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Bicyclist struck, killed by car in rural Douglas County

I was riding on a 30 mph street today when a semi-truck passed me going well above the speed limit. The oncoming car in the other lane had to slow down to avoid an accident. The truck driver never even tapped the brakes. Is being in a hurry really worth taking the chance of killing someone?

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Brownback lays out economic goals for re-election campaign

You seem to misunderstand how this works. If you wanted to be re-elected you should have created the jobs in your first term.

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Kansas lawmakers avoiding big abortion debate

If you list their accomplishments it would appear that they have successfully avoided working on many of the problems that affect Kansans every day.

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Editorial: Children in need

Because most Americans are compassionate, and refuse to let children and old people suffer when it is within our power to do something about it. They may be someone else's responsibility, but we're still going to take care of them, because we aren't ready to abandon children and the elderly, yet.

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Kobach wants to outlaw photographing ballots

Good to see him working hard on the real problems facing this state and nation.

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Sound Off: In a crosswalk, when the red hand starts flashing and the seconds countdown begins, is it

In Lawrence even the Police jaywalk and cross on red. I've been standing with my kids downtown waiting for the green light, and the foot patrol strolls right through a red light. My kids ask me "Why are we the only ones who wait?"

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Explosives found in truck parked near Statehouse

Crazy and dangerous is the enemy of all law abiding citizens who ever you vote for. If we keep escalating the rhetoric and political drama with the "reds are nazis" and "blues are commies" BS you can be sure we will all be in more danger from the "kill 'em all" nut jobs.

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Gov. Brownback's plan to post teachers’ rankings causes outcry; GOP senator describes plan as 'toxic'

What we really need is a website that let's us give our politicians rankings of highly effective, effective, progressing, or ineffective. Highly effective = you get a $5000 bonus. Ineffective = automatic recall.

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Behind the Lens: Dreaming up the perfect camera, digital rot and all

"Digital rot" is about selling cameras not making photographs. The camera salespeople pushed this same BS when they were selling film cameras too. They want to convince consumers that the introduction of a new model means their old camera (or stereo or computer or cell phone or car...) doesn't work anymore.

While there may be the occasional Nikon F that sells for more than it did when introduced, a quick look at the Ebay completed auctions suggests that $150 to $175 is what they are more typically selling for today. I own many film cameras, including a half dozen old, mechanical Nikon SLRs. They are all worth less now than what I paid for them used in the 1990s. My Hasselblad 500c/m and Pentax 67II, which were very expensive cameras when I purchased them, plummeted in value. Only a select few of my film cameras have retained or increased in value over the last decade. They tend to be the rare and uncommon models.

"It has been the fashion to think too much of the tools and too little of the use made of them." -H.P. Robinson, a photographer from the days when film was the new fangled technology

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