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KU chancellor remains mum about UNC academic fraud

Everything at this point is, of course, speculation. However, when these types of things arise, especially in the business world, the people at the top are held accountable. The concept is that either they knew about the problems or should have known. Pleading ignorance is not a very realistic stance, unless you are the President of the United States. Then, it is always someone else's fault. I'm not sure that the "buck has stopped" at the President's desk since Harry Truman.

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Sealed with a kiss: Travis Releford's 'unbelievable' game lifts KU over K-State

Here in Tucson, had to listen to Bob and Greg on Jayhawk All Access. However, saw a number of highlights on ESPN.

I know that Kevin Young had a tough game with some easy shots, but one of the ESPN highlights was his touch pass from under the basket to Perry Ellis for a layup. Also, they showed his play at the end of the first half that gave KU a 4 point lead. I really like Kevin Young for his hard and heady play. Sounded like he should have dunked some of those easy shots, but his effort and leadership are obvious.

Elijah is usually a humble guy, so his blowing kisses was probably in return for some vicious taunts from the KSU students. My guess is that if KSU ever wins again at AFH, they will blow kisses too.

Finally, just a pet peeve of mine, but the ceremonial handshake at the end of the game is just a farce for some coaches. Bill Self and Roy Williams are class acts, as they always take a moment to congratulate the opposing coach after the game. However, Bruce Weber couldn't have been less interested in shaking Bill Self's hand after the game and he showed it by rushing right past him. ESPN showed that as well.

Perhaps being in Coach Self's shadow for so long is getting him down.

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