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KU Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little to step down in summer 2017

Frankly, Ms. Gray-Little's tenure has been lackluster. I'm sure that the budget situation was a factor in her decision, but I would also bet that the recent shift to the left in university policies has taken its toll as well. I know of many alums, myself included, who have cancelled their pledges to the KU Endowment Association due to the kowtowing that the administration has done to far left wing special interest groups, and the attempts to squelch freedom of speech.

A similar shift at the University of Missouri cost them millions of dollars in financial support, as well as a reduction in enrollment. Would be interested to hear the honest numbers at KU. Can't imagine that KU's experience has been much better.

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West Middle School teacher receives Horizon Award, praise for commitment to students

Congratulations, Kelsey. It is always good to see excellence recognized.

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Gray-Little: Daunting challenges face KU and all of higher education

Nothing but pity for you poor liberals. Don't misunderstand. Sexual assault and true discrimination are abhorrent. The problem is that, even when they don't exist (not necessarily in the case of KU but who knows?), liberals will make them up to pit one group against another.

Just as Hillary has shown her true colors by calling Trump supporters "deplorables", liberals are the most intolerant people in the world. They can't argue the merits of an issue, so they resort to name calling and vitriol. Even President Obama called Republicans "domestic terrorists" when they wouldn't support most of his half-baked and destructive plans.

The tide is turning, however. Come November, you are going to be apoplectic when Mr. Trump is elected President. I just hope that it will cause individuals like Cher, George Clooney, Whoopi Goldberg, et. al. to leave the country. They can resettle in Cuba, Russia, or any other communist/socialist country they wish. Bon voyage!

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Letter to the editor: Clinton not to blame

By the way, Glen, you can "buzz off" too.

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Letter to the editor: Clinton not to blame

There was absolutely nothing wrong with my previous post. Nevertheless, you liberals keep living in your "fantasy land". Just look at the new ABC/Washington Post polls and the details of the e-mails just released by the FBI in connection with the Citizens United lawsuit. You can draw your own conclusions, unless of course you are brainwashed.

Would love to know the LJW's usage agreement. I 'm sure that it is very subjective, and just a fancy way of censoring people. Oh well, I don't subscribe to the paper, so it ain't costing me anything. I wouldn't bother with it if it did, other than to follow KU athletics.

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Letter to the editor: Clinton not to blame

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Letter to the editor: Clinton ‘fact’

Ah, yes - - the Clintons. They are the political equivalent of the Mafia. Make them an offer they can't refuse, or like Vito Corleone, let them come to you in the future to provide them "a service."

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Clinton releases 2015 tax returns, urges Trump to disclose his

You liberals certainly never disappoint. You always manage to spew your garbage no matter what the facts are. The fact is that, if Donald Trump said "God Bless America", you'd accuse him of mixing church and state. That's the Alinsky, Bill Ayers, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Clinton, and Obama mantra - - demonize your opponents, lie to get whatever you want, and then repeat the lie over and over again until people are brainwashed into believing it. In the famous words of Nikita Khruschchev, "We will bury you from within."

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Clinton releases 2015 tax returns, urges Trump to disclose his

Typical Clinton grandstanding. They have probably never been audited while Trump manages to get audited practically every year with no significant findings other than he pays a huge amount of taxes. He is currently under audit, so there is no need for him to release anything.

Forget the tax returns. We already know the Clinton's have profited from being in the White House more than anyone else in history, and their "Foundation" is under FBI and IRS scrutiny. Of course, they will "skate" by again because of their "connections", so what else is new?

If the Clinton's want to release anything, they should release the 33,000 e-mails that they "scrubbed" as well as all communications between the Foundation and the State Department while she was Secretary of State. Thanks to the "watch dogs", we already know that there may be a "quid pro quo" in that fiasco. Just a couple career corrupt sleaze bags.

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Judge: Man who attempted to assassinate Reagan ready to rejoin society

And many of the more radical liberals like you, Dorothy, want us to be a communist nation. Just stop with the bull-!

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