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Ottawa shooting victim's aunt said he wanted officers to shoot

I am always amazed by the fact that everyone knows how to do a cop's job...except the cop! Tell you what, the next time any of you cop bashers need surgery, come see me. I've never been a doctor, but I'm sure I can do it better than surgeon. I've watched them on TV.

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In Kansas City, Obama to GOP: 'Stop just hating all the time'

Really? That statement came out of HIS mouth? Perhaps he should do something totally out of character and lead by example...or just lead.

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Do you care if your neighbors smoke?

Now Leslie, that attitude simply will not be tolerated! Do you not know that your neighbor has no right to do or like anything that Elitists don't want them to do, whether it affects them or not? This is Amerika, Komrad. Sell out your friends and neighbors to the PC Police or face the consequences! You are either with us or you will be sent to camp!

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Lawrence police officer shoots armed man during disturbance near Kasold and Harvard

The Departmrent is very good about dealing with officers involved in these situations.

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House Majority Leader Cantor defeated in Virginia primary stunner

I love it when Liberals tell us how to "survive" politically. The Republican leadership was warned and they did not listen. Hopefully, this is just a sample of what's coming.

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Opinion: GOP in denial on climate change

OK, just for the record, most Republicans do not dispute climate change. You will get very dizzy from all your "spinning". We dispute "MAN-MADE" climate change. Man did not create it, nor can man stop it.

There have been at least eight documented ice ages and subsequent thawings in the geological history of the earth. Man was not even on the planet for some of them and we certainly did not have the evil, pollution spewing technology we do today for most of them, yet they happened anyway. Our planet will still be here long after we become extinct and the climate will still be changing.

Climate change happens in spite of our best or worst efforts in either direction. To believe that man can control the climate is absolutely narcissistic and rediculous. But, to quote Mark Twain, "Never let the truth stand in the way of a good story."

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Letter: Irresponsible vote

It's funny how the only "scientists" the left follows like puppy dogs are the ones who are getting paid to study 'global warming". The scientists who refute this sham are scoffed at. But, for the sake of argument, let us drink of the Kool-Aid and believe "global warming" is a reality. The answer is quite simple and uses the "accepted science".

In the 1970s and the 1980s, we were battling "global cooling"! Yes, it's true, and it was going to kill the planet! Well, we obviously solved the "global cooling" scare by removing chlorofluorocarbons from all of our aerosol cans and replacing inexpensive air conditioner freon with a more expensive variety, thus going in the opposite direction and getting us too warm. So, it stands to reason that if we infuse our atmosphere with a calculated dose of chlorofluorocarbons, we will solve "global warming"!

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Motorists delayed near 23rd and Louisiana; alternative routes recommended

Scott, Just a little more about the SLT. About the time the City was first pushing the SLT, the traffic signals on 23rd Street were synced to each other so that when a driver got a green light for eastbound or westbound traffic and drive at a certain speed, he could travel 23rd Street from Iowa to Massachusetts Street non-stop. The City had those loops removed during its push to get the traffic way.

During that same time frame, I was on the police department. I was assigned to 31st and Louisiana for three days in a row. All I was to do on the first day was count the trucks being driven on 31st Street. That roadway was not a designated truck route at that time. Truckers were using 31st Street to bypass traffic congestion on the designated truck route, that just happened to be 23rd Street. My job for the next two days was to stop all of the trucks travelling on 31st and direct them back to 23rd Street.

The City denied it was a strategy, but by removing the loops in the signals and by adding more large and slow vehicles to a heavily used roadway, ...well, you can imagine what happened to 23rd Street traffic.

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Motorists delayed near 23rd and Louisiana; alternative routes recommended

Alternate routes? Really? What major roadway,east of Iowa St. and on the south side of Lawrence isn't torn up by either the City or a contractor or already jammed up with traffic?

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Letter: Gun safety

This letter is a classic example of how facts and truth are ignored in favor of Liberal nanny-statism. If you want the facts, study the FBI Uniform Crime Reports concerning the correlation between gun laws and the violent crime rate.

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