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Angry over GOP health overhaul, crowd confronts Rep. Jenkins in Lawrence

I have a plan with Dr. William Ryan Neuhofel in Lawrence where I pay $60.00 per month and I get unlimited office visits, many tests for free. Discounted other tests.

Obamacare priced me out of the market and in fact my deductible got so high that it ended up being a catastrophic policy with an annual physical.

These cooperatives are popping up all over the country and they make routine care very affordable, many do house calls.

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Opinion: For GOP, the Year of Living Nervously

At the end of the day after all of this vitriol and venom, what do you call Trump? Not as Dorothy has said "your candidate" but Mr. President.

Let's start with that.

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Lawrence City Commission denies incentives for downtown condo project

Very Curious, what the estimated tax benefit will be on a smaller version of the building without incentives vs the $1.78 return for every incentive dollar invested?

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City of Lawrence to take legal action against The Oread hotel

I hope the Hotel knows a good attorney. I think the headline may need to be written again.

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Observers worry Trump campaign's disdain for civility could leave lasting damage

Please provide credible news sources.

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Catholic leader in Kansas criticizes Kaine

I would say the reaction coming from Catholic Leadership is more of a reaction to the leaked Wikileaks emails from the DNC regarding the Catholic Church, then anything that Tim Kaine has done.

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Catholic leader in Kansas criticizes Kaine

How is letting "the rich" keep the money that they earned a windfall? A windfall would be taking the money they earned and giving it to someone else they would be the recipient of a windfall.

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Amid unfounded accusations of 'rigged election,' Douglas County clerk says no bias in mailing advance ballot information

I wasn't concerned about the information itself or it favoring Democrats. However, I was curious who was paying for the mailing. As citizens, it would seem to me that you should be aware of how you can vote and where. I know I have not needed a mailing to know about my civic duty. No mailing should be needed.

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'Debating the Donald': KU debate pro, author talks about what to watch for in final presidential debate

Even though this article by Sara Shepard is about Brett Bricker, who was a contributor to a book called Debate The Donald.

I find it written in a fairly dismissive way. As an example Calling Trump a television reality star, he is first and foremost a businessman including the business of reality TV, BTW which has garnered huge ratings over the years, just proving his business acumen. Describing Trump like this is making him sound like Kate of Kates Plus 8. Someone whose fame is as a result of TV, this is not the case with Trump.

The people who have the view of him as a reality star are completely missing the point of Donald Trump year after year negotiating deals, with governmental agencies, contractors, Unions and suppliers. The world of Real Estate Development is a rough and tumble world where to get things done you have to be tough, especially in New York. Agreed that does not necessarily qualify you for President. However, it also does not disqualify.

There is a discussion of Trumps 'lies" yet nothing mentioning Hillary's fabrications and changing of positions. I believe the article would have bee far more interesting to discuss the strengths of each candidate and what they could do to defeat the other or at the very least be objective about the positive qualities of Donald Trump in a debate as well as the negatives.

The article states his attacks have become more vicious, he for several months Trump had policy speeches each week while his opponent virtually had none. She seemed to be running on the "I'm not Trump" message, which continues today, and in fact even in debates it has been attacks on Trump and if you wanted to know how she stood on an issue she directed you to her website. This tactic of personal attacks is working in the polls so why should she stop? I find personal attacks based on anything other then their record unseemly on both sides.

I care little about personality, hers or his. What I want to know is who will be appointed to the Supreme Court.? How will you handle the debacle in the Middle East and ISIS?. How to ease tensions with Russia, how you will put more people to work. How will you reduce the undue influence by lobbyists and deal with campaign reform? Who you will appoint to your cabinet? How will you prevent future world conflict? etc.

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