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Legendary punk band X coming to Lawrence

Interesting choice in song for the article. Here is another....

Here is one more....album....

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Kobach: Trump correct on immigration proposals

Though I think it is ridiculous to try and round up 11 Million people and deport them. Comparing this idea to Kristallnacht is also ridiculous. The Jewish people impacted were legal citizens of the country that they were living in the area. The night of broken glass was like a full blown riot, buildings burned, Jewish businesses ransacked Synagogues destroyed.

This was persecution, not returning people to their lawful homeland. People were incarcerated in horrific conditions in concentration camps.

Police going after people who are breaking the law does not equate to a Police State. They are not being persecuted any more than I am being persecuted for a traffic stop after speeding. The fact is that these people under current law are here illegally and the law must be changed or followed.

At this point, I believe we should protect our borders, have some type of legal status for lawful (Other than the illegal border crossing) individuals who can establish they have been working in our Country for a set period of time or are established in some verifiable way like school enrollment.

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Letter: Church, state

Here you go, the Constitution, a very short read. Seems pretty straight forward. Let's read and discuss.

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Letter: ALEC agenda

I will have to do some thinking on the double dipping. It seems to me that as I understand it if you have an underperforming school, then you could opt to go to another school and take your funds with you.

The scary part to me is that as efficient as many private schools are if they start getting Federal or State money that efficiency would go out the window. I saw that happen in a trade school I attended. I paid $1400.00 for the school. Just after I got out the feds started allowing student loans to trade schools. The tuition (for the same curriculum) went up to $6000.00. There is something wrong with that.

Nice chatting with you and glad we got our misunderstandings cleared up. You have a great day as well.

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Letter: ALEC agenda

I am sure that most large corporations have flaws as does Koch and think tanks like ALEC. I started to go down Richards list and looking at what ALEC itself has to say about each item he mentioned. However, it was becoming too long a post.

Richard seems to make the case that because they are against a particular policy they are against or are at war with the individuals that are part of that system.

Take education as an example, they clearly believe that competition is good in education and that a system without competition leads to complacency. Just because they believe that school choice would be a good option does not mean they are anti-education.

My umbrage with you was in regards to this statement...

..."Or, perhaps, you have no point at all and can only type in useless information pointing nowhere, meaning nothing appropriate to this conversation".

I do not see this sentence as a simple asking of my opinion nor for a clarification. That sentence does strike me as an attack and personal...maybe you did not mean it that way and I apologize if I misunderstood your request.

Richard is a good source of information albeit a one sided source. I admire his dedication even if the cut and paste gets tiresome at times.

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Letter: ALEC agenda

I would also note that you Mr. Cooper have contributed nothing at all to this polite conversation other than an attack on me.

Notice nowhere did I assault Richard or demean him personally. That is one of the great things about him, he also does not attack personally, one of the reasons I like him.

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Letter: ALEC agenda

The point is this that I am a polite person and you sir clearly are not.

But in relation to the Koch's your apparent attempt to destroy their reputation is not just damaging to them but 60,000 US citizens who live and work in the US for Koch Industries. The money they make contributes to the economy support schools, the arts, etc.

Richard's letter to the editor is full of misinformation one of them being that the Koch's are against white and blue collar workers. This company is a privately held company that people clearly want to work for so, Just this one supposition is clearly false which leads one to think that many of the other items in the list are also false.

I am not saying they are saints, nor am I saying they are great people, what I am clearly pointing out through one illustration is that this is more complex than saying... they are against "good pay for all blue- and white-collar workers" because clearly they are not.

I personally think most thinking people can understand my point but for those of you Mr. Cooper, who need the help, here is a clarification.

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Letter: ALEC agenda

Just curious how many people the Koch brothers employ in their organizations?

Nevermind I found the answer. Thanks Google...

In 2014, Koch companies in the United States directly employed about 60,000 people in 50 states and the District of Columbia, paying compensation and benefits totaling about $5.3 billion

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Lawrence Planning Commission recommends approval of SLT shopping center

Don't you think, if they thought they could make money with residences or businesses on top of the retail. They would do it? The answer is yes they would.

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Letter: Talk about God

The anti-abortion letters in Thursday’s paper are greatly appreciated. Life is an awesome treasure! The God who alone can give life is the world’s salvation. The fact that there is not a human living that God does not love is totally amazing, but it is a fact. When we are forced to kill to maintain order in God’s universe, it breaks our hearts and crushes our very souls.

-------Super interesting here he states "Life is an Awesome Treasure" (Does anyone disagree with this?) does not define any God. Only that God (What God, Who's God) is salvation. He then states that "whatever" God loves everyone. He then talks about how killing to maintain order is heartbreaking..... I see no fundamentalism. But a person professing love.

From everything we know, read and witness, the whole world is crying out for the love of God. World War II was the most home-destroying event in history. America was tragically unprepared for its devastating fruitage.

-------He witnesses the hell here on earth, ISIS, War, starvation, poverty and his observation that people are crying out for help. (Seems logical to me)

Why are people afraid to talk about God?

-------Now he asks why people are afraid to talk about God and is attacked actually making his case about people being afraid. Interesting.... People seem to really be projecting here.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life.” (John 3:16)

----Love is all we need - JL (And maybe a little tolerance) I do agree with David in that it makes little difference what you call God or in my mind whether or not you believe in God. However, I see a discussion about Love IS worthy of discussion. I see no preaching here only an interest in increasing the amount of love in the world. Really not such a bad thing. Even if you call that love God.

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