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Letter: Update living wage

How many individuals in Lawrence have had a direct benefit from the current Living Wage law in place currently? How many of the companies had to increase their wages that currently have an abatement to meet the living wage criteria?

What positive outcomes have occurred as a result of having the current living wage ordinance?

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Brazen alleged thieves take TVs from Wal-Mart; 'pirate' fight on Mass Street; Dollar General break-in attempt; industrial accident leaves man in critical condition

The Pirate was at Home Depot with a sign for money on Sunday another guy was standing next to him.

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KDHE: No danger from millions of gallons of sewage in river

Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.

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A potential danger zone for Lawrence's public transit system; restaurant expansion at Sixth and Wakarusa

I wonder where other cities put their transit hubs. I was kind of thinking most of them were near downtown areas, like Wichita.

Being next to a neighborhood entrance seems like a bad idea to me.

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Crashed truck removed from between guardrail, wall in North Lawrence

Don't drink and drive kids. I actually liked the twitter feed without having to go to twitter Caitlin does a great job with tweet reporting.

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Commissioner credits his 'poo' jokes for bringing attention to sewage leaks

I applaud Matthew for bringing attention to this problem in a humorous manner.

People in this town are too serious. Gift it a rest. It's Okay....breathe, no one was harmed in the bringing the issue of RAW sewage to the attention of more people than would have heard about it. If it was not hand been handled in a tongue in cheek manner.

If the city just sent a letter of inquiry, it would have been not even addressed.

I hope humor can come back into national politics as well.

The well-intentioned banter between Reagan and Mondale would have had people tearing their clothing and wailing. People would have been up in arms, picketing Reagans campaign HQ. How could he disrespect Mondale like that...the horror!

I have heard the first sign of mental illness is the loss of a sense of humor.... Maybe people should check and see if they still have one and if not, see a counselor.

In the meantime, Topeka come up with a solution because apparently what you are doing is not working, even if it is within legal limits.

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Editorial: Unclear vision

The draft does talk about full employment but says nothing about industrial or technology growth. The last I remember 20% of the workforce commutes out of town, so office & industrial should have a place in the vision statement since that is where the higher paying jobs will be.

For the most part, the draft statement says who we already are, with few minor exceptions like "broad tax base". In my opinion, this does not tell what we want to become unless that is you really don't want anything more.

What about being a welcoming community for entrepreneurs and business?

This draft seems more like a piece for the convention and visitors bureau rather than a vision of where we want the city to go.

So maybe this draft is not a vision statement but a values statement.

Who are the members of the steering committee?

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National call center expanding to Lawrence, creating 300-plus jobs

Ummm Did you just see that Mars is expanding again?

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