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Kansas proposal would allow concealed carry with no permit

Touche', Greg. Your point is quite reasonable as stated above. I obviously read more into your post that you intended. My apologies to you.

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Kansas proposal would allow concealed carry with no permit

Well, Greg, The biggest problem with rational/reasonsable gun control laws is thst the anti-gun crowd cannot consistently define "reasonable". Prior to the Gun Control Act of 1968, adults could pick up any Sears and Roebuck or Montgomery Wards catalog. call either company, and place an order for a long gun or a handgun, give the operator your charge card number, and the firearm would be delivered to your front door in a matter of days. Anti-gunners began whining and saying how dangerous the world was with mail order guns and so you got "reasonable" gun control laws with GCA '68. And all was well in the world...until 1969 when the anti-gunners asked "What's wrong with reasonable gun laws?" So, a few more gun laws were passed. And all was well in the world...until 1970 when the ant-gun crowd wanted "reasonable" gun laws. They demanded more gun laws in 1971, 1972, 1973, 1980, 19 pick a year, and almost everytime more gun legislation was passed somewhere. Now we are in 2015 and you are still demanding reasonable gun laws.

You still cannot determine what's reasonable (short of confiscation). So here's a switch, why don't you try to be reasonable (as determined by the NRA) for a change this year, and then be reasonable next year, and more reasonable 1n '17, and...

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Kansas proposal would allow concealed carry with no permit

I love how the misinformed like to tell everything they think they know about guns and their inherent dangers and ignore news headlines from all over the United States!

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Letter: Children, guns

Dorothy, since the Eddie Eagle Program is sponsored, promoted, and taught by the National Rifle Association, I have to question the rest of your ststement. If you know anything at all about the NRA, one of its primary focal points is responsible gun ownership which includes fireares safety programs. Don't get caught up in the anti-gun claptrap. The NRA does far more firearms training than anything else. No NRA member should ever accuse you of wanting to take guns away if you simply ask to have an Eddie Eagle or similar program brought into your scholl or civic organization.

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Where should Obama eat in Lawrence? The people weigh in

Moscow would be a good place for him to eat.

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Officer kills armed 18-year-old near Ferguson

James, I was a police officer for 35 years and a firearms instructor for a good portion of that. I still teach firearms classes even though I'm retired from the PD. I'm interested in your class on how to properly identify a real firearm from a fake firearm. When do you hold those classes and how can I sign up?

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Letter: Smear campaign

Actually, the election WAS about Obama and his Liberal cronies and policies.

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Kansas Democrats begin soul searching, and finger pointing

100% agreed! The politicians need to be reminded that they work for us and not to spite us. Having said that, and I might not have made the point clear, but I was referring to how we, the People, need to alter our perspectives about each other. The politicians fight in public and party together in private.

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Kansas Democrats begin soul searching, and finger pointing

Part of the problem with the political process as it stands today is the extreme bitterness between the two parties. Yes, I have been guilty of it myself, but it needs to stop. Both sides spend more energy accusing and blaming each other for anything and everything than they do getting things done. The political arena is nothing more than the WWE with far less comedic value.
Philosophical differences are great, that is what makes politics interesting, but the near hatred for each other has to end. Remember the old saying, "Divide and conquer"? We are being divided by both sides of the aisle just to further the agendas of politicians. If we don't reign this in, we all will be losers.

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