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Natural pet care: Acupuncture, herbs alternative treatments for animals

Based on my experience, I can say Dr. King is absolutely wonderful. Our dog Trey was suffering from chronic liver failure. He had 2 really bad episodes where he almost didn't make it. After the 2nd one, the vet said there was really nothing that could be done for him but hope to slow the progression and that he had maybe 6 months.

Not willing to give up, I decided to try making his food to see if that would help. I needed help with what vitamins and supplements to put in it. That is how I found Dr. King. She prescribed vitamins and supplements for his homemade diet, as well as Chinese herbs, homeopathics, and antioxidant injections, and the results have been nothing short of amazing. It is now over a year and a half later and Trey is thriving. His liver enzymes went from off-the-charts to high-normal, he looks better and, best of all, he acts like he feels 100% better. I know that, without the homemade diet combined with Dr. King's treatments, Trey would not be here right now. I'll be the first to admit I was skeptical of the herbal/homeopathic/energy stuff at first, but the results speak for themselves, as far as I am concerned.

Thank you so much, Dr. King, for everything you have done for Trey. You are the best.

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Fiesta Mexicana

I can't wait to try this place. I love Tacos El Sol in Topeka. I have to eat there for lunch at least once a week. Their salsa is the best. I hope the food at Tres Mexicanos is the same as Tacos El Sol!!!

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What is your favorite video game?

M.U.L.E!!!! The only problem is when you play against the computer it cheats.

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Fireworks ban

I'm sure miss holier-than-thou has never gone faster then the speed limit, failed to signal a turn, etc. And I'm sure she feels the same sense of outrage that people driving faster than the speed limit with kids in the car are teaching them it is OK to break the law.

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