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Franken announces resignation from Senate amid sexual misconduct allegations

The lead comment by Mr. Aronoff says it all, and quite well. I also abhor Mr. Franken, but I also believe in the rule of law that says a person is entitled to face his/her accusers.

As for the Democrats like Mr. Kennamore and others, you have permanently forfeited your rights to take the "moral high ground" given your defense of Bill Clinton for more than 30 years. If the same standards had been set for "Slick Willie", he would have been thrown out of office as a Governor, never to be heard from again.

As for the Roy Moore situation, I have two observations. First, it seems curious that there haven't been any new accusations with the past couple of weeks. Surely, every stone has been upturned by both the Dems and the establishment Republicans to find additional accusers. The same goes for President Trump.

Other than the "Access Hollywood" tape (in which no admissions were made), there have been no credible complaints put forward within the last year despite the "carnivorous" undertakings by the so called main stream media and the Democrats.

The second observation regarding Roy Moore is that the Washington Post just did a poll of white women in Alabama, and to their total shock and surprise, 60% said that they would likely vote for Mr. Moore. Of course, to the left, they all are now not only racist, but I guess sexist too.

Meanwhile, the swamp is being drained bit by bit, and none of it would have happened if the Cruella DeVille of American politics, Hillary Clinton, had been elected.

I predict that the Dems will now turn further and further to the left, basically making the traditional Democrats irrelevant.

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Kansas stands out for lack of diversity in its judicial branch

Oh Dorothy, give it a rest. Are we now going to have quotas in the judicial system?

You're just a poor lost soul wandering in the wilderness. Why don't you move to a liberal state where they like to call anyone who disagrees with them a racist. Pathetic!

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Flynn pleads guilty, is cooperating in Trump campaign probe

Once again, the liberals and ABC News have egg on their faces.

ABC makes a false news story, and the stock market goes down 300 points. Then, later the story is revised, and the markets recover. However, how many people were damaged by this left wing propaganda?

Then, ABC suspends the reporter, Brian Ross (who has a history of false reporting) for four weeks without pay, and we are just supposed to say, "Oh well."

Also, can't wait to see what Joy Behar has to say tomorrow after her near orgasm on Friday claiming that the news story proved collusion with the Russians. She is just a nut like most on the left.

The so called main stream press makes Pravda look like a trusty news source!

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Senate passes GOP tax bill after flurry of final deals

I will thank all of you liberals in advance for returning your future tax cuts back to the Federal Treasury for continued wasteful spending. Kind of an odd way to show your patriotism, but whatever works for you is fine.

You could possibly even designate your cuts to be used for the Legal Defense Funds of the prominent Democrats in Congress who are nothing but sex perverts.

Will be interesting to see all the names when the 600 or so settlements become a part of the public record.

Make America great again.

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Award given to Charlie Rose at KU might be rescinded following sexual misconduct allegations

Too bad we can't rescind the Bill Clinton presidency!

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KU says benched basketball player hit curb on 19th Street, damaged tires; university still mum on 'financial picture'

Pretty useless article as not many facts have been released which allows the "conspiracy theorists" to try to create as much drama as possible. Give it a rest until more is known.

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Guilty plea, two indictments in Trump-Russia probe

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Analysis: Understanding the legal case building against the college basketball world

Excellent article, Chad. I would normally be one of those rock throwers you mention given my loyalty to the KU basketball program. However, you are exactly right that schools need to take a look now before the potential hammer falls.

As Steve says, an NCAA investigation is one thing, but an FBI investigation is another. I really don't think that there would be anything going on in Bill Self's program that would warrant an FBI investigation. However, once you get third parties involved, you may not know the full extent of the involvement of outside forces.

Of course, in light of the North Carolina "non-decision" and cover up, what credibility does the NCAA really have? My concern is that they would feel the need to bring somebody down just to try to convince us that they aren't relatively toothless, except for going after scapegoats.

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Trump to end key Obamacare subsidies; insurers likely to flee

Good for Donald Trump. While others sit and wring their hands, he takes action that will eventually bring about a solution that is workable.

Now, Congress can get off their respective rears and get to work.

Just a prediction. Insurers may flee in some cases temporarily - - actually most of them have already dropped out of ObamaCare. However, competition and free enterprise will bring about solutions that will be for the greater good in the long run.

The liberal propaganda has not, and will not, stop President Trump from doing the right thing for the future of the country. You better get used to it, liberals, because you will be looking at this approach for another 7 years. Hoo Rah!

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Downtown shooting causes city commissioner to talk about ... panhandlers; are city leaders ready to tackle gun issues?

Mr. Herbert is one brave soul for speaking plainly. He focuses on the real problems, not the "low hanging fruit" that the left always wants to grab.

Lawrence is rapidly being taken over by the "symbolism over substance" crowd who thinks that you can legislate morality. The facts are that there are undesirable elements to some degree in every town in this country, and more gun control laws are not the answer. If it were, then cities like Chicago, Washington DC, New York, Los Angeles, Detroit, Philadelphia, etc. etc. etc. wouldn't have the highest crime rates in the country.

Good luck, Mr. Herbert, in your reelection bid. Lawrence needs to keep your wisdom and common sense.

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