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Architect wants to create downtown trail under Kansas River bridges

Once that trail hits the municipal property line, it is either state land if next to the river, or private land if farther away from river, until it hits KTA property line. An easement or property purchase would be necessary in either case, in addition to easement from KTA. An easement from the state would require passage of a state law, which was also required when original Burcham park trail was created.

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Teen rethinking apology letter to Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback

Calling out a high school girl with only 70 followers, who makes a snarky tweet, is such a wise and intelligent use of state press secretary resources, don't you think Mrs. Sontag?

I believe this is what they call "earned media." Congratulations. Ha. Ha.

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Town Talk: Bert Nash has plans for wellness campus on VFW site; downtown holiday lighting ceremony set for tonight; city to host candy cane hunt next week

Merrill, do you see a "Chamber conspiracy" behind everything you don't care for in town?

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Police chief presses city for rifle program

The same chief who also had a military-grade Armored Personnel Carrier on his want list for the city to purchase for him....

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Kansas Congressional delegation dismayed at supercommittee's inability to reach agreement

Oh cry me a river. Talk about trying to cover their party behinds as they demonstrate their intransigence. The R's single handedly created this fake crisis this year on debt extension, so they don't get off this easily with their disappointment. (Everyone should check their 401(k)s this week just to show you how much these bozos cost your personally)

Let's get back to those tax rates that were good enough for Reagan.

Or maybe even Eisenhower. Now there was a socialist! Ha!

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Consolidating schools certain to ‘hurt,’ board member says

For what it is worth, this is going on all over. Wichita is closing five elementary schools next year. I believe Topeka closed three this year.

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Town Talk: Plans call for Gaslight Village to become nearly 1,000 student bedrooms; city undertakes study to figure out future of blue-green algae in drinking water supply

"...seeking to rezone the mobile home park from a single-family residential zoning district to RM-12, a multi-family zoning category that would allow 12 living units per acre."

In part, this sounds like how we got into that current mess out at Inverness & Clinton Drive. And this is wrong.

If they do re-zone it to RM-12, and only partially build it out, they are setting up a situation to force an additional upzoning in the future... to RM-24 or something like that (very dense).....which is exactly the current situation at Inverness and Clinton. The single family residents there are angry, which they should be, about the proposed apartments out there, which came from a previous "partial" build on a lot.

Which begs the question, what justifies the rezoning of the land from single family, which it has always been, in the first place? Is there really a need for 1,000 new apartments in this town? Do we really want to become a city-wide student ghetto of half filled decrepit apartment complexes?

If every developer can plop 1,000 apartment units down where ever they want onto land zoned single family, why do we even pretend we have zoning in the city?

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