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Notable Kansans weighing in against new appellate court selection process

What? Did Six and Tacha not understand their letters praising Caleb would become public and now they are trying to back up? They can't have it both ways.

Yes, there were people more qualified than Caleb who applied. It's an open secret.

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Roberts says war with Syria likely

Sen. Roberts is wrong. There is another option; the U.S. could recognize that despite the tragedy and horror, what's happening in Syria is beyond our control and that any direct military action on our part will ultimately make the situation worse.

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Kassebaum: Davis will need moderate Republicans in campaign against Brownback

Davis is an intelligent, sane, moderate politician who I'd vote for without hesitation. He can't win, however, because he's from Lawrence. The rest of the state is not going to elect a governor from Lawrence; the rest of the state perceives everyone in Lawrence as having a "honk for hemp" (or "honk for organic hemp") bumper sticker on their imported hybrid car. Boog Highberger might as well run.

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GOP tax plans would increase taxes on low-wage Kansans, decrease taxes for high-income Kansans, report says

I make more than $60,000. I don't want a tax cut. I want tax policies that encourage and help the poor and lower-middle income to obtain and keep meaningful jobs. I want a state budget that enables them to obtain meaningful eduction for their children so they and the state can advance.

I do not believe in John Galt.

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Revenue Secretary Jordan says income tax cuts are key to budget deadlock

I'm sure Sam could find a faith-healer from Florida or Texas to hire (at a double salary) to replace them.

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Freshmen Republicans in the House don't like options provided so far from their leaders

It costs a lot to posture as a Tea-Party conservative.

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Another tax increase bites the dust in the House; Democrats call for end to session

Yes, he scripted this so he could play education's white-knight.

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Kansas Legislature returns to face tax, budget decisions

Instead of resolving the budget/tax crisis, I predict more useless, absurd social legislation as a diversion; banning masturbation maybe.

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House Republican leaders propose 1.5 percent cut to higher education for each of next two fiscal years

I think this whole drama was scripted by Sam. Everyone gets to burnish their conservative credentials, but Sam can also be the white-knight who rode in to save higher education from deeper cuts. (Sam wants to be president and knows he can't be if Kansas completely destroys higher education in Kansas under his watch.)

The whole thing is sickening.

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