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Local couples must wait to learn extent of same-sex marriage rights

It is not a sin to call sin a sin. The verse you allude to is often taken out of context. We can judge sin, and deviation from God's plan. Adultery is a sin, as is fornication, etc. Homosexualy is also a sin, and is now pushed on all of us, despite those that practice it saying it is 'private' and 'none of our business'. Then make it none of our business by keeping it to yourself. Jesus did die on the cross for our sin, but not intentional,. perpetual sin. That is on us, and not covered by the sacrifice Christ made on the Cross. If we sin intentionally, we send Christ back to the Cross over and over. That sin will not be forgiven. Check out the writings of Paul for the true meaning of the scripture.

God bless us all.

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Local couples must wait to learn extent of same-sex marriage rights

Context is your friend God does not/did not condone multiple wives, and those that chose this path paid a price.

You appear to be the one that has not read the whole Bible and picks and chooses verses, out of context, to find a false conclusion.

Read the Bible cover to cover to understand God's plan. In a nutshell, all have fallen short of the glory of God, and his plan for redemption is available to all who will believe.

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What was your favorite book as a kid?

"The Mad Scientist Club". Inspired many of my own experiments and adventures..

Also devoured the Hardy Boys books, and my brother's Tom Swift books.

Good stuff.

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Federal judge refuses to block Kansas abortion rules

You said: "The research PROVES that humans don't actually reach full self awareness until minimum age 5."

Can't tell from your post if you have children or not, but guessing you don't. Having held the face of my newborn in my hands and looked into his. and then her, eyes. one realizes how wrong abortion is.

Try losing a child at any age, even at birth. You mention "self awareness"? How about the awareness of the parent? You cannot begin to experience the grief, and I wish that on no one.

Becoming a parent also impacts one's view of abortion. I have eternal regret for children I will never know due to selfish decisions. Having kids will change your mind and leave you with an unshakeable sorrow if abortion was a 'choice' you made in the past.

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City approves Menards store next to Home Depot at 31st and Iowa streets

Lawrence finally got one right. Great store that actually puts things on sale. WAY more variety in inventory. HD and Menards can easily coexist, and the savvy shopper will reap the benefits of playing one off the other. Odds are that you will spend more money at Menards than HD in the end, and save significantly.

Word to the wise: if buying more than a few sticks of lumber, hit up your local lumber yard and ask them to meet and beat the big box prices. Normally they will and you will get better quality to boot.

As a side note. yesterday I was in HD, and the checkout lady 1) Never greeted me, 2) Replied 'Yup' when I said 'Thank you' after the purchase was complete, and 3) Never offered to call for help with loading a substantial quantity of materials into my truck. which is a service that is part of their 'customer service'. Money walks.....

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Editorial: Privacy lost

So Bush started it, Obama continues it....

If Obama can do no wrong, that implies that Bush started something worthwhile and Obama is extending it? Or were Bush's policies flawed, and as Obama promised 'change', does that mean real change? Then that means Bush was wrong, and his policies should be rejected and undone. They why are they being embraced? .

By all appearances, he not only endorses the Bush policies, he has extended them. Drones, more wire tapping, etc. On my what to do, what to do. Will you Liberals denounce Bush's policies, and therefore Obama's? Or will you denounce Bush, but give Obama a pass for continuing and furthering the Bush agenda?

TIme to take a side.....

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Former area Boy Scouts react to decision allowing gay scouts

Good point - 'why do we need to know a person's sexual preference'? I say WE DON'T. Yet gays continue to push their agenda into everyone's face. Keep it to yourself, we don't want/need to know., Your 'team' is the one that stirs the pot, over and over. Why? Mind your own while the rest of us mind ours.

Slow down Brokeback, and keep it in the bedroom. Otherwise, let's open all doors and knock down all barriers. Girls have to be allowed into the Boy Scouts per your arguments - think about it.....there....get it? No? Try again.

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Former area Boy Scouts react to decision allowing gay scouts

The Boy Scouts have taken a meager first step, but true equality will be achieved when girls are allowed into this exclusive, bigoted organization that has done nothing for society since its inception.

Big Money Corporate organizations have foisted their will onto groups and their Freedom of Association 'rights'. Silly groups,.you know you were going to be bullied into submission. Wise up, the Liberals have co-opted the capitalist machine of Big Money, and no one is immune to the political correctness band wagon, and the rush (formerly known as slouching) towards Gomorrah.

Now, everyone jump into a pile so we can finish off any deviation from the lowest common denominator, and all become one gray blob. Morals and personal convictions are to be reported immediately!

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Menards files plans to build store east of Home Depot near 31st and Iowa

Big win for Lawrence. Compared the to the Orange Store, you will find they actually put items on sale, and you can get some great deals. Items carried vary from solid name brands to lower cost/quality choices. Choose wisely and save a decent amount of money. Menards also carries a much wider, varied inventory. So many more items than the Orange Store or Lowes. Materials (lumber, flooring, supplies) are good overall quality, but you have to be selective. Sometimes HD or Lowes are worth the extra cost. But Menards wins day-in-day-out. Watch the weekly fliers, which have quite a variety, and you will find what you need goes on sale at some point. They have a decent rebate program, but the rebate is in Menard's store credit. May bother some, but I always end up spending them with no problem.

Not sure what you did Lawrence, but you just got a great store that brings real value - without the HD/Orange Store higher prices/lesser selection and good bang for the buck. They do well about everywhere they go. Check them out.

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Romneys paid $1.94 million in fed taxes for 2011

He breaks no laws, pays in full the large amount of tax due under the current tax code, and donates a significant amount of money (several million) to charity.

If those less fortunate don't feel the rich as paying their fair share, elect candidates that support your views and change the tax laws. Such as Obama, Pelosi, Reid, etc. Rally the base, get the Occupy movement better organized and hit the polls come November.

In the meantime, let the those just following current law alone.Convince enough of your neighbors to make the changes necessary. Obama has 47%, just a few more basis points and you have 4 more years to make your changes. Until then tidy up around here.

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