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Letter to the editor: Clinton ‘fact’

Ah, yes - - the Clintons. They are the political equivalent of the Mafia. Make them an offer they can't refuse, or like Vito Corleone, let them come to you in the future to provide them "a service."

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Clinton releases 2015 tax returns, urges Trump to disclose his

You liberals certainly never disappoint. You always manage to spew your garbage no matter what the facts are. The fact is that, if Donald Trump said "God Bless America", you'd accuse him of mixing church and state. That's the Alinsky, Bill Ayers, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Clinton, and Obama mantra - - demonize your opponents, lie to get whatever you want, and then repeat the lie over and over again until people are brainwashed into believing it. In the famous words of Nikita Khruschchev, "We will bury you from within."

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Clinton releases 2015 tax returns, urges Trump to disclose his

Typical Clinton grandstanding. They have probably never been audited while Trump manages to get audited practically every year with no significant findings other than he pays a huge amount of taxes. He is currently under audit, so there is no need for him to release anything.

Forget the tax returns. We already know the Clinton's have profited from being in the White House more than anyone else in history, and their "Foundation" is under FBI and IRS scrutiny. Of course, they will "skate" by again because of their "connections", so what else is new?

If the Clinton's want to release anything, they should release the 33,000 e-mails that they "scrubbed" as well as all communications between the Foundation and the State Department while she was Secretary of State. Thanks to the "watch dogs", we already know that there may be a "quid pro quo" in that fiasco. Just a couple career corrupt sleaze bags.

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Judge: Man who attempted to assassinate Reagan ready to rejoin society

And many of the more radical liberals like you, Dorothy, want us to be a communist nation. Just stop with the bull-!

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Lawrence school district budget includes teacher cuts, deficit spending and lower taxes

Sorry to hear about your travails with the Lawrence planning department, but I don't blame you a bit for seeking to find the best business locations. It just goes to show that government needs to be run more like a business where competition tends to bring out better results. My hope is that Mr. Trump will be a champion of this philosophy once he is in the White House.

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Lawrence school district budget includes teacher cuts, deficit spending and lower taxes

By the way, David, how is your business doing? Well, I hope.

I still want to get back to Lawrence some day and drop by to meet you. I think that we have a lot in common.

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Lawrence school district budget includes teacher cuts, deficit spending and lower taxes

You raise good questions, David. Kind of reminds me of how the federal government calls it a cut when they just slow down the rate of increase in the cost.

They need to operate like a business where you have to justify all of your expenses every year with "zero based" budgeting. Won't happen though as long as the politicians are in charge and feathering their own nests.

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Kansas Democrats: Backing Sanders, seeking unity for Clinton

Fred, your head is so far up your butt that your eyes are turning brown. How do you like that grammar?

My question for the Sanders people is "How do you like being sodomized?" - - by two women nonetheless. For Hillary to say that she didn't know anything about the rigged process is ludicrous at best. Nothing happens that she doesn't know about and have a hand in.

Democrats are totally devoid of any moral authority to discuss any subject. They are clearly the party of sleaze and corruption. If I were them , I would be worried about what more that Wikileaks may have. If they could hack the DNC computers, they could easily have hacked Queen Hillary's server in her basement. Can't wait for the next batch to come out.

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Kansas Republicans don't see convention's tone as too harsh

Can't even get up the enthusiasm to bash you liberals. Actually, I feel sorry for you, because I predict again that Hillary is history! She is a blatant, pathological, and serial liar like her "husband" (I guess they are still married).

Other than his skin color, Barack Obama has nothing going for him at this time. He has been a total failure and wouldn't even have been nominated or elected other than for the fact that he is black. Talk about brainwashed people who only vote the party line. That fits the Democrats perfectly.

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Kansans split over questions about Melania Trump speech

A big "raspberry" to all you liberals. You've got crap for brains.

Michelle Obama never had an original thought other than "I was never proud of my country until Barack was elected." What a contrast to Melania who thanks God for this country where those who work hard and get an education can be successful. This attitude is foreign to the base of the Democrat Party.

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