I always thought that people should have access to higher education. If they can't hack it, they will not continue on at KU (unless there's a problem with instructors providing realistic grades?). . . but, at the very least, they should have the opportunity.

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Firing range litigation enters new round

Uh... yeah, it is.

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No apology

Congratulations, Jaywalker, you just committed defamation. You'd better hope that President Obama is more forgiving than Brownback.

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Police chief presses city for rifle program

Except for the 35 officers that bought their own, the LPD doesn't have rifles: they have shotguns.

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Brownback apologizes for overreacting to student's tweet

Way too much time on your hands...

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Police chief presses city for rifle program

As far as I know, most departments usually equip each rifle with a holographic sight in an effort to take the individual officer's marksmanship out of the equation. Instead of having to really aim, the officer just has to put the red dot on the bad guy, then squeeze the trigger. Anyway, I'm sure this adds to the base cost.

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