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Letter: Guns on campus

Andy, May I help you pack for your move to Baltimore?

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Letter: Guns on campus

...because Gun Free Zones worked so well at Virginia Tech, West Nickel Mines School (Pennsylvania), Delaware State University, Sandy Hook Elementary School (Connecticut), Northern Illinois University, South Mountain Community College (Arizona), University of Central Arkansas, Hampton University (Virginia), and Texas Southern University, just to name a few. And I won't even get into shootings in churches, restaurants, or movie theaters posted as gun free zones.

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Law enforcement policy, training offer guidance on potentially lethal situations

I'm not intending to throw gasoline on a fire, but I feel the way certain facts are presented in this article is a bit misleading. "The department’s use of force policy calls for officers to use only the level of force that is “reasonably necessary” to prevent harm or make a lawful arrest." Perhaps it was not the intent of the reporter, but the way I read the article, it seemed to imply that the Lawrence Police Department was unique in this approach. That most certainly is not the case. The police department is following basic legal guidelines based on court rulings. The basic premise used by courts to determine if any use of force is justified is referred to as the "reasonableness doctrine". In other words, was the force used by an officer (or by an individual, for that matter) reasonable and appropriate given the totality of the circunstances known to the officer (individual) at the time the force was used. LKPD does an excellent job in adhering to this doctrine and kudos to them for doing so. The same can be said for all law enforcement agencies. This doesn't necessarily mean every officer follows that doctrine all of the time.With the current wave of cop bashing going on right now, it's refreshing to see a positive piece on the police. I'm just suggesting we do not make matters worse with implications that could alter some perceptions, intentional or not. We all know that, for a great number of people, perception is reality.

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Kansans no longer required to have concealed carry permit, but could still benefit from training

Fred, NRA certified instructors are out there. All one need do is go look for one. I happen to be NRA certified as well as Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center certified. We do not hide from the public, but it is necessary for the public to contact us.

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Kansas to allow concealed carrying of guns without permit

Here is a point everyone is over looking. Yes, you can legally carry a concealed firearm in Kansas when this law is passed. No, Kansas Constitutional Carry will not be reciprocal with other states. THerefore, if you plan to carry concealed in Missouri, for example, you must still possess a Kansas Concealed Carry license. Clark, where in the world are you getting your information?

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Kansas moving toward allowing concealed guns without permit

Completely incorrect! Why in the world would you think gang members will get licenses to carry concealed when most are convicted felons or are way too young to get a license? Neither can legally carry a firearm anyway!

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Kansas moving toward allowing concealed guns without permit

Randall, When can we expect you to give up your automobile since there were over 33,000 people killed in 2012.
And while 33,000 gun deaths does seem like a high number, how many of those are police involved shootings, self defense shootings, homicides, suicides, and accidents?

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Kansas moving toward allowing concealed guns without permit

And the sky is falling in Kansas yet again!

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DA doesn't charge Lawrence police officer arrested on suspicion of domestic violence, kidnapping charges

That's all well and good, Rex, but before you start pointing fingers at the police or the prosecutor you need to be aware of the fact that this is standard operating procedure for any criminal complaint filed with the DA's office. They are not going to risk blowing a case if there is not enough information to file on (research double jeopardy).
Having spent a great deal of my adult life working for the police department, and having known Chief Khatib and District Attorney Branson for several years, neither of them is going to jeopardize the integrity of their respective agencies to cover up for a cop, despite what the cop-haters who show up here regularly have to say about it.
I have had my frustrations with both agencies over the years, but they will handle this properly regardless of whether there is a conviction, a dismissal, or a diversion. They do the same for any first offender.

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Editorial: Gutted gun law

Common Core math.

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