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Dole tries, fails to persuade Republicans, including Sens. Roberts and Moran, to vote for treaty for disabled

I wish they had voted for this, but Pat (I was arrested for drunk driving) Roberts doesn't ever respond to my letters telling him how I think he should vote. Jerry Moron does reply but its a canned version of the Republican talking points. Ditto for Kevin (I went swimming naked in the Dead Sea) Yoder.

I'm a native Kansas and I'm so ashamed that these yahoos represent us. Well, actually, they don't represent us; they just cash their checks and do whatever Boner tells them to do. They are a pretty good argument against Representative democracy. And the whole world is watching.

And Governor Brownshirt, don't even get me started on him.

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Kobach fighting release of names

Kobach is the most vile disingeneous liar in Kansas. (He does so much work for other states - ah, if only he'd move to one of them.) He's not concerned about the voter's privacy. He's concerned about keeping as many spots occupied by Republican teabaggers as he can, legally or not.

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Governor: No state-federal health care partnership

As usual Governor Brownshirt acts like a petulant and ignorant child. This guy has been a curse for our state. That said, I'd prefer to have the federal government administer ANYTHING rather than let Brownshirt have a hand in it. He's one of those right wing crazies and an embarrasment to Kansas. Surely we can find a suitable alternative at the next election. You know, like a sane intelligent adult professional.

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Letter: Against Brownback

Governor Brownshirt and his ilk are an embarrassment. Kansas is looked upon by the rest of the country as a joke. He'd like to save all the school funding by having everyone homeschooled. If somebody doesn't curb the trend by right-wing conservatives to home school their offspring, we're going to have a generation of ignorant poorly educated zombies that will be even more embarrassing.

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Obamacare Doomed! Here's the Loophole that Anyone Can Exploit!

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