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KU researchers confirm that T. rex truly was a 'monster'

My husband says their conclusion is flawed. They failed to consider another equally plausible explanation for how the T-Rex tooth became embedded in the hadrosaur's spine. The hadrosaur could have had a bad case of reptilian "itchy-back." The poor thing tried and tried to reach around and scratch it, but (like T-Rex) his arms are too tiny for his body. So he was looking for something to rub against when he saw an old T-Rex skeleton. The hadrosaur flopped down on the dry old bones like a modern-day dog and twisted and squirmed. It felt great, until all of a sudden, he felt a sharp jabbing pain. He had accidentally rubbed a T-Rex tooth right into his backbone! This all makes perfect sense, especially if you could see my husband re-enact the whole event in our living room.

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Sound Off: Snow throw

Yeah, and what about my leaves? Can I just rake them into the street? Or what about doggie doo?

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Former KU student arrested for botched armed robbery; second suspect in hospital with gunshot wound

We also complained to the city about that house. It was obvious what was going on over there. The tenants didn't even bother to try to conceal it in any way. Yet the city did nothing. To learn now that other neighbors were complaining too makes me even more angry than I was before. Why were our complaints ignored? And what about the (apparently absentee) landlord who takes no responsibility for allowing the property to be used the way it has been? This is how neighborhoods go down the crapper and the city doesn't care.

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City, County would pay to keep open state SRS office under proposal announced Monday

This hits the nail on the head. They can call it a compromise, but last I checked, a compromise is when both sides give up something. What has SRS given up in this "deal?" With the $200,000 in federal money and $250,000 from us, they give up nothing. We provide a "free" office (that we already pay for through state taxes), essentially covering the approx. $250,000 annual increase in administrative costs through the salaries for top SRS positions, including the new faith-based programs director position. And of course (as the poster below points out) we find out the legislature told SRS to cut $1 million from administration costs in Topeka, not close offices, as SRS claimed. Under these circumstances, why should we be blackmailed into paying for SRS's failure to follow the legislative's directive by covering what the legislature intended it to continue to fund??

I do not want the Lawrence office closed--it provides a vital service. And a real compromise, in which SRS actually puts some skin in the game, would even be okay. But this deal is simply outrageous and unacceptable.

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What is your favorite cereal?

Hmmm, how was this OTS asked on July 10, in daylight, when it is just now the early morning hours of July 10? As for the question--I want me some Cap'n Crunch!

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What is your dream car?

"Freckles" - the beige 1970 VW camper bus that used to live in the library parking lot. Where or where did Freckles go?

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What's one of your dad's favorite sayings?

"Pull my finger."

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Sarah Palin for president? Bring it on

Sarah Palin becomes POTUS--"Ow My Balls" becomes #1 hit TV show. 'Nuff said.

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Walking in a sanitation worker’s shoes

Thank you for such a fun and interesting article! I second the "thank you" to the sanitation workers, especially those who come down our alley every Tuesday morning! You guys do a great job! I remember when I was a kid (quite a few years ago) my Dad used to put out a 6-pack of beer for the trash men on the last pick-up before Christmas. From the article, it sounds like these days they wouldn't be allowed to keep it. Too bad.

I agree that an insider's view on a lot of local jobs would make for interesting reading. More suggestions:

14. Animal Control Officer or Humane Society employee
15. Pet World

I don't know about Kris_H's suggestion 13: IT help desk job. Not much to write about when the "help" they provide is only: "Have you rebooted? Yes? Well, sorry, we must be experiencing system difficulties." Or: "There's no way to recover the unsaved version of that document you lost when Word crashed, sorry."

School janitor would be cool--I wanna know if they still use that sawdust stuff to clean up when someone tosses their cookies.

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