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KU announces historic $58 million gift from alumni

Fantastic news.

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WOW announces companywide layoffs

My cable/phone/internet costs have gone down since the days of Knology. I also have faster speeds and more channels. For me the customer service has been great. I have had zero problems with WOW.

I am not happy about the price increase and seriously considering my options, one being just going with a high def antennae and Netflix.

I love the idea however of the Common Carrier Proposal that Dave Greenbaum is talking about. If we allowed competition service and prices would improve.

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Douglas County election canvass finds 26 ballots rejected over citizenship

No, it means that it could not be verified the 26 were citizens since the offered no proof and 13 people need an ID.

It also prevented 149 people from potentially voting in two counties.

You have to provide an ID to cash a check, get employment etc...I do think it is to much to show your DL when you vote.

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City monitoring concrete cracking at Rock Chalk Park recreation center

Paul Werner is correct concrete cracks.

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Hillcrest school scraps Halloween parties, plans to eliminate Valentine's Day events

All in all you're just another brick in the wall.

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Deer cam captures mountain lion on Kansas trail

Agreed, that is really frustrating...I guess we can go to Google and leave the LJworld site to find it

Here is the photo...

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Commission holds off on permitting tofu producer to operate in rural Douglas County

Why are they not still in the facilities that they have been using?

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Phony World Series tickets, merchandise seized

Counterfeit Panties is BS. Peregrine Honig is an artist out of Kansas City and her items were hand painted. She clearly was not trying to counterfeit.

I suppose Campbell's should have sued Andy Warhol....

I call complete and TOTAL BS on this one.

The AP writer on this story needs to do a little homework... She was raided by Homeland Security.

Our tax dollars at work.... I hope they are proud of their accomplishment.

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Kansas Democrats fire spokesman over online insult

I would say who gives a rats a%% what the rest of the country thinks. I also think a generalization like this is a fallacy Clearly more states are RED than Blue so at best a certain segment of the Country who happen to be Democrats laugh and look down on Republicans who happen to be a large majority in Kansas.

The funny part is, it goes both ways.

Libertarians view both parties as laughable.

And the independents, have no idea what is funny, they just want everyone to get along.

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Editorial: Football search

What gets KU more national attention KU Basketball or KU's Masonic Cancer Center?

Is KU in front of much of the Nation every Saturday during Football Season or is the latest Vickers Lecture?

How many people purchase and wear University of Kansas Public Administration jerseys?

I think if you do not think NCAA Football and Basketball are important to a schools identity and their fundraising efforts you are willfully blind.

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