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2 injured, 1 suspect killed in shooting at Shawnee Wal-Mart

Ain't it just tragic how guns can be so domineering as to force people to commit crimes against their will! There should be a mandatory death sentence against any gun that forces a person to commit a crime!

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Police chief delivers report in response to Black Lives Matter campaign

Kristine, maybe you should, in part, follow your own advice and quit profiling police (and probably conservatives). Here is a piece of unspoken truth for you, everyone profiles in one way or another. Profiling is a natural human process and one, I would argue, that is sometimes necessary for survival.

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Police chief delivers report in response to Black Lives Matter campaign

It really doesn't matter what policies are implemented by the city or the police department. It will never be enough to satisfy a lot of people. LPD has been doing diversity training and the "warm and fuzzy" for many years. Even with all of that, every time a special interest group pops up with a claim that they were treated unfairly, it's always the fault of the police, regardless of the actions of the complainers. Is there room for improvement in the agency? Sure, just as there is with the public. Quit crying foul when you screw up and the police are forced to deal with you accordingly. It just might be your fault that both parties have been put in that position.

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Lawrence man injured after accidentally shooting himself, police say

"An inherently dangerous instrumentality in the hands of an imperfect human being remains an inherently dangerous instrumentality." As in like an automobile? We get it, Bob. You hate guns.

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Letter to the editor: Hypocrisy showing?

Actually Steve, I call them rational, non-hysterical people who understand that guns are not the problem, people are. They are not trying to put a band-aid on an evisceration. They don't blame inanimate objects for the actions of people who commit crimes. Do you blame a hammer for the shoddy workmanship of the carpenter? Do you really believe if guns all went away that people killing people would stop? I truly doubt you are stupid enough to believe that. There are major problems in the United Stated right now, but guns are not one of them.

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5 Dallas officers slain, deadliest day for police since 9/11

Once again, guilty verdicts have been dispensed before all of the facts are known. If they are cops, they are guilty! Maybe they are and maybe they aren't. Let the investigations run their respective courses before the trials begin. One would think people would have learned that from Ferguson. But I forget, that was a cover up.

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Judge OKs citizenship proof rules for voters in Kansas, 2 other states

It's funny how people never complain about showing their IDs at the Social Security Office.

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Letter to the editor: Shooting concerns

Craig, there is a Conditional Use Permit for the FOP Lodge that has been issued by Douglas County. I'm sure it's public record. Also, the FOP is actually private property and the range is used only by members of the lodge or law enforcement agencies. So, if you want times posted, I'm sure you would not mind posting the hours that you plan to make noise on your property. Rest assured that the ranges are designed so that bullets are not fired toward the roadway. Your concerns are unfounded.

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