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Surviving the widow-maker

Mark I read your story today with great interest. I have been a police officer in Ohio for 34 years. I was 54 years old when had my heart attack on 12/11/08. I woke from a sound sleep with a chest pain that was unbearable. I thought I had been stabbed. The pain was worse then being hit with the 50,000 volts from a taser gun. My wife called medics. They hooked me up to 4 lead ekg and then a 12 lead ekg. It showed nothing. Went to the hospital. They didn't find anything, but they kept me overnight. Next morning they came to my room to tell me I had a heart attack. You can only imagine what my verbal response was. They took me to the cath lab. I had 95% blockage of the left anterior desending coronary artery. After reading your story I realize just how lucky I was. I went back to work on1/26/09. I hate to exercise, but I go to gym 5 days a week. Thanks for sharing your story.

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