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Do you tweet?

I don't think it's the students on drugs that we need to be worried about.
How do you get a serious thread on here?
I tweet and I think it is a fun an fast way to communicate. I would really recommend it. It is quite easy to set up and do.
Just give it a try.

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Forum discusses how to prevent alcohol tragedies

No matter what your personal opinion is about a subject it is not possible for you to force anyone to abide by it.
Alcohol is not a problem to everyone. There are those who do drink responsibly.
I'll bet that the father of the young man what died from alcohol poisoning could not have cared less about the subject until it happened to someone close to him.
Are parents notified by Ku of drinking, really shocked and surprised by that? Like they didn't do it in high school, or at home, before then?

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The Most Important Thing to Do On Your Computer

So, Dave are you definitely saying I should download SyncBack as my D Drive is full and a balloon keeps popping up from my status bar telling me so. I know it is trying to get me to do something, but I don't know what. It is becoming a bit of a nag about it.

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The squirrel is a little cutie pie. I used to feed them as well as the birds and at times my balcony would be full. It was fun watching them all. Where I live now that is impossible.

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Standing Room Only

That's a boy in the white shirt! He ain't no lady.

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Facebook, Twitter users suffer from ‘sociability fatigue’

I love Twitter. It is a quick and easy way to communicate. Tweets can be serious, funny, as well as trivial. I learned from Jonathan about House which I had never watched before.

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Obama wins Muslim praise during trip

This is a very good thing that President Obama is doing and very important. To hate Islam simply because it is, is as ignorant as believing all Jews living today are going to go to hell for the crucifixion of Jesus. I don't think so.
We need to be even handed in our approach to the Middle East. Supporting Israel does not have to mean that the other countries in that area are our enemies.
There are many faiths on this planet, respecting them, and accepting their right to exist does not mean making them your own.
It is time to get out of Iraq and let them be responsible for the running of their own country.

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The Most Important Thing to Do On Your Computer

Okay, I went to Control Panel, checkout out backup and restore. Backup was turned off so I turned it on. Then it tells me that Drive D is full, but Control Panel tells me I have space left.
Backup failed.
I don't know, sob, sob.

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Should the United States loosen trade restrictions with Cuba?

I think we should because punishing Cuba hasn't turned out so well. The country is suffering and we should not make the citizens continue to live in dire poverty because we are angry at Castro and communism. If we have trade and then the Internet available for most Cubans that will lead to other things. The Castro's are old and they are not going to last that much longer. We want to be friends with Cuba so as to have that in place when the new leaders come in.

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Do you think America can decrease its dependency on oil?

No, because there is no way at all to force a few million people to do anything in concert. Individuals are going to keep doing what they want. All the postings on this newspaper are not going to change human nature one jot.

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