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Channel 6 News to close after 45 years; new owner to offer gigabit internet citywide

The Kansas City markets do not cover Lawrence news. I would think that would not be too hard to understand.

The loss of channel six is a big loss.

I am happy that they will be offering gigabit service.

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High-tech firm files plans for Lawrence expansion; LMH provides more details on plan to tear down houses for parking

It is fantastic that Crititech is seeing such growth and trying to keep facilities in Lawrence. What a great success story for all involved.

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Seminar to focus on end-of-life topics

Inappropriate Bob. People who are learning about end-of-life topics, I am sure do not appreciate your failed attempt at humor.

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Brownback signs bill allowing sale of stronger beer in grocery, convenience stores

The difference is that your neighbor who owns your local liquor store has been forced only to be able to own and operate one liquor store. Dillons and Casey's are under no such restriction. By opening these Beer sales in these stores, you are effectively harming your neighbor and creating unfair competition to save a few pennies.

Also, where do the profits go from Dillons and Casey's? Not Kansas we are sending money out of State. In addition to that do you think liquor sales will go up? I seriously doubt it. What will happen is prices will drop a little, so we collect fewer sales tax reducing revenue to the State.

I agree Liquor sales should have been open from the beginning. However, since they were not this bill should not have been signed. The people who were unfairly held to a higher standard should be protected.

Shame on Sam Brownback on this one.

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23rd Street retailer to close after nearly 28 years in business; The Buckle officially closes shop in downtown Lawrence

David, The Malls got a facelift a few years ago, an all new facade, they greatly improved the look of the shopping center.

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Angry over GOP health overhaul, crowd confronts Rep. Jenkins in Lawrence

I have a plan with Dr. William Ryan Neuhofel in Lawrence where I pay $60.00 per month and I get unlimited office visits, many tests for free. Discounted other tests.

Obamacare priced me out of the market and in fact my deductible got so high that it ended up being a catastrophic policy with an annual physical.

These cooperatives are popping up all over the country and they make routine care very affordable, many do house calls.

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Opinion: For GOP, the Year of Living Nervously

At the end of the day after all of this vitriol and venom, what do you call Trump? Not as Dorothy has said "your candidate" but Mr. President.

Let's start with that.

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Lawrence City Commission denies incentives for downtown condo project

Very Curious, what the estimated tax benefit will be on a smaller version of the building without incentives vs the $1.78 return for every incentive dollar invested?

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