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Murray seeking new trial

I didn't see the piece on American Justice, but heard that there was alot more shown than what we saw in LJW. I think that it is a waste of taxpayer's money to grant a retrial to someone who has been found guilty and the evidence shows their guilt.

I suppose that someone will try to say that Marty Miller is innocent too. I knew Marty and thought I knew the man. I think that alot of folks felt the same way about Murray. But, just because someone doesn't APPEAR to have the makeup to commit murder doesn't mean that they didn't!

I am a Christian....and pray for both of these men. May God forgive them...and have mercy when He ushers them into hell for what they have done.

I feel sorry for the families left behind.

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Woman leaves three dogs in hot vehicle

RE: Dogs

You can bet that if someone left their baby in a locked car in the heat there would have been a citation (to say the least).

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'Idol' crowns youngest winner

Am I the only one that found it sad to listen to Bette Midler? She used to be sooo good...but her voice was awful. So sad........ :(

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I think that this guy is mentally ill. That will not bring back the people that lost their lives...or cure the folks with emotional problems from the trauma of this....let alone the lose of all of their possessions. I am glad that they are not just gonna lock him up in a mental hospital (as pleasant as that is)...but put him in with "Bubba".... :)

I hope that the sentence fits the true crime here. He shouldn't ever get to walk the streets again.

BTW.......Isn't that pastor the same one that thought that Marty Miller was innocent too?
...and that gal that he married...didn't she go there too? What is up with that?

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Faith Forum: Once a person has been 'saved,' is it possible to lose that salvation?

"Would someone who has been saved go around doing bad things? But, just because we are saved, God doesn't prevent us from choosing to leave Him."

Amen GR.........look at what happened to Marty Miller!

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Kansas Supreme Court hears Martin Miller appeal

Well, it will be three years in July since Mary died. I don't know if that is a short time for this appeal to go before the Ks Supreme Crt. or not. All I know is that alot of lives were destroyed. Everyone forgets about the mistress. Although what she did was wrong....she was in love with the guy. She messed up....big time...but was brave enough to face the music (sordid that it was) and testify. I thought she was very brave....especially when she knew that she had been dumped so that he could take up with Ms. Cuthbertson.....(wonder if he had them both going at the same time?). Anyway, here's hoping that he loses the appeal so that everyone doesn't get put thru it again (especially his poor kids!)

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Miller appeals murder conviction to state Supreme Court

I don't think the Marty was a teacher at the Christian school........I think he was an administrator or something. Either way........he was spiritually misguided.

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Photos at center of appeal

My understanding is that Ms. Cuthbertson was a FORMER friend of the mistress. When Ms. Cuthbertson heard about the murder charge she went to "council" Marty Miller....AND his kids....AND renewed her friendship with the mistress (on the pretense of comforting her). Then...she offered to help her purge the apt....saying that God sent her. To my eyes and ears....the mistress was also a victim....of both of them. Sure, she was messing with a married man (which is definately WRONG)....but she fell in love with him and believed him when he said that he was gonna get a divorce. After the murder....he dumped her and took up with Ms. Cuthbertson....then married her. Am I the only one that thinks that is a little strange??!! :~(

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Court to review conviction in Lawrence murder case

There was also the matter of the kids hearing their Mom cry out in the night.....oh, and the matter of him changing his story 5 times. The rest of it was just the icing on the cake......or the straw that broke the camel's back.
Oh...and what caused him to marry one of the people that testified for him?
This whole thing was so messed up and sad....especially for his kids.
Hope that the Kansas Supreme Court looks at all the facts (like the jurors did) and put an end to this. His kids deserve some peace.

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API Foils asks for tax break on $17 million expansion

I used to work at API. I just hope that they give better training in the order dept. They had too few people to handle a very complicated ordering system. :)

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