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Trump pulling U.S. from global climate pact, dismaying allies

I might be wrong, Daniel, but I would guess by your statement that you were born in the 1980s at the earliest. Yes, Daniel, global cooling was the concensus back then because we had to eliminate cheap freon and chlorofluorocarbons out of aerosol cans because they were destroying the ozone, thus allow the Earth's heat to escape. See, that's the problem with reading revised history. Sometimes there are old folk around who lived through it.

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Trump pulling U.S. from global climate pact, dismaying allies

Maybe Trump got confused by the change in the "accepted science" over the decades. Afterall, global cooling in the 70s was changed to global warming after the cooling never happened. Then, global warming was changed to climate change when none of the dire predictions by the climate guru, AL Gore, never happened. I'm sure Trump is just too stupid to figure out why the "consensus of scientists" can't make up their collective minds about the topic.

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Letter to the editor: Hypocrisy display

Patrick, you had a good post going until you threw down the race card. That tells me you have no idea why we are fundamentally against Obama. It also tells me you wouldn't believe the reasons we are even if you were told. It also tells me that you think we hold racist views toward Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and the Clintons because we fundamentally oppose each one of them as well.

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Letter to the editor: Hypocrisy display

Continuous headline accusations that are never proven, unconfirmed, anonymous sources, innuendo; the meltdowns are turning into foot stomping temper tantrums! This is more entertaining than network television! I love it! Please, continue!

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Editorial: Amyx served with distinction

Thank you for your service, Mike!

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Opinion: GOP’s hypocrisy is staggering

"GOP’s hypocrisy is staggering", Hahahahahahahahahaha!

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Opinion: Republicans, rein in Trump now

And the Liberal meltdown continues! Fun to watch, but I think people should learn what "impeachment" really means and what it takes to impeach a President.

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Police resolve reported gun incident at eastern Lawrence mobile home park

Glad we can finally find something to agree on, Dorothy!

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Letter to the editor: Unjust law

So, since I "own" my sidewalk, which means I can be sued if I fail to keep ice off of the sidewalk and someone slips and hurts themselves, can I choose to abdicate that responsibility by paying to have the sidewalk removed? Seems to me if the sidewalk is mine and I don't want it, I can get rid of it.

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Opinion: Will we have law or the mob?

Okay Ray, I'll address it. A vast majority of people are very tired of the disrespect for law enforcement and the legal system in general that was rampant during the last eight years in particular. A great number of people, as evidenced by the outcome of the last election, want law and order restored. They want politicians to grow a set and stand up to the minority. In many jurisdictions, killing a police officer is a capital offense. Apparently, Florida is one of those jurisdictions. If Governor Scott chooses to insert himself into a situation where a prosecutor refuses to do his/her job, so be it. Judging from the article, not that many people are upset by his decision, except for a handful of died in the wool progressives. Therefore, is appears to me Mr. Pitts is once again, making a mountain out of a mole hill.

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