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Lawhorn's Lawrence: A tale of an abandoned baby, a dime and a Lawrence laundromat

Thanks for the story on celebrating life, what a beautiful story. Life is full of choices, and this mother made the right choice - look what life she gave to her daughter - what a gift. God bless that mother, and all mothers who embrace the gift of love, gift of life. Unfortunately, too many women today embrace self-love. A society that kills unborn is the society that throws away love and motherhood. Since 1973, 50M+ babies have been aborted in the US. Just think these babies would have their grand babies by now, and how that would have shaped our demographics. The baby boom was the largest generation, and it was the engine for our country's economic growth creating the largest middle class consumers in the world. 50M+ aborted babies would have created a second wave of baby boom generation that would have been another economic force to be reckon with in the world, and also likely be paying into social security benefits for decades to come unlike what we see today. A society has choices and with each come with consequences; it starts with each one of us, and with each mother. God bless our mothers, and their love for life.

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