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For Julia Gaughan, new role combines 2 passions: mental health and training

Congratulations Julia!

People in the community should take Mental Health First Aid here is what you will learn.

You just might save a life!

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Opinion: The president who knew too little

Fair by forcing two-thirds of the states to live up to whatever NY and California and a few other high population cities say?

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Letter to the editor: The tragedy of jails

I believe you are conflating prison populations with the Douglas County Jail Population. There is a problem with mass incarceration at U.S. Prisons, but that is not true for the Douglas County jail. Douglas County has done a nationally recognized job at diverting people who are qualified to not serve jail time but take advantage of other programs.

Even with these current programs, the population at the jail increases, why? Because we are a growing community. The county is going to continue to grow and with that, we will be exporting people who for one reason or another are not able to participate in a diversion program. That may be due to the nature of their crime or their own choices of not working within the system by not showing up to court appearances.

A vote yes will create a safer environment for those incarcerated and the employees who work there. Create programs to keep more people out of jail and that is without factoring in improved mental health facilities and programs.

Let me ask you this, there have been several articles about the people in the Douglas County jail, which inmates specifically would you like to see back out on the streets? The felons? the people who repeatedly do not show up to court? The DUI drivers?

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Board recommends converting 2 Lawrence streets into bicycle boulevards

According to the resident Kim Lusk Wampler 21st "has far too much traffic "

According to the article bicycle boulevards are created using "a street that already has low car traffic volume" So which is it?

It is my experience that 21st is not a low traffic volume street and in fact Lawrence High Schools large parking lot empties on to 21st.

There is a reason that 21st has a fair amount of traffic and that is because we don't have enough East-West corridors. Eliminating this one at least from Naismith to Louisiana will create a big problem in the morning and afternoon on school days, and any other large event that happens at LHS.

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Opinion: Shania Twain’s offensive claim

The premise for not watching a show because one of the characters is a Trump supporter is ridiculous.

So he wants to tank the show so the hundred or so people who work for the show who since in Hollywood probably supported Hillary? Selfish

Seriously the dumbest shallow thing I have ever read.

You can bet if you and I disagree on policy it will not impact how I treat you personally or your business. What a sad example of civility this is.

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Americans for Prosperity campaigning against sales tax in Douglas County referendum

Ralph, surely treating the mentally ill will assist in lowering jail time. However, even with that if you look at the jail population as it is and would be with the reduction. You can come to no other conclusion that the jail needs to expand. Now we can discuss whether or not it was a good idea to put both on the ballot but I feel the reason they did is they are looking at the situation holistically and from a global perspective. Certainly, the reason for expanded services and beds at the jail go beyond mental health, yet to not have the proper facilities for those with mental health issues at the jail is a serious problem.

My primary objective is without a doubt the mental health initiative but I clearly see why keeping the situation at the jail as it is, untenable.

Vote yes.

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A look at what is included in the proposed Douglas County Jail expansion

If it is property tax then property owners will pass that added expense to the tenants. So either way, the poor and everyone else pays.

With the sales tax, we can collect some outside money (visitors) instead of relying solely on residents of Douglas County.

The fact is expanding the jail later will cost more in the future, by planning and implementing now it will be less expensive. Look at how the SLT cost way more in 2016 than about 1985 when it was originally passed. It was exponentially more expensive.

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Americans for Prosperity campaigning against sales tax in Douglas County referendum

How great is this? If you vote no you side with the Koch Brothers.

I would say overall, I too am for smaller government, lower taxes and less intervention. However, I am not a litmus test voter. I look at the issues at hand determine the need and then make my decision.

In this case, we are not dealing with over incarceration we are dealing with the growth of the community and having facilities that can with compassion serve those who have made bad choices.

As far as mental health, the consumers of services are UNDERSERVED and voting yes will go a long way to helping not only people with short-term health issues but really address those who have more chronic problems.

I am voting yes and I encourage you to do the same.

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KU students turn up at chancellor's residence to protest 'wasteful' ownership of private jet

Um Connor, if you are going to refer to the fact sheet that people should check out online the link would be helpful. Nevermind I will do it for you.

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