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Truancy policies can catch parents by surprise

Pick up the phone and either call the school or a friend/relative to take the child to school. A lot less hassle than the diversion program. But, the easy excuse is to blame the school and/or principal rather than accept responsibility as a parent. If the parent has a medical issue, that is more reason to have a "plan B" transportation plan in place in advance.

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Under bill, concealed carry of guns would be decided by school boards, university leaders

Drones are the answer. Every school and university could have their own. Fire away at the first sign of trouble.

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National chapter addresses alleged animal abuse at KU fraternity

Beta Theta Pi: A proud tradition of animal abuse for over a century. "Added decor" right up to the point it is abused and killed! Hopefully the DA will file charges and show that no fraternity, no matter how rich and powerful its alumni are, can escape justice.

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Poll shows low approval rate for Brownback

A moderate republican has zero chance against Sam in the primary. Look what happened to the moderates in 2012. The fact is that the conservatives own the GOP primary because they actually vote. The democrats need to have a candidate who has name recognition and the ability to raise incredible amounts of money to even have a chance of being competitive. The conservatives have spent the last 20+ years working hard to get where they are today. They are not going to go away without a battle of epic proportions. Bottom line is regardless of popularity, the fact is that barring some unforeseen game changing development, Sam will cruise to a second term.

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Senate approves constitutional amendment to remove courts from school finance decisions

The real problem for those who want change is that the Democrats have no candidate who can beat Sam in 2014. There is no serious, credible democratic candidate out there who has either state wide name recognition or the ability to raise a fraction of the money that will be behind Sam. That is the bottom line and the democrats are running out of time. They had better identify a strong candidate this weekend at their annual meeting and get started on an aggressive fund raising effort if they expect to have any chance of even being competitive. The reality is that the GOP will go after some of their new freshman representatives who are too moderate and the 2015 legislature may be more conservative that what we have now. In the mean time, all the hand wringing and teeth gnashing are not going to change the trajectory of where the state is headed, further and further to the right.

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Kansas Senate committee OK's plan to exclude courts from school finance

The amendment will never pass the house with the 2/3 majority. It is not going to happen.

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Simons' Saturday Column: Democratic presidential race is already under way

Mr. Simons: Why are you so worked up over the confusion in the aftermath of the unfortunate deaths of 4 Americans when Bush and his ilk sent thousands of American soldiers to their death and maiming all based on lies? One American death is too many yet Bush and the GOP have far more blood on their hands. Where is your outrage over that?

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Kansas House panel passes judicial selection change

Judge who puts rule of law over lowest common denominator mob mentality = liberal elite. That makes sense!

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Bill to be heard restricting union activities in political campaigns

Wow, after reading the KCCI comment on this bill, I better understand it. Incredible how brazen some folks are getting!

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Bill to be heard restricting union activities in political campaigns

Thanks for the clarification wwww. I am not sure I agree with the first response to my post, as all the members of these unions could still voluntarily pay into the PAC that can legally be political. Guess I need to read the bill again!

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