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KU football player Chris Martin charged with aggravated robbery; bond set at $35,000

Superb?? His coaching record is worse than Turner Gill's.

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Opponents of drug testing for welfare benefits see it as hassling the poor; Brownback says it will help

You mean people are opposed to peeing in a cup in exchange for free money? Heck, I'd do that! Where do I sign up?

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Opponents of drug testing for welfare benefits see it as hassling the poor; Brownback says it will help

So what's your solution? Keep giving them free money to enable their habit?

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Five years later, organization still keeping its 'promise'

Lawrence Community Shelter should follow this example. Kudos to Family Promise!

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Lawrence nurse to become full-time missionary

Well, maybe her efforts will be balanced out by all the atheist organizations that provide medical care, charity relief and soup kitchens...

Oh, wait.

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Drug testing bill goes to governor

Peeing in a cup in exchange for free money is a small price to pay. I question the return on investment though. If the state finds itself spending more money on drug tests than money it saves by withholding funds from druggies then I hope the program is quickly scrapped. Either that or deduct the cost of the drug test from the recipient's benefits over time.

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Overland Park man sentenced to five years in prison for fatal 2010 drunken-driving collision in Lawrence

The sentence may be light because, if I remember correctly, the victim in this case went through a red light or didn't yield to the right of way or something like that.

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Catholic Cardinals choose 266th pope

Are you joking? Do a Google search for "Catholic Church closings". It's happening throughout the country.

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Kansan charged in accidental shooting of wife with concealed gun

I know two people that recently got their CC permits. One person said that his class was very to-the-book and taught a lot of information. The other person went to a smaller class that was taught on a guys's farm, and he said that class was a joke and that the instructor gave everyone the answers during the written exam. Each of those two people now have the CC permit, but I feel that only one of them is qualified. I think the LJWorld should do an undercover investigation to visit various schools and see how seriously the curriculum is followed at each place.

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