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Lawrence native awarded Bronze Star for disarming explosives in Afghanistan

Congratulations SSgt. Trent! Great job and thank you!

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Do you think Stephen Colbert will make a good replacement for David Letterman as the ‘Late Show’ host?

Well, Colbert is very slightly funnier than Letterman; but neither is funnier than a root canal.

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Letter: Lies and deceit


You would be better served studying history rather than Democrat propaganda sites.

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Letter: Lies and deceit

Mr. Wehner,

At first, I was going to take exception to your letter, but then I thought about it and decided you were right. The Republican leadership has not been honest with its base. All one has to do is look at Speaker Boehner. Oh, he sometimes talks a good game, but in the end, he is nothing more than Obama's lackey.

It was said not long ago that Reagan would not be allowed into today's GOP. I would offer that Reagan would not want to be affiliated with what they have become.

The Republican party is no longer the party of Ronald Reagan, nor is the current version of Democrats the party of John F. Kennedy. Both parties have evolved into extremist organizations that spend more time working on re-election campaigns than they do legislating for the good of the country. Nothing is going to change until we stop giving the politicians carte blanche and start electing representatives who subscribe to the core beliefs of their respective parties and quit spewing hatred and contempt amongst ourselves.

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Police: Two arrested after swinging chain, raising fist at officers

Now Mike, you know everyone knows how to do a cop's job better than the cop. What are you thinkin'?

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Lawrence police make arrest after early morning homicide; victim identified


It's tough for the "Justice System" to prosecute, much less convict, anyone when the victims and/or witness refuse to cooperate.

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Should Kansas residents be allowed to carry loaded handguns in a vehicle without a concealed carry permit?

Hot news, people! Kansas has allowed the transporting of weapons in cars for years. Kansas does not require the gun be locked or out of the reach of any passenger, as long as the weapon is not concealed on your person proper unless you are in possession of a concealed carry permit. You would probably be surprised at the number of cars with firearms in them you pass everyday and the overwhelming majority of those evil, scary guns have never been used in a crime or to scare the poopoo out of anyone.

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Letter: Gun fears unfounded

Doesn't mean they aren't either.

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Opinion: Climate change we can’t ignore

As was stated previously, the 1970s introduced us to global COOLING, We were warned that chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) had to be removed from aerosol cans to reverse this "potential man-made disaster". So, if you truly are narcissistic enough to believe man can control climate change, the answer is simple. Infuse the atmosphere with CFCs! Problem solved!

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Would you shop at Menards if it came to Lawrence?

After my last goat rope with Home Depot, Menard's first and foremost.

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