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Local businessman has plans for gun range near Douglas County Jail

So, this might be a surprise to many of you, but we do NOT have a gun problem in the United States. Back in the 50' and early 60s, a lot of rural kids had their rifles and shotguns in the back of their vehicles and head off for school because they would go hunting after their classes were finished. There were relatively few school shootings back then. So why are shooting more prevalent now? It's not because there are still guns around. Guns do not think for themselves. Some of the things that are not around as much as they were back in the day are: respect for others, the quantity of parental guidance in a child's life (i.e. someone who takes an active interest in what the child is viewing on the Internet or the content of their video games), teaching kids how to use a firearm properly instead of killing two or three hundred bad guys every night between getting home from school and dinner time, face to face interaction with others. I could go on, but the issue isn't how many guns we have, it's about what and how we teach our kids.

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Olathe police shoot, kill person reportedly armed with 'blunt object'

As it turned out, the officers did deploy a Taser type tool. It was ineffective.

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Olathe police shoot, kill person reportedly armed with 'blunt object'

Blake, please look up the definition of Aggravated Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer under Kansas statutes. Allowing the information presented is a brief but accurate account of the details, when the suspect struck the victim officer with the blunt object, the suspect turned the encounter into a lethal force situation. The firing officer's use of force would be reasonable and appropriate given the totality of the circumstances.

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Opinion: Trump’s cabinet is signaling trouble

The fact that the left is getting concerned about P-E Trump's cabinet choices proves he is making the right choices.

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Several hundred protest President-elect Trump in downtown Lawrence

How many times did we hear that Trump would have to accept the results of the election when it was "a given" that Hillary would win? I guess the rules only apply to Conservatives. Very hypocritical behavior.

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Letter to the editor: Veterans for Trump?

I forget. Could someone please remind me of the vast military expertise of Bill, Hillary, and Barry? Any argument about Trump's lack of military experience is the pot calling the kettle black. Point moot!!!

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Opinion: Trump has full-blown victim mentality

I just did a search for Hillary Clinton on the LJW site. The last story I can find on her was when she accepted the nomination in August. I guess we can deduce which candidate the LJW is backing in this election.

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg calls anthem protest ‘dumb and disrespectful’

Wow! I finally agree with Justice Ginsberg on something!

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2 injured, 1 suspect killed in shooting at Shawnee Wal-Mart

Ain't it just tragic how guns can be so domineering as to force people to commit crimes against their will! There should be a mandatory death sentence against any gun that forces a person to commit a crime!

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