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Letter: Health exchange stats

I have had the same full time job for 14 years. I also work part time. So I am a productive tax paying member of society. I probably pay more in taxes than you. I also have a serious disorder that I will have for the rest of my life, and that I have been dealing with for 13 years, so I know the horrors of the health insurance world. I have had enough of lifetime limits, huge out of pockets, the fear of being denied for a pre-existing condition, and the insurance companies not viewing patients as human beings. If you don't like having to help your employees, then may I suggest a different line of work? The first step in being a "job creator" is having value in your employees and wanting them to be healthy, and if they are sick, wanting them to get the help they need.

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Letter: Health exchange stats

I need you to show your work. Instead of declaring something without proving it. I'm constantly shocked how mean people are when it comes to caring for sick people. Is it really that hard to put yourself in someone else's shoes. It might be you, or someone you care about, in need someday.

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Letter: Health exchange stats

Here is the truth on what it does and how it helps:
• Ends Pre-Existing Condition Exclusions for Children: Health plans can no longer limit or deny benefits to children under 19 due to a pre-existing condition. This gets expanded to everyone in 2014.
• Keeps Young Adults Covered: If you are under 26, you may be eligible to be covered under your parent’s health plan.
• Ends Arbitrary Withdrawals of Insurance Coverage: Insurers can no longer cancel your coverage just because you made an honest mistake.
• Guarantees Your Right to Appeal: You now have the right to ask that your plan reconsider its denial of payment.
• Ends Lifetime Limits on Coverage: Lifetime limits on most benefits are banned for all new health insurance plans. This helps people, who because of an illness that is long lasting or expensive, will meet the insurance policy lifetime limit.
• Reviews Premium Increases: Insurance companies must now publicly justify any unreasonable rate hikes.
• Helps You Get the Most from Your Premium Dollars: Your premium dollars must be spent primarily on health care – not administrative costs.
• Covers Preventive Care at No Cost to You: You may be eligible for recommended preventive health services. No copayment.
• Protects Your Choice of Doctors: Choose the primary care doctor you want from your plan’s network.
• Removes Insurance Company Barriers to Emergency Services: You can seek emergency care at a hospital outside of your health plan’s network.

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Letter: Health exchange stats

Lynn731, can you please be more specific on how exactly ACA "sucks"? I don't think you know what you are talking about.

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One of Lawrence's oldest residents comes down

Well said.

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Affordable Care Act nears major milestone; Brownback still opposed

Oh, Sandy, I wish you would run for Gov.

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Jenkins opposes action in Syria

I have a feeling that Penny4 and Lynn731 would have different opinions if the president was a neo-con. Were you leveling the same statements against Bush and his big mouth? Probably not.

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Brownback tells regents that cuts to higher education were part of trades at end of session

He took the worm route, because that what worms do.

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Town Talk: Lawrence ranks No. 17 on Forbes' "Best Small Places for Business and Careers"

Whatever. I have NO trust in any Chamber of Commerce.

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Lawrence residents say new garbage cans are stinking up the city

YOU seem to have so little to do and-or worry about in your life than to comment on an article about something you find worthless to report about. Look at you Whining about the Whiners! Get off you high horse.

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