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Journalist upheld fair reporting

Mike would have been humbled and probably surprised by these responses. Not only was this gentle man kind to people, he loved animals, too. He cared tremendously for Major, his beloved cat which he selected from the LHS about a year ago. The Belt family made a great selection in a memorial to the Lawrence Humane Society. Mike respected Midge, the shelter director and spoke about her accomplishments. All that said, I gathered myself and just sent my check--no doubt the shelter needs help now more than ever. Place the name BELT on the memo line of the check and make it payable to: Lawrence Humane Society. Send it to Ramsey-Yost Funeral Home; PO Box 1260; Lawrence, Kansas 66004. A list of donor names will be provided to the family. In honor of my beloved two friends, Mike and Major.

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Journalist upheld fair reporting

I am still in a state of disbelief--I'm not handling his passing very well. He would be disappointed in that. We were so close and yet some 1,500 some miles apart. Having him as a true-blue friend always just a phone call away was a rare blessing and certainly a life-changer for me. He always made me feel special. As far as our book-project is concerned, it's so far off my radar screen. Even though we worked on it diligently for three years--mostly him--I can't even begin to think about it. His recent e-mails are still in my inbox and I can't bear to remove them. --Kathy Hernandez, Palm Desert, California

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Myers says U.S. should fight extremism

Most people don't realize that the major decisions are made at the Bohemian Grove level, anyway.

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Myers says U.S. should fight extremism

Everybody dances around the subject, attributes terrorism to something else, but the real problem is the religion of Islam. It is the cause, pure and simple. Not just some form of extremism. In fact, Americans seem to be suffering from a kind of "Stockholm Syndrome" when it comes to endorsing and welcoming Islam into our land. It's origin was Satan some fourteen hundred years ago and it's now coming into ascendancy. It has been raised up and nurtured all this time for the opposition of Israel. The truth is, the dispensation of the Christian church is about over with the restoration of Israel right around the corner. That said, regrettably and sadly, the rest of the world hates Israel because it would like to get rid of the Christians and the Jews--the U.S has been her only friend. As long as we stand behind her, even though we have all these problems, the Lord will see us through. If we turn our backs on her, it will be our death knell.

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A crime for all time

Marion, if you're reading this, send me an e-mail. It's me, Kathy (formerly) Andrews. You know, I knew you from those years in KCK. I'm in Palm Desert now. Lots of ground to cover, particularly about your memories of Lowell Lee.

You referred to me in the first post above and I need to talk to you about Lowell Lee.

Or, if anyone reading this actually knows Marion, tell him to send a note to me at katrinka3309@yahoo.com.

It's important that I get in touch with him. KH

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