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Simons' Saturday Column: How does KU rank in customer satisfaction?

People put their treasure where their heart lies. The success of KU Endowment is one measure of satisfaction with KU.

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Expanded T

Unrealistic. Until gas costs rise to the point where people are willing to give up the convenience of driving a personal automobile, public transportation will be underutilized.

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Lions, Firebirds volleyball fall at sub-state

No it's "Mag" I was referring to. She shows favoritism for a family member on the team. Cries crocodile tears at her least favorite players. Acted like she was back in high school all season. Most of the parents and many players are dissatisfied with her coaching style. LHS can do much better. We are just glad that club play is here.

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Douglas County Commission, District 2: Thellman vs. Male

I agree. Frank has run a successful business, actually created jobs and served the community. He has earned my vote.

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Lions, Firebirds volleyball fall at sub-state

My name is Legion for we are many.

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Lions, Firebirds volleyball fall at sub-state

“The score wasn’t indicative of their play today,” LHS coach Stephanie Magnuson said.

Correct. It was however indicative of the level of skill of the coaching that this team received all season. Attitude reflects leadership and coach you don't have it. You had a solid group of players but you failed to get them to play to their full potential. This team had some great moments this season in spite of you and typically because one or two of them filled the role you as a coach are supposed to fill.

The Lions dug a deep hole for themselves and got a very low seed in sub state because you failed them. You had some talented teams over the past six years but you never get the full potential out of them. Get your act together or for the sake of the program and it's proud tradition give someone else a chance.

As I said in my first post of the season, this team lacked a real coach. Your never did a thing to prove me wrong. I truly wish you had.

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Lawrence High volleyball tops emotional Free State, 3-1 in city showdown

What a great game on both sides of the net. Congratulation to the players. Caitlin Broadwell has been a team leader for the Lions through a challenging season. Lions nation is smiling after this one.

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FSHS volleyball second at Emporia

“We competed with every team we went up against,” LHS coach Stephanie Magnuson said. “We need one more week of work before sub-state. We played hard all day.”

We need a new coach. This one has not had a season above .500 in her six year tenure. Lacks organizational skills. Can't even get a team photo on the VB web page or current stats posted for her seniors on recruiting sites. Let's hope the new LHS AD makes a change.


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Lawrence High volleyball loses two on Senior Night

This season had such potential. The starting seniors deserved a better coach.

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