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Kansas Democrats: Backing Sanders, seeking unity for Clinton

Fred, your head is so far up your butt that your eyes are turning brown. How do you like that grammar?

My question for the Sanders people is "How do you like being sodomized?" - - by two women nonetheless. For Hillary to say that she didn't know anything about the rigged process is ludicrous at best. Nothing happens that she doesn't know about and have a hand in.

Democrats are totally devoid of any moral authority to discuss any subject. They are clearly the party of sleaze and corruption. If I were them , I would be worried about what more that Wikileaks may have. If they could hack the DNC computers, they could easily have hacked Queen Hillary's server in her basement. Can't wait for the next batch to come out.

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Kansas Republicans don't see convention's tone as too harsh

Can't even get up the enthusiasm to bash you liberals. Actually, I feel sorry for you, because I predict again that Hillary is history! She is a blatant, pathological, and serial liar like her "husband" (I guess they are still married).

Other than his skin color, Barack Obama has nothing going for him at this time. He has been a total failure and wouldn't even have been nominated or elected other than for the fact that he is black. Talk about brainwashed people who only vote the party line. That fits the Democrats perfectly.

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Kansans split over questions about Melania Trump speech

A big "raspberry" to all you liberals. You've got crap for brains.

Michelle Obama never had an original thought other than "I was never proud of my country until Barack was elected." What a contrast to Melania who thanks God for this country where those who work hard and get an education can be successful. This attitude is foreign to the base of the Democrat Party.

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Indiana Gov. Mike Pence announced as Donald Trump's VP pick

Oh, Bob, get a life. Liberals are about as relevant as pimples on an elephant's butt. I love how you try to tell conservatives how to run the Republican party. Stick to your own gutless and dishonest leaders in the Democrat party.

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Lawrence teen organizes yard sale after hearing story of mother's sacrifice in Orlando shooting

Baxter, you are a wonderful young man. Your kindness and spirit are outstanding.

Since I live in Tucson, Arizona, I couldn't make it to the yard sale. However, a check is in the mail to you at your address to help out.

Blessings and thanks to you.

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No charges recommended in Clinton email probe, FBI says

Barb, you are so grossly ignorant that your asinine comments don't even warrant a further response. As for your "analogies, Fred, you are about as unpatriotic and brainwashed as anyone that I have come in contact with. Like most liberals, you should be ashamed of yourself.

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No charges recommended in Clinton email probe, FBI says

Shame, shame, shame. Typical blather from the libs.

I especially like the references to Nixon. You want to talk about it, OK, even though that is over 40 years ago. Richard Nixon's actions didn't result in the death of four brave Americans; his actions didn't compromise national security; and there is no evidence that he accepted bribes from foreign governments for his "shell" of a foundation. Don't think he even had a foundation.

Also, if Republicans had acted like Democrats during Watergate, then they would have surrounded the wagons and kept him from being convicted in the Senate after he was presumably impeached (sound familiar). Thanks to the moral courage of people like Barry Goldwater, Howard Baker, and Bob Dole, Nixon did the right thing by resigning.

In short, the Democrat party and their leaders have forfeited their right to speak with moral authority on any issue. I don't include all Democrats because I refuse to believe that there aren't a good number of Democrats who are appalled by the Clintons.

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No charges recommended in Clinton email probe, FBI says

The three most important questions are "Is Clinton a criminal?", "Is Clinton a lair?", and "Is Clinton incompetent?" Two and a half "yeses" out of three is not bad.

She said that she never sent or received classified messages on her private server. That is clearly a lie, as the FBI found at least 8 e-mails that were highly classified at the time that she sent and received them.

Per the findings, "she either knew or should have known that her behavior was at best reckless and careless". Therefore, she is clearly incompetent to be the Secretary of State, let alone the President of the United States.

Per the report, she did violate the law by her actions, but there was "no direct evidence" that she "intended" to violate the law. Ask any respectable lawyer what that means, and they will
ask or say, "Is there any 'indirect' evidence?", and "If she didn't 'intend' to violate the law, why is it that she knew or should have known that she was violating the law/"

In short, I have great respect for James Comey, and I am perfectly satisfied that the "bar" has to be high in establishing a charge of "espionage". However, as the Clintons have shown time and time again, they are shrewd "lawyers" who fully understand how high the bar is and will do everything in their power to come in under that bar.

Proving "intent" is obviously difficult for good reasons. However, when a President lies to a grand jury, hangs his hat on the phrase "it all depends on what your definition of 'is' is, is impeached for lying to a grand jury (a clear felony), and is subsequently disbarred from law practice, it becomes crystal clear that these two individuals are masters of corruption, and I haven't even brought up the Clinton Foundation, which is still being investigated.

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Kansas officials’ travel mixes family, politics, KU basketball

Love all the hypocritical loony, liberal lemmings. This is nothing compared to the atrocities created and pursued by the Clintons and others like Pelosi and Reed.

How about we eliminate all of the corruption and cronyism that is rampant throughout all taxpayer funded activities in all branches of the various governmental entitles. We should be ashamed of ourselves for electing the "bums". It just goes to show that you can fool most all of the people all of the time.

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Saturday Column: ‘16 presidential election is political fork in the road

Dorothy, you simply must get off the kool-aid and caffeine. It is ruining your hypocritical liberal brain, assuming you have a brain. Hillary is the least trust worthy candidate who has ever run for President, and all reasonable people know it.

She, Bill, and Barack are pathological liars who have absolutely no moral or ethical value whatsoever. It will give me great pleasure in November to rub your nose in it. Besides, she is probably going to be indicted, if Lynch holds true to her word, so Hillary won't even be the nominee.

For those who want to respond, go ahead because I won't be visiting this article again. Just put in it your pipe and smoke it, along with the other mind altering drugs you must be taking.

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