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Letter: Cruel move

France, the target of last week's terrorism, has agreed to acceptance of 30,000 Syrian refugees. The French government has re-stated their willingness since last Friday's tragedy.

Twenty-six States refuse to assist any Syrian refugee based on speculation that after roughly two years of investigation and vetting, the State Department, Homeland Security and FBI will fail their mission to weed out potential terrorists.


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Opinion: Is confiscation the only way to control guns?

An individual who participated in a "well regulated militia" for national security. There wasn't much of US Army at that time.

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Opinion: Is confiscation the only way to control guns?

It's interesting that you can "LOL" off the deaths of so many.

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Opinion: Is confiscation the only way to control guns?

Maybe that's because they just go outside of Chicago into other jurisdictions or States where they can purchase weapons.

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Opinion: Is confiscation the only way to control guns?

Why is..."A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State"... never mentioned as being part of the 2nd Amendment? Where is the "well regulated Militia"? When do they train? How are they organized? And, "security of a free State" doesn't imply "a force in opposition to tyranny of the government".

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GOP legislators block audit of Kansas foster care system, despite recent child deaths

"Sen. Julia Lynn, R-Olathe, said DCF should not be the target of investigation because decisions about placing children in state custody are made by judges."

I'm sorry but that's not a reason! The Court makes the decision based on the needs and safety of the child. DCF then decides which foster parents, which location and what special services will be provided. DCF is charged with the responsibility of caring for the child, which in all but the most unusual situations, means that they will be cared for in a safe and health manner. Accidents and misfortune happen. But,if DCF is failing to identify appropriate foster parents, then the legislature should investigate why and correct such failures.

Sen. Lynn is apparently unqualified on this issue.

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KU employees, other Kansas state workers begin receiving furlough notices

The English call it "redundant". Andy, you fit the definition of being redundant.

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Kansas governor schedules event to outline new tax plan

Let me guess. He's putting on ruby slippers, click his heels together three times and say "There's no place like home." We'll all wake from this nightmare and he'll be gone. Good plan. I like it.

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Kansas House approves bill upping Secretary of State Kobach's power; Douglas County lawmakers vote no

Be careful for what you ask for Mr. Secretary of State. Kobach will now have the opportunity to demonstrate that there is a problem. Judge him by the number of prosecutions, the number of convictions and what the allegations are. I suspect that there will be few prosecutions, fewer still the number of convictions, if any. And, the allegations will prove more trivial than substantial. All of that for a cost that will be outrageous in comparison to the overall good.

Kobach may try to say that lack of prosecutions is because the fear of his power drove all of the "bad guys" away from the polls. That reminds me of comedian George Gobel's joke that he trained pilots during World War 2 in Oklahoma and kept all Japanese planes from getting past Tulsa. (see youtube for the actual video.)

Gee, why would I compare Kobach to a comedian?

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Report: Kansas employment growth lags nation

Where has Trabert gone?

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