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LHS, Free State change location of graduation on Sunday

My journalism graduation was at the Lied Center last weekend. There were about 200 graduates, and I brought 6 guests and could've brought more because there was room. I just went to my brother's high school graduation last night (another district) and all they got was a high school football stadium (like I did when I graduated high school), and it was fine. I'd be happy to have either Memorial Stadium or Allen Fieldhouse. But, then again, Memorial Stadium seemed to work just fine for us last weekend.

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What stereotypes do you think Europeans have of the U.S.?

A lot of European men are surprised to find out not all American girls are promiscuous blondes (blame Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, etc.) for that one. Also, we're not all fat either!

When I studied abroad in Spain last year, I was surprised to find that EVERYONE knew about Kansas, and then I was referred to as "Dorothy" from then on... Nobody knew where Kansas was, just that there were a lot of farms here. I had to reemphasize the fact that I'm from Kansas CITY, a city, not a farm! Kind of reminded me of visiting the East coast...hahaha!

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City seeks to delay Wal-Mart lawsuit

Jeez, who cares if they build it? I don't shop at Wal-Mart (although I don't have a problem with the store itself), I just prefer other stores. Let's not make a federal case out of it.

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Are you superstitious about Friday the 13th?

Both my parents were born on Friday the 13th exactly six months apart, so I think of it as a lucky day!

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City seeks to delay Wal-Mart lawsuit

Build the Wal-Mart. Those who want to shop there will go, those who don't will not. End of story.

Only in Lawrence would something like this happen. I can't wait till they build it and all those self-righteous Wal-Mart haters have to drive by it everyday and realize they live in a modern global free market society and not on some commune in the woods where everyone can afford to shop at overpriced mom and pop stores for their daily needs. It's okay for you to drive your mass produced car, wear your mass produced clothing, go through McDonald's drive-thru, rent your movies at Blockbuster, shop at Target, Hy-Vee, Dillon's, etc., but God forbid a Wal-Mart (which is no different from the above named chain stores) comes to town all hell breaks loose!

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Do you think Gov. Sebelius should sign the funeral picketing bill?

It's disturbing that there are individuals who feel the need to picket a funeral, but free speech is Constitutionally protected, and like it or not, we need to uphold free speech. Protecting the Constitution is more important than hurt feelings, in my opinion.

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Sebelius confirms she'll sign casino bill

Who cares if anyone else wants to gamble? It's not your money, it's theirs. That old lady made me think of my grandma. Her yearly highlight was a trip to Atlantic City with all her old lady friends to go gambling. She worked hard for her money, raised two successful children and lead a great life. I think she should be able to spend her money however she pleases. It bugs me when people moralize and make choices for other adults whose lives they know nothing about.

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Pet food recall has owners worried

Oh, and I purchased the food on December 6, 2006 (the receipt was still in the bag.) It was produced from December 3 to I believe February or March at an Emporia, KS plant, so it's definately possible it could've traveled to Lawrence in 3 days. Also, 4197 is the number on the barcode (according to the menufoods site) that is for the Emporia, KS plant. That was on the packets I had in addition to the recall numbers. So please be careful if you purchased food in the area!

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Pet food recall has owners worried

I bought some of the recalled food back at the Lawrence PetCo in December. I feed it to my cat and she immediately became sick. It was IAMS food, name brand stuff. I kept the other cans and packets of it and just checked to see if they matched up last night and they did. My boyfriend's mom's cat also had some of the recalled Science Diet stuff, but wouldn't eat it when she had tried to feed it to her. It's scary stuff, but I don't really know what to do short of hope it doesn't happen again and be thankful my pets are okay.

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Survey: Teachers overworked, lack sufficient time to plan

Oh yeah, and it doesn't help when the NEA says you can't stay more than an hour or something ridiculous like that after school because its on strike. I don't completely understand it myself, but I don't think a lot of people understand what No Child Left Behind and strikes like this do to teachers and the schools.

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