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Opinion: The president who knew too little

What are the facts that you refer to as being the evidence?

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Letter to the editor: In good hands

Bob, if that really is your name, I read you for comedic relief. What's sad is that you don't realize how wacko you are.

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Local group wants to honor city-owned Underground Railroad site, currently being used for storage

Don't worry about Russian Justin. He didn't study the 19th Century American history in his high school in Russia. He's a bit behind the times.

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13 Russian nationals, including Putin friend, charged with meddling in U.S. elections

Justin is just hanging his hat on the assumption that the indictments are over. No such comment was made. Of course, it could be, but there could be many more in the future. If you note, there was a plea/conviction of an America who no one knows about. Safe to say that there is more information being obtained from investigations and that there will be more indictments. Further, the assumption that there was no collusion hasn't been ruled out, yet. That's only happened in Trump's and Russian Justin's mind. The only thing funny is your analysis of events. Just sit back, wait, watch as more comes from the Special Prosecutor.

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13 Russian nationals, including Putin friend, charged with meddling in U.S. elections

Gary, Panama was part of Colombia when the US "stole it fair and square."

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13 Russian nationals, including Putin friend, charged with meddling in U.S. elections

Only if Russian Bob's minders write it for him.

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Opinion: Immigration is a Sisyphean task

Of course. There had been a major upheaval in France with the terrorism of the French Revolution. There was major conflict throughout Europe, the Mediterranean and the North American continent for decades. Marx was writing. There was the bloodshed of the Paris Commune. The British subjugated large populations throughout the world and fought the Indian Mutiny and invaded Afghanistan. Germany invaded France and won. European empires besides the British were expanding their reach. America fought wars of expansion with Mexico and Spain, a civil war and moved west to overwhelm the native population. Finally, there was economic change brought about by the expansion of the Industrial Revolution. And, the US stole rights to build the Panama Canal, fair and square.

Was it that much different than present day? A much different place with as much turmoil, disruption, death, and destruction as the present day world. My relatives should have been vetted. They could have been the type of undesirables that would be excluded now.

Had Trump's desires been in effect at the time my son-in-law came to the US, he would have been excluded from entry. He is now an American citizen and travels on his American passport. He would be on the outside looking into the US. And, he is no "s...hole"!

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Opinion: Immigration is a Sisyphean task

My son-in-law was the recipient of chain immigration. His mother had previously received a lottery visa. My son-in-law came to the US as a refugee from his country. He presently makes a significant contract salary in his profession. He has been recognized as a humanitarian in his profession. And, I've seen him parent two grandchildren in extraordinary fashion.

His country of origin was one which Trump has deemed unworthy of producing Americans. I recently visited where he was born and got to see a developing country in the 21st Century. Much was different than in the US, but what I found was a population that knows how to survive with much less. And, I observed friendly and worthy people who don't need to be characterized by Trump's slur.

Some wish to come to the US; some wish to visit and return home. But, if they do come to the US, after proper vetting, then come. No one vetted my relatives from Germany in the 19th Century and we turned out OK.

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Opinion: Why are we OK with shootings?

Mass killings have become the "Cost of Liberty". Unrestricted possession of weapons causes periodic "cleansing of society" by "mentally deranged" people every couple of months, maybe weeks. Come on, the founding fathers knew that an occasional bloodbath is good for society and increases gun and ammo sales because people need to exercise their freedom. Cost of Liberty...anguish and blood and death. Send your thoughts and prayers while you stock up on semis and ammo. Besides, it takes out at least one mentally deranged loser each event. Saves on mental health expenditures. Sad.

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26 killed in church attack in Texas' deadliest mass shooting

Totally wrong! Fake news definition as propaganda for the alt-right. Reference to the "yourneswire" article is completely debunked. As always, this commentator is completely wrong.


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