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Letter: Defy campus carry

The Constitution was written by fallible men, and is not Holy Scripture. The Second Amendment as currently interpreted is dangerous and obsolete. American gun laws need to be updated. A student should feel safe enough in a learning environment that they wouldn't need to carry a gun.

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Lawrence home sales have bounce-back year in 2015; local job growth highest of any metro in Kansas; unemployment ends year at 3 percent

If you are able to provide facts, figures, and numbers yourself, why not share them here?

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Free State High School student told Confederate flag not allowed at school

I commend superintendent Rick Doll on his decision. The Stars and Bars is a flag of treason and nothing else. If the student were displaying a Nazi or Isis flag we wouldn't even be having this discussion.

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Editorial: Sports' influence

We can commend the writer for not using the word "uppity" once in his piece. Does that count as a thin veil?

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Editorial: Sports' influence

Loved the rhetorical questions and the gratuitous reference to "today’s politically correct society." The writer appears to want to make a point, but whatever that may be seems to shift from paragraph to paragraph.

Anyway, let's have some fun with the rhetoric, shall we?

1) "However, it (the "Missouri situation") also raises the question of who runs a university: a high-profile football or basketball team and the coach, or the regents or those on a board of overseers?"

Money makes the world go 'round. Money doesn't talk, it swears. "High-profile football or basketball teams" are the cash cows that feed regents and overseers. The writer knows that, and so should you. Perhaps our educational priorities are a bit askew, as the writer also points out that "32 outstanding MU faculty members, 32 National Merit students or 32 individuals of any campus group of any color" did not "have the impact of the 32 African-American football players."

2) "What are the next demands of the football team, and do they expect to play a role in the selection of the next president?"

This is kind of a silly question, but if the writer really wanted to know the answer he could do a little journalism and ask them directly. By presenting the idea as rhetoric he casts the football team in the same light as hostage takers or terrorists, which was probably his intent. Anyone who successfully upsets the dominant paradigm must be feared and castigated, yes?

3) "The MU situation is ugly and damaging to the university."

Yes, and the situation was ugly and damaging for weeks, months and years prior to the eruption of student action we saw yesterday. Perhaps more journalism should happen and a detailed timeline can be presented for the reader's benefit. All of these things did not occur in a vacuum.

4) "Based on the Missouri situation, the best way to attract attention and get immediate results is to use football and basketball teams rather than the conventional and out-dated governance systems."

Sometimes hard truths are accidentally delivered as bitter sarcasm. This appears to be one of those times.

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Opinion: America’s not a brave nation

Sam - how is brother Jim?

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Schmidt steps aside from judicial funding case; asks Supreme Court to do the same in a related case

I didn't see Mr. Farmer's name mentioned in this article at all. Did you mean to post somewhere else? Stay on topic, man!

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City approves portion of funding request for Free State Festival; future uncertain

from the article - "Tate said in her letter that $20,000 from the city of Lawrence contributions would go toward marketing, $50,000 would be used to pay musicians’ fees and $30,000 would be allocated for outdoor production costs."

50 grand for musician's fees is a lot of money! Though acts like Johnny Winter and George Clinton carry a lot of name recognition, they're essentially nostalgia acts. Perhaps a smaller budget will cause the Festival organizers to shop smarter for their performing talent and hire performers who are a better fit for a forward looking contemporary festival. We'll see.

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