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KU Medical Center leader Douglas Girod named 18th chancellor of KU

If he brings a sense of balance to the dialogue at KU, then he will be successful. However, if he continues the further and further shift to the left at KU, he will have difficulty.

KU has serious "freedom of speech" issues as demonstrated by the Andrea Quenette story that plagued the university in the recent past. Just look at what happened to Mizzou after they began gulping the kool-aid.

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Flynn takes 5th Amendment in Russia probe, cites 'public frenzy'

Why shouldn't he? After all that is what the Obama people, like Lois Lerner and the little twerp who set up Hillary's private e-mail server, did.

To quote the liberals, "this is a nothing burger." Funny how what goes around comes around!

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Trump abruptly axes FBI’s Comey in midst of Russia probe

The Democrats have been reduced to blathering idiots. This is hilarious.

They are defending the man who Hillary Clinton says cost her the election, who was fired at the recommendation of the Assistant Attorney General, Mr. Rosenstein, who is a Democrat and a previous Obama appointee to a position in Maryland, and who was recently confirmed by the Senate in a vote of 94 to 6. By the way, who are the six smucks who voted against him. I'll bet I can guess most of them.

The left's hyperbolic and hypocritical hallucinations are a disgrace, and it should be no surprise that they have lost power on a massive scale all over the country.

Haven't heard from Madame Hillary yet, but if I were her, I would be a little worried. I say let's proceed with all investigations including her handling of classified material, the e-mails on Anthony Weiner's computer, and her blatant lies and stonewalling of the attacks in Bengazi.

In the end, there will be no evidence of collusion with the Russians by the Trump campaign, as everyone with half a brain and who has knowledge of the investigation knows. Even Diane Feinstein, James Clapper, etc., etc., etc. have confirmed this fact. Nevertheless, go ahead with all of the investigations, and we will see who has egg on their face when all and said is done.

Also, a note to the LJW, not surprising that your headline is intended to cast motives on the firing. The truth is that, if Hillary had been elected, Comey would have been fired on day 1, and we wouldn't have heard a peep out of the Democrats.

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All 4 Kansans in U.S. House supported Obamacare repeal

Liberals need to find a new comedy routine. They've been using the same one for over 35 years. It didn't work under Ronald Reagan, and I can assure you that it won't work under Donald Trump.

What about the millions of people who can't afford the premium and deductible increases so they go without health insurance? Their only mistake is that they made a little too much money to qualify for subsidies while the lazy and shiftless get it for nothing.

Any able bodied person needs to work if he/she wants taxpayer funded benefits. Wean them off of welfare and back into being contributors to society. They might actually find a purpose to their life.

While we are at it, we should defund universities like Cal-Berkeley until they demonstrate support for free speech.

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In Lawrence and around the country, Americans with severe illnesses terrified by GOP health plan

Just more liberal and media propaganda. I'll bet that none of these people even know what is in this version of the proposed bill. I recommend psychiatric treatment for people like Nancy Pelosi, Chuckie Schumer, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders. Throw in Corey Booker as well. They are despicable.

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School district's $87 million bond issue passes with nearly 75 percent of vote

This kind of overwhelming majority is refreshing. I am typically a supporter lower spending, but the voters have spoken with a loud voice that education must be emphasized if we expect the future generations to be as successful as the past have been.

No doubt, there is some wasteful spending in education, and getting funds to the classrooms has always been a challenge. However, this will hopefully be a step in the right direction for Lawrence.

In short, anything that will enhance education outcomes is a plus in my opinion.

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Kansas Supreme Court considering Sarah McLinn's hard-50 sentence for murder of Lawrence business owner

Hey, if 50 years is too much, just execute her. It would save the taxpayers a lot of money and could be done in less time than what she gave to her victim.

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Kansas' example among reasons why Trump tax cut may not deliver the boost White House says

Typical example of comparing apples to oranges. The goal with tax cuts is to create economic growth. It worked under Kennedy, Reagan, and George W. Bush, and has really never failed on the national level.

Kansas' problem is that sustained economic growth is difficult due to the small size of the state and its population. Unless businesses want to come to Kansas, it is hard to grow the economy.

The big problem is spending because tax cuts on the national level have almost always led to massive growth in revenue through economic growth. Unfortunately, the bureaucrats just spend the extra revenue rather than try to cut the deficit and pay down the debt.

It ain't really that hard to understand despite what the economists who point in all directions say.

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Trump plan would cut taxes for companies; lawmakers worry about increased federal deficit

Good news for Obama! Now that he is getting $400,00 per speech from Wall Street (the people he and his party decried), he'll pay a lot less tax. Apparently being greedy can apply to socialists as well as capitalists.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump is donating his salary because the law doesn't allow him to not take it. How refreshing! Someone who practices what he preaches.

Hopefully, the Dems will follow through on their promise to oppose the corporate tax cuts. Then, they can answer to the voters again in two years. Hasn't worked well for them over the past eight, so why should they change now.

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