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Preschool chef fills tall order: Get creative with kid food (just not too creative)

Is there a recipe for the pasta salad?

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Menards files plans for Lawrence store next to Home Depot near 31st and Iowa streets

I've shopped in Topeka at all three stores. Rumor had it that Home Depot would go under first. But based on my experience and a dozen other people that I've talked to, it'll be Menards. Things aren't laid out logically and ya can't find a darn thing.

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Lawrence man, 31, faces charges in local burglaries

It was a Postal Carrier, so the charges were Federal and not State or Local. It mentions he went to a federal prison.

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Town Talk: Extra Virgin olive oil and vinegar store to open in Downtown Lawrence; retail sales off to best start since 2008; weekly listing of property sales

I'm a fan of "The Tasteful Olive" in old OP. Its not a destination store for me, but Penzey's Spices is just down the way so it works well for both of them. The olive oil/vinegar place also does promotions with a bread store as well as the Farmer's Market.

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Topeka police looking at links between homicide, crimes at shopping area

Are we even supposed to call him Lockhart? Someone did note in the last few days that he changed his last name to Alderidge in the middle of November last year.

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$10/$10 at JCPenney

I prefer Mr Rebates to eBates.

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KU, Joe-College face new battle in lengthy legal contest

Kansas Basketball isn't the biggest thing in Kansas. Last I heard it was Cabella's.p.s. Does anyone know if I'm gonna be sued for typing the word "Kansas"? I keep thinking I need to put a "(r)" behind it for fear that I'll be sued over it.

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Lawrence police officer hit during high-speed chase

If you believe everything you read on a blog (and why shouldn't I?), there was a comment on cjonline with some interesting info. This person reports that Ms S stole several vehicles in Topeka on Tues morning and then made the mistake of breaking into a LPD officer's house. Of course her next run in with the law was another LPD Officer with stop-sticks until finally she ran head on into a DG Deputy.

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Lawrence police officer hit during high-speed chase

I would like to note that according to the shawnee website, Ms. Schnegelsiepen has only one traffic ticket on her Shawnee record and this was for speeding back in 2000 - so maybe she's not as bad of a driver as we've been lead to believe. However, in one of her more recent (April 08) situations, she had a little theft and battery misunderstanding. Looks like the theft was dismissed and she plead to the battery. She was ordered to serve 6 months in jail but it was suspended to 12 months of supervised probation. I'm guessing her PO won't be needing to have her check in with them anytime soon...Hope all the LEOs in today's incident are going to be okay.

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