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Former Lawrence police officer charged with misdemeanor after allegedly knocking down and repeatedly punching resident

Wow....Maybe all of the people who were dogging Amenta need to rethink his claim.

It blows me away that the judge would not allow testimony that clearly related to Armenta's claim.

And now we find out that the same officer left the department when it was found he used excessive force in a different situation...Wow.

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Editorial: Sit-in spectacle

David, where can you find these oral interviews?

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Group takes over Lawrence City Commission meeting, refuses to leave until demands are met

I certainly would not call them terrorists, however refusing to leave until a statement of solidarity was signed is holding the commission hostage.

The City commission are OUR representatives and are there to represent the citizens of Lawrence, not necessarily a group of 20.

It would have been more appropriate in my opinion to request that the city provide this letter of support and solidarity but allow the commissioners a chance to hear the thoughts of those they represent. I would suppose that this alone would have got the protesters what they wanted without the drama.

However, maybe what they really wanted was a stage to be seen as opposed to effecting real change and having the true support from the community that our commissioners represent.

If and when their request was denied would seem to have been a more appropriate time to protest. I am not aware that the city had denied support for BLM or the people protesting the pipeline.

Protesting for the sake of holding a protest does little to help a cause and in fact can cause people to look at the protesters and not the real issues that they want to change.

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New Thai restaurant set to open along 23rd Street; Chinese restaurant coming to once-popular Sixth Street spot

I have enjoyed Tuptim Thai Restaurant in Topeka. Looking forward to trying what they do here.

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Lawrence City Commission to review plans for another two-lane roundabout

People going through a roundabout are moving at much slower speeds so even if there is an accident it is minor. Compare that to someone running a stop sign and t-boning another car. Look at the traffic movement at Inverness at about 5:15 and then go take a look at Harvard....clearly those new fangled century old European fad roundabouts are superior to four way stops.

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Mental health cuts lead to 200 layoffs in Kansas, raise treatment concerns

This is outrageous, the cost of not caring for the mentally ill is probably higher then providing services.

This is not acceptable in any way and the people making the cuts should be ashamed of themselves. The mentally ill in many cases do not have the ability to fight for themselves, so it is up to us to do it for them.

Shame, Shame, Shame....

Let's see a list of the people who voted to cut mental health services!

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Another fast-food chicken restaurant sets its sights on Lawrence; basketball court promise broken at Rock Chalk Park

My recollection was the Rec center had two purposes. One was to attract these great tourneys to the area. I saw people at hotels, eating in restaurants, I would imagine that they also did some shopping while here.

Bringing people to the community where they are appreciated and welcomed instead of panned and criticized is one way the city can stay vibrant.

I clearly remember, that drawing tourneys bringing outside money was one of the goals.

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Kansas Republicans don't see convention's tone as too harsh

As far as I can tell they think the problems are, National Security, illegal immigration, the economy, foreign policy, domestic policy, over-reaching regulation, healthcare reform that is not working, infrastructure, political cronyism, corruption, I can probably think of a few more.

What I have heard their solutions are is in order, Rebuild the military, protect the borders with technology and a wall, create an environment where trade is fair and jobs quit leaving the country, put people to work and create an environment where all are lifted up, reform regulation especially at the EPA, redo healthcare reform, focus on infrastructure needs, not be beholden to money interest and lobbyist.

So I have heard clear problems and solutions at his convention (Of course I am actually watching it and not reading commentators)

It will be interesting next week to hear what the Democrats think the problems are and their solutions to those problems. (I will be watching that convention too)

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Plans for downtown grocery store growing; Price Chopper still in the mix on project

Price Chopper has some of the nicer stores in Kansas City with onsite butchers like Checkers. What are you implying by the "little people" Price Chopper's customer demographics are broad, not narrow.

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Plans for downtown grocery store growing; Price Chopper still in the mix on project

Grocers are not getting smaller. Groceries are getting larger and offering more and more services like ready made food, bars and dining areas. Smaller is not the order of the day.

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