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Attorney: Deadly force by police unnecessary in shooting of Topeka man

Richard, Tazing a suspect armed with a firearm is akin to bringing a butter knife to a gun fight. Anybody that wants to live longer than 10 seconds in a lethal force encounter uses lethal force to fight lethal force.

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Editorial: Amyx a true public servant

Congratulations, Mike! Best of luck on your next chapter, whatever that may be.

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Editorial: The ‘fake news’ problem

Don't hold your breath, Gary. I was unable to find ANY story in the LJW about the Clinton e-mail investigation between the Democrat Convention and the election last year. Guess they didn't have room for it with all of the Trump bashing.

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Editorial: The ‘fake news’ problem

I find it amusing that a "newspaper" that refuses to print anything negative about the Democrat Party prints an article that claims that the allegations of "fake new" are fake.

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Lawrence police finish investigation into Topeka police shooting death, send it to DA; officers’ names still withheld

Well, there's no reason for Topeka/Shawnee County to even have a trial now! Thomas already has the officer(s) convicted! Um, you do know that so far, everything has been done as Standard Operating Procedure, right? The case was sent to the DA for review to see if any charges are warranted. It doesn't mean there will be, it doesn't mean there won't be.

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Off-duty officer shoots man who brandished gun at Lenexa Costco

Mr. Lee's post is a classic example of someone learning everything he knows about law enforcement tactics from watching Adam-12 reruns.

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Letter to the editor: Guns among us

Well, Louis! First, thank you for your service. Second, one would think that "[a]s a Combat-hardened Veteran, more well aware than most...", you would know of the unspeakable atrocities people do to each other, all in the name of whatever it is they put their idealism in. One would also think that someone who has survived the horrors of combat would understand that innocent people have a right to protect themselves with the proper tools and, yes, I will go there, the proper training, from becoming victims of those who would attempt to inflict atrocities upon them. The right of self defense if and/or when bad things happen to good people is the driving factor in not licensing firearms, and not the " 'all mighty $$' ". I know you, or someone, will post that people can still defend themselves with governmentally licensed firearms. Yes, that is true...until the government decides to "revoke" that right. All one has to do is look throughout history to see that firearm licensing/registration is the first step toward total confiscation, thus resulting in the loss of effective and efficient tools of defense.

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Letter to the editor: Guns among us

Well stated, Andrew!

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Letter to the editor: Guns among us

So, what percentage of the gun owning population own guns so they can commit violent crimes? Sources, please!

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Letter to the editor: Guns among us

Actually Dorothy, licensing has been the first step to banning throughout history. Look it up!

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