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What's a restaurant that's closed that you really miss?

Don's Steak House, Chuck Wagon, Duck's Seafood.

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Who's your favorite sports media personality?

Tim Tebow

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Cordley Elementary to celebrate 100th anniversary

After attending McAllaster Elementary for kindergarten through 4th grade, my family moved from Connecticut Street to 2235 East Drive Street. So then I started going to Cordley for 5th and 6th grades, 1959-1961. Mrs. Eleanor Mason was my 5th grade teacher, and Vernon Gilbert was my 6th grade teacher. We girls got a brief sex ed class with film that only confused the issue, sounding more like a geography lesson, mentioning the anatomical Islets of Langerhans, I believe, We also got a booklet on how to wear Kotex pads and how we shouldn't wear white or go swimming at a certain time of the month. We played on the playground and managed not to break our necks on the jungle gym and monkey bars--how, I don't know. The surface below was not padded, but was hard asphalt, I think. Dodge ball was a blast. We had Girl Scout meetings and close friendships. Sandy Keifer and I would go horseback riding on East 19th Street, where she lived. Roger Hemphill had some horses there as well, if I remember. Harrison Drugstore was close by, at 19th & Massachusetts. Eddie was the proprietor, and his son Stephen was my classmate. His older brother was Ken Harrison. Redheads. I think Steve has since passed. I hope the remodeling hasn't changed the look too much. It would be fun to see photos/videos of the centennial event, if those could be posted for those of us who can only attend in spirit.

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Who was your favorite teacher?

My favorite teacher was Carol LeCompte, who became Carol Shankel. She taught Common Learnings at Central Jr. High. I learned to love geography, current events, and much more. She read books aloud to our class, such as "The Raft." Riveting! I attended CJHS from 1960 to 1963.

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Who was your favorite teacher?

I remember Ms. Mendenhall! So many great teachers at Central Junior High in the 60's.

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Sebelius decries culture of 'terror' surrounding abortion

There is no terror like being murdered in what should be the safest place--the womb. God forgive us for slaughtering more than 50 million boys and girls.

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50-year-old Perry man identified as victim in fatal crash on I-70

I am so sorry for your loss. This is heartbreaking. May the Lord Jesus comfort all who mourn.

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Fred DeVictor, left, and Don Sheriff, both with Lawrence Breakfast Optimists Club, set up the club's

My father has been a member of the Lawrence Breakfast Optimist Club for more than 50 years. It is a great organization. If I lived in Lawrence (as I used to), I'd probably become a member. Buy their Christmas trees and support Lawrence youth programs!

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