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Mother grateful for ‘Christmas miracle’ after young actor collapses on Theatre Lawrence stage

Thank goodness for the medical professionals who saved this talented young man's life!

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Ceremony to remember unique Lawrence figure

That's so neat! Do you live in Lawrence?

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Ceremony to remember unique Lawrence figure

Me, too! It was only much later that I realized there was nothing to be afraid of.

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Ceremony to remember unique Lawrence figure

Little Leo was a fixture on Massachusetts Street when I was growing up in Lawrence during the 1950s. I never forgot him. A few years ago I bought the very poignant movie about him and respected him even more. I wish I could attend the upcoming ceremony so that I could meet his relatives and express my respect and admiration. He was a true overcomer and strong Christian. Thank you so much, Mr. Janzen, for educating younger Lawrencians about Leo.

Helen Pendleton Rumbaut
Austin, Texas

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How much do you think the city should fine people who don’t clear their sidewalks?

And I thought liberal Austin's ordinances were getting way too intrusive...

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OMG! What did you do with my

I really miss the Channel 6 Tower cam view of downtown Lawrence. It's my link to my old hometown.

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Cecelia, Allison, and Mark Jakubauskas walk through the snow Wednesday, Jan. 19.

I LOVE this photo, Sara! It's one of the best I've ever seen, and so evocative. I used to live in Lawrence but now live in Austin, where we don't get such lovely snows. How may I buy a copy? I don't have Twitter.

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