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Lawrence superintendent signals 'grave concerns' about budget situation

Lynn Harrod, my favorite, only $88K? Long hours, emotional parents, difficult social issues and tough decisions are the reason for these salaries. You must pay that amount to compensate for the headaches and difficulties. Get real.

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KC approves $62M national soccer center

The $230 million went to build Sporting Park at the Legends where Sporting Kansas City plays.That's independent of other figures. The $62 million quoted in the story goes towards the construction of the national center.

The construction of these facilities will make the Kansas City area a center for national and international soccer. It will mean that more national games will be played at Sporting Park.

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Obamacare enrollment slow in Lawrence thus far

You said it, Nick.

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Obamacare enrollment slow in Lawrence thus far

I am very enthusiastic about the getting on the Obamacare website. I am also a realist and knowing that new programs are flawed in some ways that take time to remedy, I haven't bothered even taking a peak. There's time. There'll be opportunities. Why rush the system? Everyone wants to jump on it and assumes that it will work perfectly. And, if it doesn't, then it's a failure?

I can't believe or follow that logic. I'm just going to wait 30-60 days and let the kinks get worked out. Why all the doom and gloom? It isn't going anywhere. Let the computer geeks work out the bugs in the program. One day before 15 December I'll jump on board. That's the way I see how rational people will deal with the changes. Why must everyone be the first on their block to purchase it?

I'll be there, but I'm not rushing to be one of the first in line. I hate lines.

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Democrats sense a chance of defeating Republican Kobach in secretary of state's race

Sit down "Stand on...feet". You've never spoken with undocumented persons as I have and asked them whether they're registered to vote or have any interest in voting. I've talked with hundreds and only one expressed an interest in voting. The people who you express disdain, simply want a job and to be paid. This is at low paying jobs multiple jobs that no one else wants to do. They're smart and don't want to draw attention to themselves. Why risk it by going to the Clerk's Office to register?

I'm one of those "Lib Dems" you don't seem to like and I have no belief that those individuals who are "illegals" will have any impact. But, you forget those children born in the US who are US citizens, will undoubtedly vote Democratic.

Too bad that Republican Tea Party types like yourself are putting the future of your party up for the support of uneducated and one-dimensional thinking people whose votes are based on the lies and biased views of Fox News and radio commentators who spew forth garbage and propaganda. (Not a good thing to build your future base upon.).

Go right ahead and vote for Kobach. And, you'll know I've already cancelled your vote. I trust the good people of Kansas will vote for a change.

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More than 1,100 furloughed because of federal government shutdown, state officials say

Just remember that this is the Republican jobs program, their #1 priority,

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Kansas delegation holds position of making government funding contingent on delaying Obamacare

Now there you go again,Armstrong. President's non-negotiating stance is so similar to President Reagan's non-negotiating stance with the Patco union members who struck the air traffic control system. It's all in how you view things, Armstrong.

Why should the President negotiate? Will the next time a continuing resolution comes to the Senate, will the House include de-funding Social Security or other programs? A Republican faction of the House is trying to destroy our government and is gloating over the shut down. No President should negotiate that issue.

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Kansas delegation holds position of making government funding contingent on delaying Obamacare

The Republican / Fox News / Tea Party disinformation campaign will ultimately discredit their position. Reasonable, rational conservatives who are Republicans need to distance themselves from the craziness is now being disseminating from their propaganda machines.

Speaker of the House John Boehner must become independent of the Tea Party influence to become a leader rather than a figurehead. Let the House vote on a "clean" Continuing Resolution and let the country move on.

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Kansas delegation holds position of making government funding contingent on delaying Obamacare

Cruz and his cronies refused to have the Senate authorize the appointment of Senators to negotiate a compromise budget. Can't have it both ways, IGWT. Can't refuse to allow the process and then criticize when there isn't a compromise produced by the process you thwarted.

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