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Cyclist suffers critical injuries after being struck by SUV

Thank you, family1st, for this posting. I have had Don in my thoughts ever since I heard of the accident. The Cordley family would like to know how they can help. Please contact them if you know how.

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Think tank says governor’s tax plan would benefit large businesses, wealthy investors

I think I understand why you make the last. But it seems to me the "Guv's" intention is to help out this wealthy buddies who helped him and other ultra-conservation get elected into office. He is also intentionally exploiting and robbing from those with few resources, with little power and no hope of changing things to better their lives. In my opinion, he does not conduct himself as the Christian he claims to be. Maybe he's not out to screw the poor, but he will stomp all over them as a means to reach another goal: Get more money.

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First Bell: Lawrence is not alone in grappling with concerns regarding standards-based grades

"there is absolutely no continuity/consistency in the use of..."
This is a half truth. The statement was that there is no continuity/consistency in ANY grading system, SBG comes the closest because it is based on standards. You try to speak intelligently about this subject but your statements are loaded with strong emotions and misrepresentations. Take a deep breath and try to listen.

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Grading issue

Windemere, thank you for your understandable and intelligent comments. I now have a much better understanding of your group’s position. I’ve been reading all the comments, many internet articles (more than what I posted) and the petition. I’ve been talking with family, friends, teachers (some of which are middle school teachers) and students. For reasons, I’ve already mentioned, it still seems that standards-based grading is the direction our public schools should go. I reread your “points”, and I understand them, but I cannot accept them as “truths” but strongly held and valid opinions on your part. I respectfully disagree. What I don’t understand, and this does not come from you, are the anti-public school comments. I think LPS teachers do an outstanding job educating all of our kids and I believe they are trying to improve grading practices for our children. I do not believe for one minute that LPS is trying to discourage or fail our students. There is a reason they are talking standards-based grading and I don't think it is malicious. I think we’ll need to disagree on this particular issue. I continue to look for the reasons why LPS thinks it is good. I will continue reading to learn more. I’m going to look at what Marzano has to say on the subject and continue to seek more understanding. http://egusdsecondaryed.pbworks.com/f...
Thanks for a lively discussion.

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Grading issue

You know, DIST, I don’t have any huge disagreement with what you say here….
Until you make this statement:
Under SBG the "F" student, who is expected to get 60% may get the same "S" as an "A" student that is expected to get 90%.
Under SBG, there is no “F” student, only students who are still working on a standard. A good teacher does not expect or accept student failure. If a student is showing 60% understanding of a standard, they do not receive an S and the kid has to keep working on it till they master it. While the other kids, who you call “A” students, move on to more advanced work. They shouldn’t get an S because they are expected to get an S. Public schools are not elitist, they educate everyone; even those who might be failing. This mediocrity you speak of does not exist because when a child succeeds on a standard, they move on to more challenging work, they go beyond the standard.
Your belief about grading students is truly frightening. Our schools would fail our community if we expected failure from struggling students. Thank goodness, on this day of thanks, our schools care about these low performing students.

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Grading issue

Link #1 http://www.blscourierherald.com/news/...
Link #2 http://pubs.cde.ca.gov/tcsii/ch1/grds...
Link #3 http://www.ascd.org/publications/educ...
Link #4 http://www.greatschools.org/students/...
I can give you more links, they are not that hard to find. I can give you more if you want them but I'm guessing you won't look at these. I've looked at your petition and many articles against and for SBG. I'm not sure what DIST means by "so as to include", but LPS is looking for the means to help ALL students be successful, not just the above average ones. SBG helps kids stay in school by finding success, not seeking to flunk them out.
You'd have to ask them, but I don't think any school system is seeking mediocrity. Do you propose that LPS separate the "dumb" kids from the "smart" kids? Your kids must be one of the "smart" ones; mine, too but without standards, I have no idea what she has mastered. I hope it shows when state testing comes along.
Standards create a rigorous curriculum that is the same for all students. The district can't "dumb" down a curriculum with standards because a kid is perceived as not being smart enough. So what do you mean by "It seems that SBG is simply a way to broaden inclusion of mediocre performance so as to include poorer performers with above average performers"? I'm interested in understanding this statement.

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Grading issue

There are also many websites that show examples of success stories with SBG. No, it does not average scores or use math to calculate grades. It is different and new, this does not equal bad. SB is looking for mastery of a standard not a number. The standard is written on the grade card. Got an A in math? What was learned? Skyward doesn't need to calculate anything.

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Grading issue

This is not factual information about standards-based grading. Be sure to look further for more information and don't limit yourself to a one sided opinion. Be informed!

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Do you think the state should be forced to fund public schools at the rate lawmakers approved several years ago to settle a court order?

Are you willing to give up job security? Many non-tenured teachers lost their jobs this year. Do we want to put our best teachers on the chopping block?

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