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Opinion: Why are we OK with shootings?

Mass killings have become the "Cost of Liberty". Unrestricted possession of weapons causes periodic "cleansing of society" by "mentally deranged" people every couple of months, maybe weeks. Come on, the founding fathers knew that an occasional bloodbath is good for society and increases gun and ammo sales because people need to exercise their freedom. Cost of Liberty...anguish and blood and death. Send your thoughts and prayers while you stock up on semis and ammo. Besides, it takes out at least one mentally deranged loser each event. Saves on mental health expenditures. Sad.

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26 killed in church attack in Texas' deadliest mass shooting

Totally wrong! Fake news definition as propaganda for the alt-right. Reference to the "yourneswire" article is completely debunked. As always, this commentator is completely wrong.


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Former Journal-World sports editor Chuck Woodling dies at 76

Chuck would often seek me out to sit near me during high school soccer games. He'd turn to me and ask "Penalty kick?" "No, that's an advantage call." Then ask, "Penalty kick?" "No, that's a restart following a foul." He knew the difference, I think, but he took great joy in ribbing me about soccer. I so liked his presence and his stories revealed that he knew more about the game than he let on.

Then, there were his observations of girls high school basketball games. He'd say something to me to just to get me charged up. He would always do so with a smile. Don't know if his humor came through his writing, but he had a deft touch of humor when chatting.

A good man who enjoyed watching and writing about sports. I will miss his observations, but not as much as he will be missed by family and friends.

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Social safety net in Kansas is, sadly, now a private-sector responsibility, 2017 United Way Campaign co-chairs say

I believe that Mr. Winter was in opposition to the re-election of Brownback in 2014 as part of the moderate Republican opposition. He even appeared on the Colbert Show stating such. He has worked against the Far Right effort which is bankrupting the State.

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KU cuts KPR, Audio-Reader budget by $400,000 in two-year span; staff reductions on horizon

Bob doesn't truly listen to NPR as it is the only radio service which covers the entire spectrum of political opinion. And, with KPR2 @ 96.1, there is now information from the BBC World Service. And only for liberals? My Dad, who spent 32 years in the Marine Corps, was as proud to be a KANU contributor for decades as he was of his Bronze Star and Purple Heart earned on Peleliu in 1944.

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A threat to close schools, a search for $1.6 billion in funding, and a host of other issues await lawmakers as they return to Topeka

I do not see the Court as bluffing. I do believe that if the Legislature comes up with a reasonable plan that approaches the decision's mandate within a specific timetable, the Court would see that as progress. But, if Brownback vetoes such a plan, school's out and the stain will be Brownback's.

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Bernie Sanders fires up Kansas Democrats at Topeka rally

I never knew that Chaney had a heart.

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FSHS girls shock Olathe South, 48-39

I believe that this is the Free State girls first victory over Olathe South in history. Overtime in 2001, but all previous games have been losses..

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Boys soccer City Showdown postponed, rescheduled for Monday

Historically, the JW has never reported on soccer JV or C games unless it is simply a score line along with the general sports news. Yes, it would be nice, but it isn't going to happen.

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Journal-World staff changes announced with upcoming ownership change

All those named who were released are quality reporters / camera people. Their presence will be missed!

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