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Homeless census has 'stunning' result

so according to armyguy, this discussion board only serves to bash people? hmmm interesting reflection of the community. many other boards do not have that purpose.

thanks for the information armyguy, i understood the intention to be much different.

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Homeless census has 'stunning' result

just stop this, this discussion does not help anyone.

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Homeless census has 'stunning' result

Again, I am reminded that the issue of homelessness brings forth with it many ideological debates. No movment forward will ever be enough for some in our community. The outcome is one that keeps us entrenched in a battle of finger pointing and moral judgements.

The reality is that people expereince homelessness in Lawrence, they are not going to leave, they do not come for a mat, and I believe that years from now these same discussions will be had on this blog if we are not able to move beyond these fundamental debates.

Regardless of motivation, I think we all want the same thing, people as active members of the community, people who have access to housing and jobs, children who are safe, ALL people held accountable for behavior deamed unacceptable by law. If we can think about this as the outcome perhaps we can stop name calling, writing people off, asking people to move, commenting on people's physical appearance, etc....

I also think that we need to remember that living in poverty does not, nor should ever hold someone to a higher or different standard of behavior than those of us who do not. The unfortunate thing is that people who expereince homelessness are the most publicly visible group of people. Therefore they become easy foder for public scrutiny.

just my 2 cents, and that is all 2 cents........

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Homeless census has 'stunning' result

Wow, it is clear to me that no solution will ever be sufficient to many people. I understand the frustration regarding public behavior, but to attack people's body size and belongings is incomprehensible.

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Woman courted killing, Police Chief Olin says

oops, please let my family speak.....

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Woman courted killing, Police Chief Olin says

this is a human being, and we ae responding to what we READ in the paper, guns blazing? a shot? we know little about the moment when she emerged from the house or how that happened.

i blame no one, but i hope we can learn and try to make this not occur in the same way again, why do we continue this crap.....come on people are are people and someone is dead and someone is going to have to deal with the struggle of knowing he/she pulled the trigger.

hey, if this happens to me in some way, please don't find some photo of me and let my family choose how i am sopken about

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Woman courted killing, Police Chief Olin says

well, i would like again to remind people that we are talking about a human being, actully many humans involved in this case. very sad for all involved. i would hope that we as a community could look at this incident and dicsuss how it could be different in the future. could we have mental health professional back up? could we not put an officer in the position of making such a life altering decision?
i have had nothing but postive interactions with the LPD, but i believe we as a community failed someone who needed our help. she may have had suicidal thoughts, and wanted to act on them, but many do.
i also think that the headline was inapproapriate, and that her picture was a violation, we did not need to see that.

as always, a social woker

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Homeless shelter impresses commissioners

I think it is important to note that the behavior of people may be what sparks this discussion time and time again, but they are people. As a community we can make a difference in provdivng an adequate place for people to recover from whatever ails them, be it long or short term issues. this is a community problem that will not go away by not having services, will not be increased by having services, but the behavior of people WILL change by having adequate services. Homeless people have been in Lawrence for a long time, but slept at the river because the even the "dry" place to be was limited in yearly operation (4-5 months out of the year), this resulted in people getting stuck.....
We have the opportunity to be different now, and i think we can.

the Topeka place is great, but do not be fooled, it requires the support and coordination with many programs that receive federal/state/local dollars.
it may be the only shelter there, but there are other resources we do not have (detox, transitional housing, mental health beds, etc...), they have also been in existence since 1953, long time in establishing a private donor base (actually started with only 10 beds).

in addition, drug and alcohol testing is only done when there is a belief, not as a regular practice.

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'Mean' label has different meaning to homeless

the prof responsible for this "survey" and posting on here, by the screen name, would rather engage in sophisticated name calling and negative social comparison instead of responding to any of my points. revealing.
elsewhere, defenders of the giveaway approach to the homeless/bums and concentrating them downtown have simply demonized those with reasoned disagreements regarding those policies. feckless, emptyheaded, meaningless, vapid. sad. please stop putting gas into the bum's cars they're obviously driving to their own distruction! it is harming our downtown, it is harming these individuals whom I *do* care about. and it is the wrong approach"-gnome

i could not help but have to reply to your comment to me. i am not nor have ever been a person/social worker who believes in a "give away" approach. i believe that human beings need to be treated with dignity, have basic needs met (food,shelter, compassion, etc..), in order to make the changes in their lives that make them better to themselves and the world. we do not do this in lawrence now, people cannot get better in the current LCS location nor the SA, these buildings were never intended to be what they are today. the issue to me is whether we as a community are WILLING TO both politically and economically deal with the current condition. if not, we will continue to rant rave and stay on our sides of the debate forever and nobody will be happy or better.

as for the survey. we asked for voluntary participation. that meant that people had to come to where we were, seems the best way for this type of research. also, we did have a much smaller number than planned for and the results may be different with larger numbers (would have liked 300). the 112 number is a city estimate the best research we could find (using an estimate that is not published would lessen credibility). i stand behind the work that occured and the instrument that was used. the majority completed it without assisitance and the questions did not lend themselves to surveyor bias in a way that other research might.

we reported the results to the LJW, more than they printed, without bias, just as they were. it may be that negative ideas about people stop us from creating solutions that would benefit all of us. the recent LCS vote and tonight's decision on the SA will let us know. as a community we need to take a stand that we want better things, safety for example, and that creating better facilities will allow us to do a better job.

there ya go, my response to you

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'Mean' label has different meaning to homeless

i think we need to move beyond the one or two experiences with people and think about this as a community issue...we all have examples of the "bad" person who did X maybe in the line at the grocery store, on the road driving, or elsewhere, the issue here is how are we as a community can deal with a social problem that is not going anywhere.

if you all would like to do a study that examines the behavior of people who are currently homeless (how mean they are), i would welcome that.

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