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Sound Off: Why do some traffic lights have longer yellows than others?

I've seen that, too, along with hardly anyone stopping at the intersection of 9th and New York.

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Have you ever been bullied?

Yes, many times in junior high. It was tortuous, and like clockwork. One day (I was highly stressed because of my parents getting divorced), the routine bully spotted me just outside of the gym and attempted to get his hands around my neck. It had happened before, as I was so small then he liked to pick me up by my neck and laugh about how easy it was.

Luckily for me, I had been practicing Tae Kwon Do since I was three years old and had begun learning Hapkido. When he went for my neck, my new reflexes kicked in and I executed some defensive Hapkido I had learned the previous night. He never tried again, and I was never bullied again. I do not regret how I behaved.

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Plans for new downtown hotel and apartment building shrink

Easier said than done. A person having a preference doesn't equate to that person having the funds to make it happen. I shake my head when I see others speaking negatively of others' comments.

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Plans for new downtown hotel and apartment building shrink

At one time a developer was considering building a grocery store in that lot, but I can neither recall nor locate the details of that proposal. Evidently it didn't get past the conceptual stage. And a grocery store near the downtown area isn't an unrealistic idea. I believe the antique mall used to be one, and myself and others in the neighborhood loved having the casbah nearby even though it was expensive.

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Do you remember learning about the Pearl Harbor attack at school?

Ms. Reinfelds is misquoted (I was with her when answering the question). What she said she remembered (this isn't verbatim) was talk about the controversy of whether the administration had foreknowledge of the attack, and comparing that to whether the administration had foreknowledge of the 9/11 attack.

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Plans for new downtown hotel and apartment building shrink

I'd prefer to see a small grocery store at that location.

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Occupy Lawrence notifies city that some campers plan to stay in South Park despite warnings from city

They should really be writing the number on the inside of their underwear elastic.

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How did you first find out that Osama bin Laden had died?

I think they did so because they did not want a grave site to which others could make a pilgrimage.

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Kansas abortion laws on fetal pain, parental consent get Gov. Sam Brownback's signature

Looks like NASA needs a moon colonization plan. (If it doesn't have on already.)

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