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Muhammad Ali, who riveted the world as 'The Greatest,' dies

When I lived and worked in Central America many years ago, few people knew who President Nixon was, but all knew of Muhammad Ali. Few would have recognized him as Cassius Clay, but to the World, he was the symbol of the US. Brash, boastful, willing to undertake a challenge and be successful, he was what the Third World thought Americans were naturally like.

I was slow coming to that opinion as I thought of him as Clay and draft resister during my youth. But, to the World, he was what they saw as being good about the US. Yes, I meant "good" and "great". Over the years, as he became more of a humanitarian and celebrity than a boxer, then challenged by Parkinson's, I realized what the developing world saw.

Rather than having him become tamer or less toxic to the dominant US culture, the World and US changed. Might I say, "the mountain came to Muhammad" rather than the reverse.

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Lawrence City Commission will be asked to support funding for proposed $20 million transit hub on KU campus

I am for the concept. I've seen it work wonderfully in Europe where all forms of transport come together at a specific spot. Granted, Lawrence doesn't have a "subway" or the population density of these communities, but by having food shops, offices and other vendors, it would heighten interest and focus ridership to a specific location. Then, I would assume that routes would expand outward like spokes on a wheel and do a better job of allowing ridership to get to their destination.

And, yes, I have used the bus. I'd like to leave my car parked more often. With this concept, I'd try to ride more often.

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State warns Sedgwick County not to ask citizenship status of participants in federal program

Never should Costa Rica be lumped together with the rest of Central America. Yes, Costa Ricans come to the US to visit, but not illegally. Costa Rica has a problem with an American invasion of tourists and retirees.

And, they are very supportive of the US, except in the game of soccer.

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Hearing aids and walker belonging to 79-year-old reported stolen from Allen Fieldhouse

I think the same thing when I see Donald Trump.

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Kansas among several states looking to ban sanctuary cities

And Lawrence would be even more of a better place than the rest of the Red Sea which surrounds it.

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LHS, FSHS girls set for tough tourneys

Actually, Free State girls have played Wichita South in the first round of the State Tournament at Emporia around a decade ago. I'm certain that was a game which Coach Duncan would want to forget. Don't believe Free State has ever played Derby and Great Bend in the past.

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Audit finds Kansas social services computer system is past due, $46 million over budget

When you think about, it does make sense. Throw money at your cronies for "efficiency programs" not really caring about their success. When their efforts fail, you can still criticize government and argue that you tried to improve it, but "special interests" frustrated your efforts so the programs should be damned. Win-win if your goal is to make government not work and reduce the amount of assistance for practical programs.

I'm still trying to figure out how wasteful programs such as this can be financed, but Brownback is so fearful of the Federal government in expanding Medicaid for the working poor. Guess Kansas can't help provide subsidies for those minimum wage types as Kansas does the very affluent. When are we going to realize that the wealthy who profit from the tax decreases are doing it on the backs of the common folk?

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Opinion: Gun violence: Who’s to blame?

I agree with Kendall. Should all terrorism be classified by their political thoughts? Should attacks on Planned Parenthood be named "Evangelical Christian Terrorism"? Maybe "Right-Wing Nut Case" terrorism?

Terrorism by any name is still terrorism. If words are so important, why do 2nd Amendment adherents ignore formation of a "well regulated militia"?

I'll call it Islamic terrorism if you advocate for a "well regulated militia".

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Letter: Cruel move

France, the target of last week's terrorism, has agreed to acceptance of 30,000 Syrian refugees. The French government has re-stated their willingness since last Friday's tragedy.

Twenty-six States refuse to assist any Syrian refugee based on speculation that after roughly two years of investigation and vetting, the State Department, Homeland Security and FBI will fail their mission to weed out potential terrorists.


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Opinion: Is confiscation the only way to control guns?

An individual who participated in a "well regulated militia" for national security. There wasn't much of US Army at that time.

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