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Kansas GOP senators propose taking break amid deadlock on tax talks

Elected officials need to do the work they were elected to do. Period. Unpaid leave will change nothing.

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Saturday Column: Release of KU emails is academic freedom issue

Also from the Lawrence Journal-World:
Letter: Not faculty
By Ronald Barrett-Gonzalez, KU Chapter of the AAUP; Mohamed El-Hodiri, Kansas Conference of the AAUP
June 2, 2015

To the editor:
We read with interest Dolph Simons Jr.’s Saturday Column supporting the Koch brothers’ blatant flouting of Kansas’ sunshine laws. The defender of the principle of academic freedom is the American Association of University Professors. There is a simple reason why the AAUP state conference and the Kansas University chapter staunchly support the KU administration’s adherence to Kansas’ sunshine laws: Director Hall is not a rank-and-file faculty member. He is an administrator. His position description and title are those of an administrator — containing not a single word related to teaching. As an administrator, his professional correspondence with external funding agents is subject to scrutiny by the people.

He has never been evaluated by faculty members according to standards of faculty performance because he is not faculty. He was a direct hire without a competitive search and no unit-level vetting. He is part of no department and answerable only to the next administrator higher up. He has served far more than the probationary seven years full-time and yet has not been forced to go up for tenure or leave — indicating definitively that he is an … administrator.

He has skillfully confused many by claiming “academic freedom” protections consistent with those earned by rank-and-file faculty, but he refuses to subject himself to the responsibilities of faculty status, which includes annual reviews by learned faculty. If anyone still erroneously believes that he is rank-and-file faculty, then ask: “When is his Kansas Board of Regents-mandated post-tenure review scheduled?” The answer, of course, will be: “never.” Indicating irrefutably that he is an … administrator.

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Letter: Selling Kansas

1) They got more votes than the other candidates.
2) No, not really.

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Soden, Boley, Herbert win seats on Lawrence City Commission; two incumbents voted out

I voted for and support the work of all three of last night's winners. Now I'll wait patiently for the word "mandate" to appear in any LjWorld coverage of the election.

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Martin Miller retrial: Pathologist said there is 'no way' Miller's wife died by homicide

Please proofread paragraph twelve for spelling. I believe the word should be "intact," not "in tack."

"Wecht said another sign of strangulation missing from Mary Miller’s body was that her hyoid bone, which is in the throat, remained in tack. Wecht said the hyoid bone is often broken in strangulation deaths."

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Group asks what will make planned 9th Street Corridor project a success

Good morning, Richard. Hope you're doing well. Haven't seen you around in a little while.

re: 9th Street traffic flow - traffic may be able to flow on the street, but it's a bumpy grindy path from Connecticut Street west to New Hampshire Street. The construction vehicles have pretty much mucked it up, and there's more still to be done. The actual street itself needs an infusion of capital.

re: property taxes, etc., do you know if those questions have been posed in these meetings, or to the city commission? I don't know myself. Would like to know their replies. I hope they read the LJWorld comments section.

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Editorial: Free speech?

Fred, you're not my boss, nor the boss of this conversation. I'll say and do what I please on my own timetable, thank you. Aside from that, you have Ben Carson as your icon. Your credibility is nil.

I said what I believed and I believe what I said. Y'all can parse it and rewrite it to suit your delusions until the cows come home for all I care. Have a nice day.

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Editorial: Free speech?

You would be wrong to do that.

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Editorial: Free speech?

Kevin, I'm not a hypocrite. I'm also not obliged to answer every question asked of me in a public forum, particularly by someone who calls me a hypocrite for not participating in a conversation they way they would want me to.

Am stepping away from the computer now and having a real life for a while. Have a nice day.

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