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13 Russian nationals, including Putin friend, charged with meddling in U.S. elections

He is has been talking about running for President for decades.

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City has limited recourse after 3 acres of neighborhood's mature trees were bulldozed

First, the headline for this article is terrible. It was not the neighborhood's trees, it was the property owners trees.

I personally hate the unnecessary destruction of trees and personally, I see no reason for those trees to have been removed at this point. However, I am not the property owner.

I would love to know how this particular property got the sensitive land's designation, it was an empty lot.

Secondly, if you move next to an empty lot, you are setting yourself up for disappointment if you think it is always going to remain an empty lot. I personally move into developed neighborhoods so that I know exactly what is going to be next to me. This theme seems to be common here in Lawrence. The only people as far as I know who have taken matters into their own hands was the neighborhood by the orchards golf course where they purchased and got a permanent green easement.So now they have the say of what happens to that area.

So the moral of the story is empty lots don't always stay empty and property owners may not do what you want. (Since it is their property)

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17 killed in Florida high school shooting; suspect was former student with rifle

Could it be partly the glorification of violence coming from Hollywood? Maybe first person shooting games. The general lack of respect for authority from kids on TV shows? The 24-hour news cycle? The breakdown of the family? The inability to discipline kids in school (Like when you were a student) etc...Or maybe it was just a nutcase who decided that they have no respect for life, their own or others.

It appears from the stories that many people had this person on their watch list because of public threats in social media. Was he investigated? Was there an attempt to confiscate weapons? When the threats were noticed could he have been put in a facility for a psychiatric evaluation?

At the same time, common sense gun laws should be considered.

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Crowd marches downtown to support detained Lawrence scientist Syed Jamal

I wrote a letter to Representative Jenkins in support of Syed.

I would like to know the story of what the process is for staying in the United States once you graduate from college. I am also interested to know why he overstayed his visa. Have we as a society just looked the other way on visas? I mean I missed a court date once for a speeding ticket going 8 miles over the speed limit and they sent a sheriff to let me know about it.If there has been a tradition of looking the other way, has this caused people to not file the proper paperwork to stay?

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Lawrence apartment boom fizzles a bit as City Hall deals major setback to big apartment plan

I lived in the neighborhood to the south and decided to move into an established neighborhood that was surrounded by houses. At the time I felt that student housing was not something I would want to live next to. As it turns out, I see little problem with student housing that has developed in that area anymore.

I understand why office would be attractive to the neighbors however, it is interesting that this is the second project that has been the focus of neighbor angst and looks like it is a dead end for developers.

My feeling has been if you are next to empty land you really never know what is going to go there as plans and zoning change.

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Crediting Trump tax cuts, Lawrence businessman gives bonuses to employees and takes his story national

I love the fact people are hating on a company who just gave a $500 bonus to their workers. I am sure the employees appreciated a surprise bonus. I know I would

If it is so insignificant I challenge you to go to your favorite charity and donate $500.00 of your money in protest over this horrible thing that Lawrence Paper has done to their employees by investing in new infrastructure and giving a bonus.

Please report your donation in this thread so we can acknowledge you and your charitable contribution for the benefit of others as a protest of Lawrence Papers actions.

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Price tag of behavioral health campus, services estimated at $5.76 million annually

Which is more expensive? Having the mentally ill untreated or in jail or building a facility that would serve an underserved population whose cost to society is exponentially higher if treatment option are not available?

Answer: Having facilities that serve.


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Plans call for Sixth Street restaurant building to be torn down to make way for high-tech car wash

Maybe, he has saved an invested. Maybe he is living the "American Dream" of owning his own business.

It seems he is at odds with the wisdom ot the negative nabobs of negativity and the desire to have the collective determine who can be in business.

I say go for it Austin, good luck to you and thankfully some people in this country will invest their money, providing jobs, paying property taxes and providing the city with clean cars.

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Plans call for Sixth Street restaurant building to be torn down to make way for high-tech car wash

Jake Tommy's takes care of their places. The maintenance at Hurricane seems to be non-existent.

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