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Wakarusa summer construction project to close portions of the road

I live in the neighborhood just South of Holcom Park and all the driveways look horrible. They are all crumbling at the small transition between driveway and street.

You can see the driveways and roadways crumbling after a few short years, it makes you wonder about the concrete foundation or slab supporting your house.

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5 from Minnesota family killed in Osage County crash didn't wear seatbelts

I was so confused after reading this article that I had to turn to another source. Better coverage and commentary here:


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Report: KU QB Brock Berglund charged with assault in Colorado

No, I don't care if he is defending his girlfriend or not, this IS a big deal.

He is a nationally recruited QB prospect and has been proclaimed as the future of the KU system. He needs to understand what he has on the line. He (allegedly) throws a punch, and what if the situation escalated and he was injured, or even stabbed in the leg (cough cough, JR Giddens).

He needs show some maturity and learn to avoid situations like this and simply walk away.

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The Boy in the Attic: De Soto mother Rachel Perez discusses horrific child abuse case

It seems that she is claiming she put him up in the attic first by using a table to reach, because "he was the lightest" and then the table broke. I am guessing that she is claiming she was also going to put the two daugthers up there too, but that she couldn't because she could no longer reach because the table broke (not that I believe anything she has to say).

“I … put him up there because he’s the lightest,” said Perez about moving her son into the attic.

Then the table broke.

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New 75 mph speed limit map

K-10 is 70 mph. I drive it daily to/from Olathe and am passed while going 80, never been pulled over BTW.

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Electrifying draw: Sporting KC plays to 0-0 tie in stadium opener

Sporting KC owner Robb Heineman and his staff have down a great job since taking over the club. The rebranding of the team, the development of the new stadium were both done with amazing speed and quality. Even navigating the new stadium (Livestrong Sporting Park) naming rights was impressive. My hats off to him and the entire organization. The only thing left to do is sign a jersey sponsor.

Livestrong Sporing Park is the greatest venue is the MLS. We will be landing some great international soccer matches (starting next week with the Gold Cup double-header) and will even start bringing some great concerts (Farm Aid) to the KC area that have never been here before.

This is the most excited I have ever been about a KC athletic franchise! Let's go Sporting KC!

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Police department's 8 new patrol cars feature updated insignia

The blacked-out Johnson County Dodge Chargers are B.A. Ditch the white, ditch the Ford Crown Vic and go all black Dodge Charger.

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Police department's 8 new patrol cars feature updated insignia

I am surprised to find that Lawrence was even able to purchase additional Crown Vics. I thought that model came to an "end of life" as Ford was no longer making that model. It seems that other police departments have switched over to the Dodge Charger.

Don't get me wrong the new graphics are an improvement. The old models looked like they were given absolutely no thought at all, but if they wanted a fresh look, they should've made the move to Dodge.

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What do you leave Lawrence to shop for most often?

Odd that they asked a guy from Overland Park about leaving Lawrence to shop.

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Former KU track athlete, Ottawa native, gets her first rose on ABC's "The Bachelor"

It is strange that I remember this, but the winner of the original Bachelor season 1, Amanda Marsh, was from Chanute, Kansas.

I did business with a group from Chanute and they are very proud of her. I got the sense that they didn't have much to be proud of.

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