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Kansas Democrats fire spokesman over online insult

I would say who gives a rats a%% what the rest of the country thinks. I also think a generalization like this is a fallacy Clearly more states are RED than Blue so at best a certain segment of the Country who happen to be Democrats laugh and look down on Republicans who happen to be a large majority in Kansas.

The funny part is, it goes both ways.

Libertarians view both parties as laughable.

And the independents, have no idea what is funny, they just want everyone to get along.

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Editorial: Football search

What gets KU more national attention KU Basketball or KU's Masonic Cancer Center?

Is KU in front of much of the Nation every Saturday during Football Season or is the latest Vickers Lecture?

How many people purchase and wear University of Kansas Public Administration jerseys?

I think if you do not think NCAA Football and Basketball are important to a schools identity and their fundraising efforts you are willfully blind.

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Kansas Democrats fire spokesman over online insult

Really a great family and I am sure that Dakota is a fine person. However you just can't disparage your state in a public way (and probably not private either) Now attacking policy is one thing but this was a big mistake and a hard lesson to learn.

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Final Senate debate brings out fresh attacks

I don't think he said there is anything wrong with being a Liberal Democrat other than the majority of Kansas citizens are not Liberal. When Douglas County is the only county in the State voting for Democratic Presidential Candidates. By painting Orman as a Liberal Democrat he clearly is saying that Orman is out of step with 99% of Kansas Counties.

There by leaving him as the anointed, since Wolf lost. The problem with that strategy (even though it might work) is that people are sick of Washington, it has not only been Liberal Democrats who have been spending like a drunken sailor, it has been the Republicans as well. Worse yet is that many Republicans claim they are fiscally conservative, yet the spending continues.

Orman by being an independent can assert, that he will take the best ideas of the Republicans and the Democrats and go where he believes the country should go regardless of party affiliation. Will he do that is? Is he really as Roberts says a Liberal in Independent clothing?...If I had to guess we are going to find out.

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Speculation grows that Sam's Club wants to locate in new shopping center south of SLT

Costco it is... I shop there fairly often.

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Editorial: Football search

Certainly having ranked Academic programs is important (Far more important than Football) but I would bet that far more people identify with their schools Football and Basketball programs than the English Department and Liberal Arts Schools. In fact I would bet that identification with sports and that rally cry of "Rock Chalk Jayhawk" actually encourages and increases donations to academic programs.

I can see it now, Saturday afternoon competitive book discussion. Live on ABC Academics... Wide World of Library Science. I am not sure you would have 14K people sitting in Allen Field House to watch plus the millions on TV.

BTW, What money are you referring to that they drop into academics?

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Editorial: Football search

The Late Night Events are as a result of NCAA rules and happen at other places as well. I also think that KU football has had some success recently namely the Orange Bowl just a few years ago.

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US Chamber, Sen. Cruz to Kansas to boost Roberts

Cruz is as far away from a Washington insider as you can get...that is my point he is bringing the tea party...The tea party stands against Washington Insiders.

That is exactly what is so interesting about this. You have outsiders supporting insiders, because they must believe the alternative is worse than Roberts.

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Letter: ‘No’ to sales tax

Brett, I am no fan of sales taxes either, but having the 25,000 students who are in this town contribute to the funding of the police department plus the folks coming into KU games, tournaments etc... is appealing to me.

Everyone uses police services and therefor it makes sense to me to have everyone contribute.This town has a huge hole right in the middle of town that does not pay property tax, the University of Kansas, this town more than others especially as a result of poor job growth puts an unwieldy burden on homeowners.

If we had the proper balance of commercial property to residential than maybe you would be correct but that is not what is happening in Lawrence. I would much prefer a sunset on a low sales tax that shifts a portion of the burden from homeowners to people who shop and come to town temporarily.

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US Chamber, Sen. Cruz to Kansas to boost Roberts

Given the fact that the tea party rose up and caused Roberts some problems in the primary. I would say having Cruz endorse you as well as Colburn is HUGE and will get Tea party people into the voting booths to try and save his campaign.

Even though it was the tea party folks that shot the cannon over the bow and damaged his re-election bid. They very well may get what they wanted and that is Roberts out of office. Just not in the way they thought.

It is also interesting that Orman has so much democratic support given that he is clearly a 1%'er. that the left seemed to rally against a few years ago....It just goes to show you that, people will support anyone if it is convenient for them to do so. Orman may very well not be who they think he is....he clearly has a strong republican foundation no matter what the Roberts campaign says about him.

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