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Drug testing for welfare benefits one of many bills worked on as Legislature nears deadline

I'm disgusted with most of the input here.
Years ago I lost my job and for the first time in my life (28 at the time) collected unemployment benefits. My previous employer denied benefits and we did the whole phone court deal...6 months of benefits and not a single call from anyone. What I'm getting at is it's waaay too easy. Touch tone phone check in to fill up my "card". There was absolutely no face to face with anyone.

I also had to pay income tax for something that I "put into" nearly my whole life. I'm self employed now, after using the state maximum unemployment benefits to start a business in what many have coined as a hopeless economy.

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Unfinished business

We can build a McDonalds in 2 weeks. But fix a road, that's asking a lot. Get used to it, this is what makes Lawrence, Lawrence. Things move slow here, very slow.

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Patrols to target aggressive driving

I occasionally have projects in kc, I-70 all the way baby! Way less idiots than on that cluster K-10. K-10 IS saturated with idiots, idiots that apparently have never heard of a cushion of space for reaction time, or cruise control. Try it some time, it really works. These are the same people that do 25 mph on Iowa when the speed limit is 40 mph. Bunch of turds farting around Lawrence.

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Sound Off: Whom do I call to complain about builders who don’t mow their vacant lots?

Your mentality is part of the problem in this city.

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Sound off: What is the ordinance about leaving your trash out seven days a week? We have a neighbor

An example of one such violation can be seen as we speak @ corner of W. 5th Terr and Kasold. Pride, a rare commodity nowadays.

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Sound off: What is the ordinance about leaving your trash out seven days a week? We have a neighbor

Code Enforcement?! Ha Ha. I'm not sure what they do down there, lil light on the enforcement side. I live next to a moron who's bush light boxes and rest of trash blow around the neighborhood on a regular basis. Trailer is as Trailer does.

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PETA members provide unusual reminder about importance of spaying and neutering pets

Blonde in the back.....Woot! Woot! Lemme holla at you!!

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What business would you like to see open downtown?

+1 About time!

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K-10 panel to recommend higher fines, tougher enforcement

Count how many people pass you on the right and give you the finger tomorrow morning….I'm guessing at least half a dozen. You are an object of pity.

Get out the way, get out the way!!

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