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Federal 'religious freedom' bill likely to become a campaign issue in Kansas

Not all bakeries are required to make wedding cakes for all:.

All posters here are tolerant, correct? Tolerant of opinions that don't match yours? Or are differing opinions not allowed......

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Car dealership files plans to build along Sixth Street; Lawrence High and KU alumnus to be inducted into a worldwide hall of fame

I bought my first car from the folks who ran their used car business out of the little red cabin. I think it was Vantyal (sp) Motors?

I was a dumb teenager and got royally ripped off, BTW.

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Brownback administration proposes massive cuts to cover Kansas' projected revenue shortage

Ah, the Santa Clause.

Better Call Saul lawyers are having trouble finding the precedent that sets.

Howard Hamlin will be in touch.

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Harriet Tubman to replace Andrew Jackson on front of $20 bill; Hamilton stays on $10

Why was Hamilton spared? Perhaps a popular musical?

It that is the reason (and it appears to be the only reason), pathetic.

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Letter: Abortion protest

Curious to know how many of you "pro abortion" folks out there have children? Looking at mine, I can't imagine making a choice to abort one or any of them - my life and so many others around us have been enriched beyond measure by their presence.

Take the face of your child into your hands and look into their eyes - they are a gift. A gift you have been blessed with - how can any parent make such a selfish choice to abort their own child? I think most can't. and those that are 'pro choice' don't have children of their own.


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Farmer in line to become Lawrence's next mayor, but uncertainty remains ahead of Tuesday's vote

Shades of Rundle.

Off topic - what's he up to now?

April 13, 2015 at 10:42 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Kansans no longer required to have concealed carry permit, but could still benefit from training

Guns are not part of my lexicon, and I have no dog in this fight, but it is hard to believe training is not mandated. Build a compound full of guns if you like, but learn the difference between the barrel and grip first.

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Letter: Climate change

Heehee - too funny!

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