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Resurgent GOP closes in on House victory

At first I wasn't going to respond to this condescending bunch of nonsense, but I will say this: Regarding Obama spending money to do what had done to keep the depression from deepening (which Bush did too), I happen to be one of those "Skippies" who thinks the depression should never have been allowed to happen in the first place. Imagine that!

Regarding the comparison with auto insurance, you would have a point if those without health insurance were not allowed into emergency rooms and were denied service by every health care practitioner. Otherwise, you are full of it (and yourself).

Anyway, like I said below, I don't want to play games where you cherry pick and nit pick in an effort to find excuses to insult me. If you have such a strong need to take our your repressed hostility on someone, please limit to your neighbors, wife and kids and leave me out of it.

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Resurgent GOP closes in on House victory

That's true for the racists in Tea Party, and they make up a very large percentage, but the ones who started it were not against Obama because he was black but because they perceived that some his policies greatly expanded the role of the Federal Government.

It is too bad that racists and big money interests like the Koch brothers sidetracked Tea Party and gave it such a bad name. It is also too bad that people who post here engage in such ridiculous hyperbole on behalf of Tea Party. It could have been a major force in American politics. Thankfully, almost all the crackpot Tea Party candidates lost tonight, which gives me hope.

The only reason Rand Paul won was because he wants to get out of Afghanistan (good), not because he wants to steal the money we paid into Social Security to give to his rich friends (bad).

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Resurgent GOP closes in on House victory

Apparently, you haven't been following the news about the money for all the ugly attack ads coming from unknown sources who do not have to disclose anything about who is fronting the money or how much they are spending. All that was made possible by the Supreme Court decision..

The last I heard in widely reported news items was that estimated funds from these anonymous sources was running as much as 10 to 1 in favor of Republican candidates over Democrats. As I reported to start this thread, my own count showed about 20 pro-Republican ads for every one pro-Democrat ad on the local stations.

As a Republican, I guess I should be thrilled, but as an American patriot, I hate the idea that some Chinese company can now buy our elections without anyone ever knowing where the money came from or how much it totaled.

I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and just assume you are ignorant and never noticed that these attack ads against Democrat candidates ran one right after another during every break for the past two weeks with very few, if any, ads in favor of the democrats. Certainly, my own research supports the nationwide research by the news media on this issue.

I would like to assume that except for a propensity for hyperbole and half truths, you are a decent and reasonable person, however, if you are aware of the widely reported news about all this and are just pretending to be ignorant, I really don't want to waste any more of my time playing childish games with you. I have already been down that road with insane, robotized dittoheads, who just spew talking points fed to them by the Fox News crackpots and who are unable to think for themselves or deal with logic or reason.

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Resurgent GOP closes in on House victory

What took them so long was that until this election, election funding was pretty much balanced. After the the Supreme Court ruling, everyone knew what was going to happen. We saw totally unqualified candidates getting 20 times more funds from anonymous sources than their more experienced opponents Everyone knew what the results of this election would be as soon as the Supreme Court made their ruling. The celebrations that the RINOs are having tonight remind me of when Saddam Hussein would go shoot off his gun after they announced he won re-election.

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Resurgent GOP closes in on House victory

All those things have been done before by both Republicans and Democrats. Are you calling Eisenhower a Marxist? Bush actually gave out much more money to private banks and insurance companies than Obama and there were no strings attached. Obama at least recovered most of the money to auto companies. Bush recovered nothing. Does that make Bush a bigger Marxist than Obama? Unemployment benefits and government jobs goes back to 1776. Are you saying George Washington was a commie? Everyone has to buy auto insurance. Are you saying that is a communist conspiracy. The only thing that is hard to explain is your ridiculous hyperbole.

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Resurgent GOP closes in on House victory

I was in Tea Party in the beginning when it supported limited government and decreasing military spending, but after that, the Koch brothers and all the war profiteers got behind it (along with Palin, Beck and other nut jobs.), and I no longer could support making America even more polarized than Murdoch had already made us.

At first Tea Party welcomed Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Greens and Libertarians. Now, if you are not a right wing nut job, you are instantly labeled as being a "liberal." You can see that kind of irrational, nutty thinking here in this thread. Most active members in Tea Party are now complete wackos and obscene liars.

After being the Party of personal freedom, limited government and privacy, my Republican Party has now become the supporter of destroying privacy and working against the middle class in favor of the multi-national corporations, war-profiteers, and the military-industrial-pharmaceutical-energy complex.

This new-found Republican loyalty to foreign corporations and war profiteers is despite the great Republican and Kansan, Dwight Eisenhower, warning that these kinds of corporate interests were poised to take over our government.

Starting with Viet Nam, the war profiteers and other multi-national corporations have been gaining greater and greater control of Congress. Now, the Supreme Court gave them total control by giving them more rights than American citizens.

We are screwed as a country. Thanks to the fiscal liberalism of Reagan, Bush and Obama, the Chinese and Saudis now own us and can foreclose on all the money we owe them at a moment's notice. A Second American Revolution to free ourselves from foreign rule and the rule of anti-American Fox News traitors is increasingly our only recourse.

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Resurgent GOP closes in on House victory

Sure, the anonymous donors who put in $1.5 billion in attack ads were my neighbors down the street ,and the Koch brothers are wonderful people who would never do anything nefarious.

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Resurgent GOP closes in on House victory

I'm glad you made that clear. If you read what you said the first time, it certainly did sound like you were confused and were saying that healthcare had been nationalized. I have no problem with the freeloaders being forced to buy health insurance. In fact, that is one aspect of the reform that I totally support. My health insurance company has justified some 500% increase in my premiums during the last decade on people who refuse to buy insurance and who use emergency room care and don't pay their bills. To me, those who refuse and/or are too cheap to pay their fair share for healthcare are the welfare queens of this generation.

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Resurgent GOP closes in on House victory

Who are you calling a "liberal?" When an obviously out-of-touch, irrational ideologue calls me a liberal because I don't support your anti-American agenda of turning our government over to mostly foreign-owned multi-national corporations that have shipped American jobs to China, I very much question your credentials to call anyone anything except the need for you to call a psychiatrist.

I happen to be a lifelong Republican who is against America haters like you who have destroyed my Party. You have apparently bought into Murdoch's plan to destroy our country from within through polarization and fanatical support of multi-national corporations owned by totalitarians like the Saudis and Chinese from whom the fiscally-liberal Bush borrowed four trillion dollars (1/3 of our current National Debt).

For you to use the word "Liberty" in your name when you support totalitarianism and fascism and hate small business, open discussion and respect for the opinions of others is sickening to a patriotic Republican like me. From reading your posts, the only liberty you support is the liberty of of totalitarians and fascists to polarize American and destroy democracy and freedom for those of us who still believe in the Constitution and the American values of respect and consideration for the opinions and views of others.

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Resurgent GOP closes in on House victory

The point is that anyone who uses terms like "far left" to describe what used to be considered moderate positions is not playing with a full deck.

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