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GOP Strategy in Kansas: It's all about Obama


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Saturday Column: Kansas voters must focus on state’s best interests

This week's tally of unanswered (or unanswerable) rhetorical questions is eleven, which is fairly typical for this writer. When the other blather is removed and only questions remain, it becomes a different piece altogether. Read aloud and insert overly dramatic soap opera organ music in the background for maximum effect.

1. Could conditions change sufficiently at this late point in Brownback’s first term to calm his critics?
2. Could there be a significant improvement in the next four years if Brownback is re-elected?
3. If Koch money is being used by Brownback, are Obama funds and political campaign techniques and strategies being provided to Davis and Docking?
4. If Davis-Docking were to win the election, what kind of positive, productive relationship would they have with the GOP-controlled House and Senate?
5. The big question is what is best for Kansas?
6. Do the 100-plus current and former GOP officeholders think Davis would be a better governor, more productive with a GOP-dominated Legislature and better for the state than Brownback?
7. Or is this more a case of them just not liking Brownback, wanting to change the Republican Party in Kansas and playing a game of “getting even”?
8. Who knows what kind of governor Davis might be?
9. Again, what’s best for Kansas?
10. Which candidate gives Kansas and its residents the best chance of success and growth for the next four years?
11. Again, what is best for Kansas’ future?

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Opinion: True conservatism could be attractive

Not a bad read until the absolute whopper in the final paragraph..."Precisely because President Obama’s progressivism is exhausted and increasingly discredited, Americans will give the GOP another look."

You had almost sucked me in, then you didn't. In the unlikely event anyone who hasn't made up their mind gives the GOP another look, they're going to see Palin and Gohmert and Cruz and the same parade of loud mouthed fools who already get too much press. Such a shame. This country could benefit from a two party system, but when one of the parties is the haven of clods like these, nothing will change.

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Despite ban, Lawrence police respond to fireworks calls over holiday

I've seen my neighbor's house burn due to a stray bottle rocket. I am all for the ban inside the city limits, and wish that my fellow citizens had as much respect for law and order on this issue as they might profess to have any other time of the year. It's not a far drive for anyone around here to get outside of town.


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Saturday Column: Declining Iraq situation reflects poorly on Obama

Mr. Simons - please get out of the conservative echo chamber/bubble and learn a few things about real life. Your writing has become so tedious and cliche ridden that I can't even bring myself to read past the headline of this piece. It's as if you have no opinions of your own, and you simply waste ink re-writing and repeating whatever junk the major conservative mouthpieces of the day are spewing at any given moment. Yes, it's your ink; you bought it. You can do with it what you please. I would simply suggest that in this stage of your life you attempt to spread your wings and fly on your own a little bit.

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Saturday Column: Obama will use all means to push change agenda

The right wing echo chamber is bad! Don't let this happen to you.

June 9, 2014 at 1:33 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Saturday Column: Obama will use all means to push change agenda

Dear Mr. Simons - I support President Obama and his agenda. You should too. I suggest you take some time to research what his positions actually are, and spend a few moments outside the right wing echo chamber and bubble. The fresh air might do you good.

Have a nice day.

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Opinion: Something’s wrong in Kansas

Scott, your vapid accusatory tone and blind recitation of talking points has very little to do with the reality of the state's current fiscal situation. By following ideology instead of mathematics, the state of Kansas is seriously teetering at the brink of a financial cliff. It may take decades to recover from these self inflicted wounds.

I guess you all showed us, didn't you?

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Saturday Column: How does tie to ‘crazies’ impact Lawrence’s image?

Twenty paragraphs of hand wringing excess that say absolutely nothing. Not even worth sharing on Facebook for laughter and derision. I give it a C-.

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