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Emails: Trump Jr. embraced help said to be from Kremlin

I see that the headline has been reworded. How interesting!

The real traitors in this country are those liberal and media persons who are trying to overthrow the government. They are despicable and should be ashamed of themselves. If they don't like it here, why don't they just leave and go to a country where their "seditious" activities would be treated more vigorously, if you know what I mean.

At least, Donald Trump, Jr. has been transparent. Also, he didn't sign off on selling 20% of our uranium to Russia and Putin in exchange for millions of dollars of donations to the Clinton Foundation and huge speaking fees for Bill Clinton for speeches in Moscow, not to mention all of the election meddling in Israel by Obama and mentioned by Mr. Aronoff. Obama also tried to influence the Brexit vote in England. That was about as successful as his attempt to get the Olympic Games for Chicago.

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Emails: Trump Jr. embraced help said to be from Kremlin

What a bunch of hooey. This headline is nothing but liberal propaganda. Now that he released his e-mail chain, why doesn't Hillary release all the e-mails she deleted?

Obviously, no aid was given as the lady was a clear phony with no information. Meanwhile, the Dems were trying to dig up dirt on anyone they could, including Bernie Sanders and anyone they thought might get in their way.

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I've silenced Kris Kobach on the issue of voter fraud

Maybe he just doesn't want to waste his time with you, Chad.

I'll go out on a limb right now and predict that Mr. Kobach will be Kansas' next governor, just like Donald Trump outfoxed all of the prognosticators.

My advice to the liberals is to keep chasing the laser light like a little kitten.

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U.S. Supreme Court partially reinstates Trump travel ban, will hear arguments in the fall

Oh, Fred, you're just an old curmudgeon. If you think there is any country more welcoming than the United States, please move there.

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Budget office: Senate GOP health care bill adds 22 million uninsured by 2026

This is the same Budget Office that predicted 28 million people would sign up for ObamaCare and that costs would go down. We all know where the costs have gone, plus only about 12 million are on the ObamaCare rolls, most of whom get it for nothing.

I would challenge anyone to find one instance where the Budget Office has ever gotten anything right.

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U.S. Supreme Court partially reinstates Trump travel ban, will hear arguments in the fall

A unanimous decision that again overturns the leftest west coast appellate court. They are the most overturned court in the country by a wide margin.

By October, the case will likely be moot as the Trump administration is only asking for a 120 day ban to give time for them to implement proper vetting procedures which they have been working on for months.

By lifting the injunction, the SCOTUS has essentially sent the message that the Trump administration would likely be victorious in oral arguments if they occur in October.

Time for Chuck Schumer to start his phony crying again.

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University of Missouri revokes Bill Cosby’s honorary degree

By the way, not a bad idea, Mike. Put him on the "offensive" line and let some of the big boys have at him.

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University of Missouri revokes Bill Cosby’s honorary degree

Bill Cosby, the O. J. Simpson of comedy. He was never going to be found guilty because of who he is. If he was a white conservative, he would be in prison for life.

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Senate GOP releases 'Obamacare' overhaul, but not all aboard

We can let the Dems and Liberals retain ownership of the propaganda and lies. You can't turn on the television without seeing their multi-million dollar ads about how 23 million are going to lose their health care. Never mind the fact that only about 12 million are enrolled in Obamacare, and most of them because it is essentially free to them.

The ObamaCare legislation had over 10,000 pages of junk, which you would think crossed every "t" and dotted every "i". However, there still were hundreds of references in the legislation to items that were footnoted with "to be determined by the Secretary."

By contrast, the Republican bill has 126 pages, so does anyone want to guess how many items will be left to the Secretary to determine? I'll bet it will be thousands.

When you run a business, the executives set the budget, and the departments determine how to spend the money. The same will be true under this plan.

The Dems passed ObamaCare with the objective that, eventually, we would be forced to accept the "single payer option." Now, you will see the Republicans pass this bill and then let HHS under Dr. Price decide where the money is spent. When that happens, Planned Parenthood will really begin to pucker.

In short, Congress approves the budget, but the departments ultimately decide where the money is spent. At least, that is the way it is going to be under President Trump. Hoorah!

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Republican Handel wins Georgia House seat in key contest

Dorothy, until you get over your 3 year old like tantrum, we'll have to put you in "time out."

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