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Are you planning to read Roy Williams' book, "Hard Work, A Life On and Off the Court"?

i voted yes, put it on my christmas lisst

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Woman arrested after high-speed chase

well bluerain maybe you should go bail her out of jail and take her in.

It really simple PAY YOUR RENT and OBEY THE RULES OF THE APARTMENT COMPLEX and you wont be evicted

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What is the home page on your computer?

Mine is kusports.com

to me there is nothing i would rather read about first thing in the morning than KU sports

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51-year-old man arrested in murder of George Tiller outside his church

"…I am astonished to learn that he was a member of a church.”

Why would you be astonished, there are alot of people that go to church that lead very different lives

"A former church leader today dramatically confessed to carrying out the BTK serial killings which terrorised Kansas for nearly 20 years.

Dennis Rader, 60, the one-time president of the church council at Christ Lutheran Church and Boy Scout, admitted to 10 counts of premeditated murder in the Wichita area between 1974 and 1991."


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Does Lawrence need to change its anti-discrimination law to protect people who consider themselves cross dressers and others who consider themselves transgender?

I just wonder where the "I dont really care" also is there a story behind this poll so I can read about it before I give my answer

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KU football to hold open practices

I agree who would have ever thought I would be ready for football during Big 12 BB season

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How old was your mother when you were born?

I am 30 and dont think i have any children

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Do you still keep in touch with a favorite high school teacher or college professor?

Yes thanks to Facebook and myspace

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Wounded warriors key KU’s Border War victory

Ok Dugan you wrote one good story this year stillWE WANT DETERS (clap clap clap clap clap)WE WANT DETERS (clap clap clap clap clap)WE WANT DETERS (clap clap clap clap clap)

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A lot on their plates

I am torn with this game as who to cheer for, For starters I didnt attend FSHS or JCHSI lived in Lawrence before work started sending me all over the midwest and come back as often as I can and love it, I tell people thats where I am from;but I grew up in the Junction City area, I still call it home, being thats where my parents live.

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