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US, Cuba patch torn relations in historic accord

The Castro regime threw out the organized crime syndicates and the "1%". Most moved to Miami.

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New report attempts to compare costs of Rock Chalk Park with other city projects

" $151 per lane mile" = Typo? Per foot?

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Pair of restaurants proposed for location near Sixth Street Wal-Mart; City Hall tensions rise over East Lawrence proposal

ā€œIā€™m trying not to get angry about this.ā€ "Farmer did not do much to contain his anger about the proposal." I think Commissioners would be better off not bringing pretend emotion into the meetings. Petulance?

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Pedestrian injured after being struck by vehicle at Seventh and Vermont streets

First time I've seen "citation issued" for hitting a cyclist/pedestrian. I think we need a focus on respecting our crosswalks. Even while waiting at a red light, cars often stop with wheels in crosswalk, or pull through crosswalk and turn right.

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Editorial: Passing the buck?

Your property tax, sales tax,local school district tax, and government fees will rise and more than compensate for any reduction in your state income tax. Kansas is redistributing the tax load, not decreasing it Andy.

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Opinion: Safety concerns justified CIA tactics

"rectal rehydration and feeding" did not make us safer Mr.Krauthammer, "Amid panic and disorientation, we lost our moral compass and made awful judgments." Is much more reasonable.

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Man struck by vehicle on Ninth Street Monday night remains in critical condition
White is surprisingly unhelpful until very close.
That being said, car drivers bear the ultimate responsibility, it comes with the privilege. Crosswalks are not safe zones anymore, they are mostly treated like any other stretch of street.

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Brownback announces $280 million in allotment cuts to fill budget shortfall

It was the biggest re-distribution of wealth in the history of the world.

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Editorial: Downtown grocer

Some are simply simple, complex things escape them.

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City makes surprise payment on Rock Chalk Park infrastructure fees

Whats a million dollars between friends? It might be time to go to a full-time elected mayor + commission. Our current system of cycling through commission figureheads puts far to much power in the hands of city staff. The staff outlives/manipulates many commissions and make the long term relationships with "some" developers.

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