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No security changes at Lawrence theater after Colorado massacre

Last night I took kids to see Ice Age 3D movie. The lines for Dark Knight were long and there was a posted armed security guy there. Of course our theater room had less than 10 people in it. What I found odd, was a teenage guy sitting in the back row that seemed too old for this film with no kids. He didn't have on 3D glasses and spent most of the movie working on something with his cell phone as a light. I was close enough to see that it wasn't anything nasty happening, but his actions were suspicious. He may have been just trying to waste time until he could sneak into the batman movie, I don't know.

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What did you name your dog and why?

Our two brother and sister chihuahua's were named: Hannibal and Clarice.

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KU wins the Academic Performance Tournament national championship

Will they sell t-shirts and have a parade downtown?

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