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Jayhawks: ‘There’s nothing to celebrate’

Congratulations to Big 12 Coach of the Year Bruce Weber for bringing Wildcat Nation a Big 12 Championship in Basketball to go along with the Big 12 Championship in Football.
K-State has a chance to finish in the Top 25 in Football and Basketball.
Athletics at K-State is definitely on the rise!
Go Cats!

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A Devil, you say: Ottawa standout Semi Ojeleye says Duke best fit

Maybe he has some brains and wants to get a real education and play basketball at the highest level. There is no comparison between a degree from a state school in kansas vs Duke. Get real. Great decision for a 4.0 student!

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A Devil, you say: Ottawa standout Semi Ojeleye says Duke best fit

The kid is a great student. Who wouldn't choose Duke over KU? Duke is a top 10 University. The value of a Duke Education is $43,000 per year in-state or out of state tuition. KU $9600. A degree from Duke will open many more doors than a degree from a state school in Kansas.

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Manziel is first freshman Heisman Trophy winner

Nobody from a school in Kansas is going to win a popularity contest like the Heisman. With less than 3 million people in the state, klein didn't stand a chance. The Aggies came in third in the conference too.

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KU's tougher admission standards inching towards approval

There goes the basketball program or will they have a different set of admission standards :)

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'K-State' getting new brand

KSU: The number one choice of Kansas High School Students for the 3rd straight year!


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Beginning of the end: Ex-Husker to conclude career at KU

K-State owns KU in Football...the only sport that matters...

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Wait and see: KU must sweat out NCAA seed

Football is ruling the world of college sports. The money in basketball pales in comparison to the money in Football. Football at KU is a joke. Wake up and smell the coffee!

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Wait and see: KU must sweat out NCAA seed

18000 Mizzou fans proved Kansas City, MISSOURI is a MIZZOU town. Great crowd. A final victory and trophy in the last Big 12 game was icing on the cake, the perfect ending. Only disappointment was it wasn't against ku. Don't be jealous of the Mizzou Tigers as we move on to a bigger and more nationally prominent conference as your Jayhawks will be kissing up to the Texas Longhorns for eternity.... Basketball is only a warm up band for the main act...Football. Football is King in Texas and in the state of Kansas, Football is King down the road in Manhattan. The new SEC TV contact is rumored to be $40 - 50 Million per school! The future in Missouri is bright!

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KU recruiting budget tops Big 12

K-State spends 40% less on recruiting and has a 13-1 record last year and a 4 -1 record this year versus KU..... that speaks volumes. KU athletics is like the government in wasteful spending.

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