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Charges begin to fill in details on triple homicide on Mass Street; murder suspect waives extradition

I was thinking Lawrence had a curfew for underage individuals 12:30pm on weekends. Is that still the case? If so why were 100 kids many who seem to be under 21 hanging out downtown at 1:40am?

KU on their website has that this is a law that is not enforced. Maybe it is time that it is enforced at least in the downtown area.

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Lawrence City Commission approves pedestrian tunnel at 19th and Iowa

K10 and 27th should have one as well.

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Grandparents challenge Kansas child immunization mandate

Could it be that religion is more than a particular tenant? Could it be that their religious beliefs hold to no organized religion and in fact, the beliefs that they hold are from a personal experience with their chosen deity?

Besides that why should you have to claim a religious exemption anyway if your research leads you to believe that the risk of immunization is higher than the risk of a disease say like chickenpox? I see no difference between a moral aversion to immunization vs a religious one. One decided through rational thought vs one that is decided by dogma.

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5 people shot in downtown Lawrence; 3 dead

Just curious how you happen to know the race people posting? Unless you know them personally.

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New comprehensive plan could change the look of Lawrence

There is one thing for sure. Donating land to the city for Parks or for affordable housing will increase costs not reduce them. A developer having to donate land, is just going to roll that cost into the land that can be sold or developed creating a comp for other properties to be compared too. This increase will cause all of the valuations to go up by some measure creating another comp that future developers will in some part base there rent or the sale price of the properties, increasing cost through out the community.

When an entry level new home cost 230K+ to buy, you are a long way from affordable housing.

I would be curious what best practices have been found to assist with affordable housing?

I would agree with the post above that a huge problem is low wages. I know a lot of people who commute just because they can be paid more or have better benefits in other cities for t
he same job. More industrial and corporate jobs are needed in this town.

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New comprehensive plan could change the look of Lawrence

Interesting Paul, you have dogged all of West Lawrence, complained about Here's infill development and now say Europe has a better quality of life. It sounds like Lawrence may not be the town for you. It sounds like you would appreciate a city that has more density and better public transportation. What do you think of the new infill development downtown?

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New comprehensive plan could change the look of Lawrence

The sidewalks are the responsibility of the property owners.

As far as building up, Increased density is desirable, however, to make the numbers work from an investment point of view you may be looking at much larger buildings then three stories. Presumably if you are having larger buildings it will require underground parking to minimize impervious surfaces increasing the investment dollars that have to go in. Thereby making it a more difficult project.

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Lawrence City Commission to consider site plan for former Jayhawk Bookstore

You know people like a beer with their food. Go to the locations in KC and you will see.

Is Slim Chickens a bar? They have beer there...I guess it is I can see throngs of people waiting in line to grab wings and a bucket o bottles.

I would recommend anyone who has an opinion against McLain's, to take a drive and see for yourself rather than rushing to judgement on a business. They close at 9 on Friday and Saturday. I doubt most college students have even gone out that early.

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Lawrence City Commission to consider site plan for former Jayhawk Bookstore

As a customer of McLain's Market in Overland Park. ( I have a snickerdoodle in front of me now from there) I have had lunch, purchased pastries, picked up some tea. I did not even know they had alcohol for sale.

Trust me it is not a big part of their business. Their baked goods are the best. It has a neighborhood vibe.

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