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Police seeking suspect in robbery of laptop at Lawrence Visitor Center

Will someone please learn the difference between robbery, burglary, and theft? Here is a hint: people are robbed, structures are burgled, and property is stolen. I know some will argue that businesses can be robbed, but that is technically incorrect.

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Kansas sets another record for concealed-carry permits

Another "credible" source of Liberal misinformation. I prefer to look at the statistics found in the Uniform Crime Reports from the Federal Bureau of Investigation rather than Mother Earth News. Funny how the "stats" contradict each other.

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Letter: Guns don’t save

It appears the letter writer got his information off the Internet, and we all know they can't put anything on the Internet that isn't true. Uh, Bon Jour!

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Lawrence bars cited for serving minors 92 times in 2012; few penalties doled out

To paraphrase the wise old sage, VP Joseph Biden, 'We need more [alcohol] laws because we don't have time to enforce the one's we already have!'

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Man with illegal gun, bulletproof vest detained at Lawrence bank on Tuesday

Kudos to the bank, not so much for the LJW. Did the suspect have and illegal gun? If so, what was illegal about it? The story suggests he may have illegally owned it. Big difference, there Ian.

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Opinion: NRA offers freedom to live in fear

Well bozo, if you don't like those stats, try these from the FBI Uniform Crime Statistics:

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Opinion: NRA offers freedom to live in fear

Your comment proves just how ignorant you are of the NRA and how quickly you regurgitate the party mantra.

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Letter: Disarming

Did you read the article or just the headline? Never mind! I think I already know the answer to that.

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Sound Off: Armed guards in school

After reading most of these comments, I have one rhetorical question to ask those of you who fear guns. If something like Sandy Hook happens in one of the Lawrence schools where your child goes, will you sue the school district for not providing adequate protection to your child?

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Letter: Disarming

Every time you anti-gunners bash the NRA, you prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you know little of what you speak. You actually might try something novel and research what the NRA stands for as a whole and not pick and choose which (out of context) statements you respond to and regurgitate the Regime's talking points. But tt violates the two most basic tenets of Liberals: 1. Never let the facts get in the way of a good story and 2. Never let a good crisis go to waste.

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