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Letter: Defy campus carry

Kristine, I'm delighted that you are aware of the Militia Act! What is disheartening is that your explanation does not fit in the time line. The Bill of Right (emphasis on Rights) was first proposed in 1787 - 1788 and fully ratified in 1791. The Militia Act was not passed until 1792. Therefore, the Founders could not really use the Militia Act as the bases for the definition of the word Militia. The term "militia" was defined by George Mason, co-author if the Second Amendment, in 1778 at the Virginia Ratification Convention as “I ask, Sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people. To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them.”
Here is the link to that and how several other leaders of the time defined "well regulated militia'.

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Missouri Democrat proposes gun ban for domestic abusers

You have an excellent point to a point. Having been in law enforcement for 34 years, I am aware of judicial jurisdiction and of the "latitude" that federal, state, and municipal prosecutors have in prosecutions. I am also well aware of increasing case loads and the need for case negotiatons. However, this is a law the feds demanded due to its political importance and they got it. And now they are "too busy" to prosecute the violators? Is it no longer politically important for them? If I had exercised as much discretion in my job about who gets arrested as prosecutors have in theirs about who gets prosecuted, I would have been accused of malfeasance.
As a former County Attorney, I know you are aware that the federal penal system is different from the state system in that under the federal system, there is no parole. You also know that means if a federal judge sentences a defendant to one year and three days, the defendant will serve one year and three days. This is unlike the state system where there are mandatory sentencing guidelines and state parole board hearings that will allow that same defendant appearing in state court to serve a fraction of his sentence.
This is an example of a multitude of other gun laws that are on the books that do not get prosecuted. The laws are there, yet are ignored. The anti-gun people scream and holler for "reasonable" gun laws yet prosecutors are "too busy" to enforce current gun laws.
I understand your prosecutorial frustration over the futility of trying to get certain cases sent through to federal court. And the feds are dropping the ball once again.

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Missouri Democrat proposes gun ban for domestic abusers

It might be helpful to her cause if she was familiar with federal law, specifically the one that prohibits anyone convicted of domestic violence from owning firearms.

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BB gun clubs seek school access, but current state law forbids firearms

Kansas has no pellet gun laws so it is deferred to the federal law. Federal law states: “The term ‘firearm’ is defined in the Gun Control Act of 1968, 18 U.S.C. Section 921 (a) (3), to include ‘(A) any weapon (including a starter gun), which will, or is designed to or may readily be converted to expel a projectile by the action of an explosive; (B) the frame or receiver of any such weapon…’ Based on Section 921 (a) (3), air guns, because they use compressed air and not an explosive to expel a projectile, do not constitute firearms under Federal law – unless they are manufactured with the frames or receivers of an actual firearm. Accordingly, the domestic sale and possession of air guns is normally unregulated under the Federal firearms laws enforced by ATF.”
Thus, the Gun Free Zone argument is moot.

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Lawrence man arrested on suspicion of firing gun from moving vehicle; police say residence was hit

Paul, please explain how legally owning a firearm is a loophole. Also, after reading that statement, it is quite obvious the only thing you know about the NRA is what you are told by people who know nothing about the NRA.

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Opinion: Nation should unite to curb gun access

I know this might come as a surprise to many, but murder is illegal! No, really, it is! Look it up! And even though it's illegal, it's still done. That means that people who murder people break the law and do it intentionally! Extrapolate that any way you choose.

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Opinion: Gun violence: Who’s to blame?

Please explain how adhering to the Constitution translates as tyranny by a conservative government.

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Opinion: Gun violence: Who’s to blame?

Fred, You apparently do not know anything about the National Rifle Association (other than it is one of the largest lobbying groups in the country). You apparently do not know what the NRA actually stands for or why it was originally established. You are apparently unaware that the NRA is the largest civilian proponent and provider of meaningful firearms training for gun owners, including law enforcement and military, and of responsible gun ownership. And the Second Amendment has been clarified several times in recent years by the SCOTUS. (e.g. Heller vs DIstrict of Columbia, McDonald vs City of Chicago). I would also invite you to reference the papers of Thomas Jefferson in regards to the Second Amendment.

Also, are you aware that you are over three times more likely to be killed in a motor vehicle accident than you are to be killed by a firearm? According to 2013 statistics from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, motor vehicle accidents accounted for 33,804 deaths. FIrearms accounted for 11,208 homicides. That number includes self defense and justifiable homicide situations, including law enforcement related shootings . You might not be aware of this because automobile deaths are not sensational enough to make the major headlines in the Liberal agenda-following, drive-by media. Shall we consider banning automobiles? Think of all the lives that can be saved there! Perhaps the auto industry should back down on it's celebration of profits on the sale of deadly weapons in the hands of idiots.

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Opinion: Gun violence: Who’s to blame?

Well Fred, "A well regulated militia" is what the Second Amendment refers to. So I would suggest that you reserch the definition "well regulated" and the definition of "militia" of those terms used in the days of the Founding Fathers. I would also suggest you research when the Bill of Rights was ratified and then research the Militia Act and when it came into law. That might clarify a few things for you.

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Editorial: Uncomfortable?

Institutions of higher education are supposed to be a launching pad to help young people develop into adults who exist in a real world. Obviously, for many, it's an epic fail. TIme to quit the thumb sucking, put on a pair of big person pants, and learn that "life ain't fair".

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