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City Commission approves final $1 million payment for Rock Chalk Park

Do they still have the 5 gallon buckets under the roof leaks? Any word on why the roof leaks?

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Senate panel endorses $9.4 million swap from KU Lawrence campus to Wichita medical school

This might have a negative impact on the Salina campus. Is there a correlation between Med school and practice location?

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Opinion: Resilient truth must rise again

Yes Andy, that is the implication, straight from the mouths of the originators of said policies.

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Letter: Unacceptable silence

Yes Andy, I do believe you are right.

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Suspects in triple shooting apprehended in Las Vegas

Well said John. Hang in there.

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Suspects in triple shooting apprehended in Las Vegas

Looking at your phone while driving is a mistake many people make that often kills others. None of their friends are claiming very poor decision making. Current information allows for a limited role in the girls part, no excuses allowed, but . . .

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Koch Industries will donate $2.6 million to Kansas State University

Koch/ ALEC corporate plan will become part of KSU's official position, just as at KU.

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Auditor praises city for efforts on Rock Chalk Park project

“It is one of those things that it doesn’t matter if it comes out of your left or right pocket,” Hudson said. “The question is whether you receive economic value for the improvements. It is a question of whether we are going to hold Thomas Fritzel to some sort of accounting standard, but I don’t know what we gain by that.”
I thought that is what an audit was. This was an appraisal.

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