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Harriet Tubman to replace Andrew Jackson on front of $20 bill; Hamilton stays on $10

All politics aside, I don't have a problem honoring Harriett Tubman. She was a key figure in American History, and she was a true and courageous patriot.

Frankly, while Andrew Jackson was a tough and courageous fighter in his military career, albeit an often ruthless one, he wasn't that successful as a President from what I have read. I see nothing sacred about honoring politicians more than many of the so called common folk who have made this country great. If they come up with other appropriate people to honor, they should consider it.

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Justice Matters asks Lawrence, Douglas County leaders to commit on affordable housing, criminal justice review

Just what is affordable housing? This is beginning to sound like more of a welfare program until some actual numbers start appearing in these types of articles. Sorry, but "Justice Matters" as a name tag sounds a lot like "Black Lives Matter".

Is this the new buzz word for more liberal social policies that historically haven't had much positive impact on our society? Even though the "poverty level threshold" has increased dramatically over the years, there are still as many people under it percentage wise as there were back when Lyndon Johnson declared his so called War on Poverty.

If you are waiting for liberals to solve the problems, you've been waiting for decades and you will continue to wait for the rest of your lifetimes. Just look at places like New York, Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, etc., etc., etc.

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KU investigation clears professor who used N-word in class

Dorothy, you really need to wake up. The bottom line is that this type of inquisition is nothing but modern day fascism. I find it interesting that you, an obvious far left person, aren't a champion of free speech.

Perhaps KU saw what happened to Missouri over these types of incidents. According to the latest articles, Mizzou has seen a 25% reduction in enrollment, and a $32 million budget deficit due to the rabble-rousing over there. My guess is that KU is on the verge of seeing some similar results. Will be interested to see the next reports.

Liberals love free speech when it protects them, but everyone else has to be silenced. If you really want to espouse that, then move to Cuba, Russia, China, or any other socialist/communist country you want. You'll probably find that you aren't that welcome their either because they will want to suppress you in the end.

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Kansas House OKs campus faith groups restricting membership

I'm not concerned. It's you atheists who should be concerned because, if you are wrong, just think what the hereafter is going to be like. An asbestos suit isn't even going to save you.

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Kansas House OKs campus faith groups restricting membership

Love how atheists want to tell Christians how to run their lives. Go screw yourself!

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Who's your all-time favorite Kansas University men's basketball coach?

They all have been great. However, I have to vote for Phog Allen. He is the one who started the marvelous tradition. Then again, maybe it is just a multiple tie for first. KU has been truly blessed and is currently in the best of hands.

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Bernie Sanders coming to Lawrence on Thursday

The Russian reference is clearly apropos given that Bernie took his wife to Russia for their honeymoon back in the 1960's. How romantic is that? What a charmer!

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KU says ESPN declined request to change KU-Iowa State game time on caucus day

Who do the Democrats have to vote for anyway? They have trotted out two old war horses who combined haven't accomplished anything of significance in all of their years of "public service."

They aren't the party of the future. They are now the party of George McGovern on steroids. Really, what young, up and coming leaders do they have? Who are their "rising stars?" They basically "shot their wad" with Obama, and he has been a disaster for the country. Time will prove that he has probably been the most destructive and divisive President in our entire history, and it has nothing to do with his skin color, which is always the fallback position that his supporters use. Right, Paul?

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KU says ESPN declined request to change KU-Iowa State game time on caucus day

Probably not as many as will be at the game. Ironic that the liberal ESPN people won't given the Kansas Democrats the time of day. I thought that they were in bed together.

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Jayhawks hammer Longhorns on the road to win Big 12 outright

Never so glad to be wrong in my life. No letdown whatsoever. Just a magnificent performance. Clearly the best of the year thus far.

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