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Hate talk

Not that it makes his comments better or worse, but I am pretty sure a previous article stated that this was sent on his personal email. Just FYI.

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FOP Range and "Adjacent" Property Owners

It sounds stupid, but that is why DIA was built in Denver. Stapelton (the old airport) was built "in the middle of no where" originally. Everyone built around it and then started bitching about the noise from the airport. Then they build DIA "in the middle of no where". Within a year, there were housing developments going up within a mile or two and in the landing paths of DIA's runways. It is a disturbing cycle.

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Douglas County to fight landowners' lawsuit over shooting range approval

Could you clarify one of your earlier statements. You said your family has owned property near the FOP for 75 years. Is this farm ground or residential property? When was the first house built near the FOP ground. When did you move into your home that is near the FOP?

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Hunting benefit


Just curious where you came up with $200 dollars? I just looked at my permit and deer tag and it is nowhere near $200. $20.50 for a hunting permit, and 32.50 for the first deer tag. Total of $53.00. I think it is $13.00 for each game tag after that. So, I have $53.00 for one deer or an average of $32.50 for two.

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Police chief presses city for rifle program

I just don't get the $1600 dollar part. Black Friday, Bushmaster AR15 in .223 are $599.99 (Cabelas). I wonder what kind of accesories they are putting on these things. Even if you go with something higher quality than a Bushmaster, you can pick up an AR15 for under $1000 any day of the week.

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Hispanic group urges immigration action

If you include a step that punishes (including deportation) ALL future illegal immigrants, I think you would have a lot of people in agreement with you.

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If you could create a law, what would it be?

Term limits for all politicians.

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Animal protection groups speak out against Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback's plan for ag department to take over animal health department


The head of the Department of Animal Health is the State Livestock Commisioner. They regulate both companion animals and livestock.

KDA regulates food inspections, scale certifications and fertilizer/pesticide application (I am sure there are some other things there to.)

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Officials: Attempt at thawing frozen pipes sparked fire that destroyed mobile home on 31st Street

By far one of the best posts I have ever read on this website.

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How much do you think the city should fine people who don’t clear their sidewalks?

Is the city exempt from this requirement? For those of you who don't agree with the ordinance, I suggest you take note of every city sidewalk you see that is not shoveled, and bombard the code enforcement office with them. I imagine 400-500 extra complaints (which, if I am not mistaken, are required to be investigated) per storm would cramp their style a bit.

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