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GOP leaders scramble to shore up support for health bill

This entire issue exposes the vast insidiousness and propaganda of liberalism. The only people that ObamaCare has helped are those who don't have to pay the skyrocketing premiums and/or the outlandish deductibles -- in other words, the poor and the helpless.

Our forefathers guaranteed us "certain inalienable rights, ... Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness." I hate to break this to you, but nobody is "entitled" to health insurance. If you want to say that access to health care is an entitlement, ok, but that is a totally different subject.

Everyone has access to health care in this country, and they did even before ObamaCare came on the scene.

There are just as many people forgoing health insurance as there were before ObamaCare due to the unaffordable premiums and deductibles. They are the truly forgotten people. Furthermore, a large percentage of those who the CBO (an essentially worthless group, if you use their projections for ObamaCare as an example) projects would go without health insurance under the Republican plan will do so by choice when they are no longer mandated to buy it.

One simple question for liberals. Why is it that when you use the word "choice", you are almost always only talking about abortion or drug use. Why no choice when it comes to things like where you send your kids to school, and if you can't afford it, why aren't you entitled to a subsidy like the people on ObamaCare? That is just one example, but space doesn't give me the luxury of listing more.

Finally, I have come to the conclusion that most liberals are essentially irredeemable (not deplorables as Queen Hillary would say) and incapable of facing facts when presented to them. Therefore, debate is fruitless, and this will be my parting shot to all of you. Actually, you probably are just as thrilled as I am about that. From now on, I will only read to LJW for articles on the sports page. Hasta la vista, baby!

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City Commission votes to declare Lawrence a 'welcoming' city for immigrants, pursue additional support

Congratulations, Scott and Andrea. May all of your future dreams come true.

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City Commission votes to declare Lawrence a 'welcoming' city for immigrants, pursue additional support

Scott, If you feel like talking about it, how are things going for you, Andrea, and your family? Hope some good breaks have been coming your way.

As for the article, nothing particularly noteworthy here. Maybe KU should implement such a sentiment when it comes to welcoming opposing views.

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Sessions steps aside from Russia-contact investigation

The Democrats are nothing but hypocritical propagandists and guttersnipes.

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Bernie Sanders fires up Kansas Democrats at Topeka rally

Believe me, we Republicans don't need to get over the election. We are ecstatic. It is the liberals and their protesting lemmings who can't let it go.

As for Bernie, he isn't even a Democrat. He is a so called Independent who just caucuses with them. Would love to see him be the candidate in 2020, if he is still alive. He already looks 90, even on a good day. Furthermore, he has done absolutely nothing of significance in all his political career, which has consumed practically his whole life.

The Democrats are being run by the far left, and unless they modify their message significantly, they will wander in the wilderness for a longgggggggggggggg time.

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Rollback of federal protection for transgender students won't affect Lawrence schools, superintendent says

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White House defends asking FBI to dispute media reports about Russia

Sorry, liberals, but this story is now being debunked. It was Andrew McCabe, 2nd in command at the FBI and a Democrat who supported Hillary as well as his own wife's failed candidacy for a legislative position in Virginia, who called Mr. Priebus initially. He told Mr. Priebus that the FBI could find no evidence to support the NYT story that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians during the election.

When Mr. Priebus asked, "What do you want me to do about it?", Mr. McCabe asked him to call him back to discuss it. That's when Mr. Priebus called Mr. McCabe and someone leaked it to the press. CNN ran with the story, even though they now admit that the FBI has found no evidence to support the NYT story.

Do a little investigating and you will get the truth. Meanwhile, keep ranting and raving as you dig a bigger grave for the Democratic Party, who will probably pick an anti-Semitic Muslim congressman from Minnesota as their new DNC chairman.

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K-State coach Bill Snyder diagnosed with throat cancer

I know that we all wish nothing but the best for Coach Snyder. He is a very special individual who has established himself as one of the all time best coaches in college history.

He and his family are in our prayers.

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Local students to protest against transgender bathroom bill on Sunday

Probably mostly boys who want to "sneak a peek" in the girls' locker room! I guess everyone is considered to be a "victim" by the liberals these days, even if they only represent maybe 1% of the population. Talk about the "tail wagging the dog."

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Silencing of Elizabeth Warren throws U.S. Senate into turmoil

Elizabeth Warren is a professional gadfly who hasn't got an ounce of brains. She's also a liar and a fraud. Hope she runs for President in 2020 so that she can get her clock cleaned.

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