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Doug Compton's latest project and the debate over downtown parking; high tech traffic solutions presented to City Hall

In a sense, people parking at Hy-Vee and other shopping centers do pay for parking. The parking lot is maintained, snow removed, landscaping taken care of, paid by the tenant's at the shopping centers. Rest assured they are factoring that in with the prices they charge you.

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KU faculty pay ranks fourth highest in Big 12; average KU salary $92,600 a year

Curious about the cost of living index in the Big 12 and how that correlates with the salaries.

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Lawrence neighbors voice concerns over Bob Billings Parkway traffic

Bob Billings has residential living all of the way to KU and no round-a-bouts seem to be required.

Quite a bit of Clinton Parkway and Sixth are also Residential.

The big issue is how to fix the curve right before the Church, that is clearly hazardous and it is a curiosity why the road was designed that way. Slowing traffic right there is the only place I think it is needed.

A pedestrian bridge from George Williams Way across Bob Billings would also be a great thing for foot and bike traffic. Children cross at that intersection everyday and should be a priority, a crossing guard (which is what they do now) will not cut it in my opinion.

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In hopes of creating diversion program for mentally ill, Douglas County leaders leave Texas with much to consider

I agree with you 100% Richard. Until they at least have proper facilities for individuals who are sick then we should not even consider building more jail cells. If a person had a physical illness, I am pretty sure they would not be put in jail just because...well what else are we going to do with them?

The mentally ill should also have facilities that help them with housing. Way to many people are homeless as a result of their illness. That is a real shame.

One of the problems is current law, that you can not "make" someone seek treatment if they are not going to harm themselves or someone else. There are times that people clearly need help but because of this standard they are left to fend for themselves. This is WRONG. The question should be are they really able to make a sound decision about their housing and medical care?

To many people have to lie, to see that their loved ones get help by saying I was threatened or I heard them say they were going to kill themselves so that they can be helped. This is also wrong.

Keep the mentally ill out of our jails and in treatment. I could say the same for addicts.

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George Clinton, Dennis Lehane among Free State Festival headliners

Well this is awesome news!

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Police PAC issues statement against Soden; Board of Realtors PAC gets nearly $15K from national organization; SLT concept plan could create major changes near Clinton Parkway

Curious Richard Why you will not support Rasmussen, Riordan or Herbert based on this article. Because the board of Realtor's supports them? Candidates do not choose who endorses them so what specific part of each candidate's platform do you object to that would not allow you to support them?

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City Manager David Corliss to leave Lawrence for job in Colorado

Congrats David, Thanks for your years of public service in Lawrence. Best of luck.

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Opinion: O’Reilly support says much about Fox

I would agree with you in part. Williams is a journalist and O'Reilly is a commentator. I generally do not care for the O'Reilly's show preferring shows like the five where discussion takes place rather than bloviating.

I think there is a little difference in what Williams did versus what O'Reilly did 40 years ago however. I also think both are much ado about nothing. Williams should just apologize and get back on the air. No big deal. I don't watch his show either however, nor would I.

Leonard Pitts is not a journalist and his opinion is his own. I do not hold him to the a journalistic standard any more than I do O'Reilly both are very annoying and both irritate the heck out of me.

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Lawrence High boys advance to 6A state semifinals with 64-46 victory

Great day to be a Lion!

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